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    • 4 th time we've merged your threads  for complete history of your story please keeps to one thread
    • @dx100uk @ anyone else interested in Fighting HSBC UK  Staff/department non compliance and incompetence/interference in between HSBC UK and customers.   I wanted to know what you guys had to say about the reply i got from HSBC UK today.    Recap. I originally turned to HSBC UK to be reunited with Money i saved in accounts that where frozen and made dormant during the year 1995.   HSBC UK Teams tell me that HSBC UK only allows them to have access to account records dated back 6 years. there for they do not have the records, can not locate the records i requested for in my SAR. there for HSBC UK teams Ignored my SAR application for records of accounts made frozen and dormant during the year 1995. HSBC then claim if the accounts where closed they will no longer hold records of these accounts and tell that to the ICO. I again explained to HSBC UK and the ICO the records of accounts where left frozen and dormant.   HSBC UK teams continue to tell me over the phone that The records i requested for in my SAR, will not be located or do not exist because HSBC only allows them to have access to records of accounts dated back 6 years.    I returned to HSBC highlighting there is no such provision in the Data Protection Act.   HSBC UK teams today totally ignored my complaint again and confirmed with me they are classing my complaint as wanting to locate accounts that where closed.   Let me know what you think about the  HSBC UK teams response to my last complaint. Is there any other letters i can send them to confirm thay are not correct about what they have done.    The HSBC UK letter starts of by:You've been unable to recover funds you held in HSBC UK Accounts that were closed in 1994 to 1995, and to obtain the account details for the accounts concerned. You've been advised that we only retain records for up to 6 years, but you've been unable to locate any provision for this within the Data Protection Act (DPA). You require a Certificate of Destruction from HSBC UK to evidence the destruction of the data concerned. You feel your Subject Access Request (SAR) has been ignored by HSBC UK.   HSBC UK Teams now go on to explain: In respect of you being advised we only retain records for up to 6 years, but having been unable to locate any  provision for this within the Data Protection Act (DPA), I can confirm that under the DPA, we are obliged to only keep records for as long as we deem necessary, in order to effectively manage our data. So, for most cases, this will be for no more than 6 years.   In regards to your request for a Certificate of Destruction from HSBC UK to evidence the destruction of the data concerned, I regret that this isn't something that we can provide, as we don't keep records of when individual customer data was destroyed. I'd also like to clarify that if the accounts concerned were closed after becoming dormant, that we would have sent you closing statements at the time.   Lastly, I'm sorry you feel we've ignored your SAR. I want to assure you that we'll always look to accommodate a request for a SAR as best as we can. However, if we're unable to locate the account details and information required, this will mean we're unable to fulfil the request, which has unfortunately been the case on this occasion.   How else do you think i can highlight to HSBC that the teams dealing with My complaint, and request to be reunited with my money is not going to departments that can deal with my demand for services.?  
    • Hi   I have to agree if you have paid off the debt owed to them via this meter and are up to date on your bills  I would look at changing supplier and as said asking new supplier to install a standard meter and look for the best deals for you.
    • I have severe anxiety and going to leave my job and have been invited to a meeting but dont wish to attend that is three hours away from where I am. Can I legally give the  permission to decide without my being there? I cannot handle going as I know I'm going to be fired anyway as on my final warning. I'm also giving in my notice this week too! This job is just too much for me now and I cannot work here any longer. It's no good for my health and sanity  I am sick to my stomach thinking about going and about to hand my notice in anyway    
    • Thankyou it’s because I’m awaiting the outcome and a friend said I will be turned down as I asked them a while back if I had ppi on the account and how much it was and they replied.  But they did only send me a short confirmation with the amount and that they trust that answers my enquiry. i just wanted to be prepared if they wouldn’t turn me down based on that. Thanks for your advice on that mate 
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Room Mates council tax debt - am i liable??

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Ive recently moved into a house with 2 friends with a fixed 12month tenancy. Just recently discovered that one of my room mates never paid council tax for last year while he was living alone and owes almost £1500. Since then we've had bailiffs turning up to our new house demanding payment!


Id just like clarification on what to expect. i.e. should the bailiffs manage to get into our property will my things also been taken to settle his debt.


For info - all 3 of our names are on the tenancy agreement which the bailiffs have got a copy of.


Many thanks in advance for any replies

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The council will have a liability order against your room mate

this debt has nothing to do with you so to protect your property you can get a statutory declaration done at a solicitors this will cost you £5/£10




To: (the bailiffs) (their address)


I (your name)

of (your address)

Do solemnly and sincerely declare that:

the items listed (list them) are not the property of (your friends name) and (reason why they were there) and have always been my sole property

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 and Section 5 of The Perjury Act 1911.




Declared at


On the day of two thousand and


Before me


A Commissioner for Oaths, or Notary Public/Justice of the Peace/Solicitor having the powers conferred on a Commissioner for OathsBefore me

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Brilliant news!!!!


Just out of interest though - if they turn up before i manage to get this sorted (i.e. they take my stuff while im typing this) will the letter still be valid?


Oh and i dont have the bailiffs details - any idea of how i can get hold of them without them charging in?

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bailiffs if they get in to a property don't remove goods immediately they leave a walking possession agreement listing the goods they will remove if the debt is not paid so you will have time to get the statutory declaration done do it asap

If the bailiff has been he should have left a letter this should have the name of the bailiff company and the bailiff on it


its the company you sent the statutory declaration to send it recorded delivery send a copy don't send the original


your best bet is not to let the bailiffs in

a bailiff collecting council tax debt can only enter your property by peaceful means

through an unlocked door or open window keep your door locked at all times don't answer the door to him


if he has a car tell him to move it don't leave it in the next street move it well away from the house

ir the bailiff cant get any contact with a debtor the debt gets sent back to the council

That doesn't mean the debt goes away he will have to pay it

in extreme circumstances you can get sent to jail for refusing to pay council tax so your mate should start paying the council what he can afford through there on-line payment

if the bailiff gains a walking possession agreement it a whole new ball for your mate as it will add a considerable amount of money to his debt and he may lose his property

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