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Performance shop = outragous prices???

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Greetings everyone.


Sadly, I just bought a tuner car. A 91 Toyota Supra with a J-spec engine. A wonderful toy, a real joy to drive. The bloody chap that I bought it from had abused the car, so I understood there would be things to be fixed.


I took the old car to a highly praised performance shop... a good month ago! They were to fix some oil leaks, put in a "standalone" ECU, some new sensors and gauges, and fix the problem with the rear differential.


At first, above all else, the car was to get diagnosed. Two days after dropping it off. This did not happen till a week later.


Then, they found a serious problem: cracked rear-sub-frame. Good they took their time on that... a lot of time....


So, I was expecting to pick the car up last week, but the sub-frame problem, also the oil leak problem, and the "standalone" ECU to be installed... they were taking their time to do all this and hadn't done much of it. So they tell me this weekend, I should be able to get the old car.


Well, they are now saying its gonna take another week.


On the paper I signed when I dropped the car off, it did say that they would need a lot of time due to labor and stuff. Yet, a month?


Sadly, I know how to work on this car. Thus, for these guys to leisurely take their time and charge me beyond what I agreed upon? I made sure to put a limit on the price, stating how much I would pay, but they continue to drive me above it.


When I went in last week to take the car out of there... they said I couldn't till all the work was done and the "ticket" was complete. Also, they are not installing the guages I initially wanted.


This seems like one heck of an atrocious deal. The initial paper I signed stated what I wanted and now it seems like they are not going to do so.


Also, the fact that we had both agreed upon a set price, that the shop continues to push higher and higher.


It seems like I have no rights or say with this.


Also, I sent an e-mail to the shop stating what I wanted... and I also included the line, "if the price should go over what we said, I want ALL WORK TO STOP IMMEDIATELY! If there is even a hint that it would go over, I want it to stop!"


Sadly, the price HAS indeed gone over what we agreed upon.

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Have you got a written 'quote' or was it just an estimate. It should say 'quotation' or it's just your word against theirs.

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You have taken your special car to a specialist. Specialists or experts in any field will be considerably more expensive thann the norm. If you want Mariah Carey to sing at your wedding it will cost a LOT more than that bloke that Karaoke on Fridays in the Dog and Duck.


You have hired Miriah Carey so you will have to pay her charges.

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Sounds like a dog and probably is. Frankly I get the impression they know this too and don't want to touch it. If you know what to do then the work instructions should be quite explicit. I reckon they've had a good look and said no but don't know how to tell you to take it away.


Easiest thing would be to sit down with them, see what the situation is and come to some sort of agreement.


Irrespective of whether or not there is a quote or an estimate, the garage is within their rights to stop if they suspect anything amiss and at the moment you don't know this apart from the cracked sub frame, and this smells of trouble!

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Sadly, I know how to work on this car. Thus


So why did you not spot the cracked subframe?



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