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U.k debt being chased in Sweden from Cyprus

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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, my english isn't always correct and I hope that is alright.

Hopefully someone can give some guideing, I have a problem with a dept collecting company, I been surfing around the forum and could not find anything on the company I'm dealing with (don't know if I should write the name?)


This is my problem:


Years ago, when living in London, I had a bank account, moving back to Sweden I was unable to pay the outstanding amount.

This has been draging on for years now as my own business collapsed.

Two years ago I got a letter from some debt collectors in the UK, I responded and said I wanted to pay the debt. In the end I could not pay it and left it to rest (yes, stupid).

Some weeks ago I got this letter from a company in Cyprus saying that they now deal with the debt.

The letter is not a very nice one...(trust me I want to get rid of this but right know I just cant and as you all know its getting more expensive for every day.)

This is basically what it said:

-investigation have commenced in order to confirm you residency at the above address or otherwise trace your whereabouts-


I dont want them here in Sweden!


I understand that I need to contact them a.s.a.p

This is where I need some advise...how to deal with this.


Looking forward to light in the dark.


Cheers! // Formativ

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Two options here. First is to ignore them, and that's my advice. Other option is to respond but I need some answers from you first.

1. When did you last pay anything off the debt?

2. When you offered to pay did you do it in writing or the phone?

3. Do they have the right to collect this?

Chances are this DCA in Cyprus is chancing his luck. It is unlikely to go more than 2 or 3 letters as they'd find it very difficult to enforce a uk debt in sweden if not impossible. I had similar to the tune of over £25k and in the end they went back under the stone from whence they came. I'd ignore them completely. If they phone tell them wrong number and don't answer any questions at all. Choice is yours, see what others think.

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Thanks for your quick respons.

First option; its going to give me more headache and worries that on day someone will knock on the door. But its still a good option


Second option and answers:

I think my last payment was 2 years ago, the debt was then with a company in Sweden. (It's scary that someone in Cypus now has it)

With the Swedish company I made agreements in writing (circa 3 y. ago) .


If I'm going to contact Cyprus company, how should I do it.

Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance



"3. Do they have the right to collect this?

Chances are this DCA in Cyprus is chancing his luck."


I don't really get this.

How do I find out if they have the right?

Do you think Cyprus can give them other rights when dealing with this?



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Who is the creditor, and who is the debt collecting company in Cyprus? I've heard of a similar situation before.

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ScarletPimpernel, I PM'd you with the details

hope thats ok

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PM seen, Formativ. I recall another case involving the same two companies trying to pursue a UK debt abroad.


The Cypriot were very easy to get rid of, and to date nothing has been heard from the bank either.


You ask how you should respond to the Cypriot letter; the answer is firstly, in Swedish, since this is your first language. Let them deal with translation.


Secondly, ask him to confirm that he is licenced to practice law in Sweden, and to confirm that he has a permit to collect debt in Sweden, issued in accordance with the Debt Recovery Act (I'm sure you can get the full legal title):


A person who collects debts on behalf of another person, or collects debts which have been taken over for collection, requires a permit from the Data Inspection Board (Datainspektionen).


I understand that debts are statute-barred in Sweden after 10 years, or 3 years when between a consumer and a business - but check this out in case my info is not completely accurate.


Lastly, there will almost certainly be a jurisdiction issue. The terms and conditions of the account will almost certainly state that it is governed by English law, so a case can't be brought elsewhere.

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