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No bonus because of accident?

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Hi :) , a friend of mine was on his way to work when he had a crash, he hadn't been driving long but it wasn't his fault and more importantly nobody was hurt but he was obviously shaken.

The place he works at were running a £400 bonus for people who attended without absence over a set period leading upto christmas but because of the fact he crashed and the police took him home they say he has broken the agreement, does the fact that he was obviously on his way to work not count for anything and although it was just out of work hours the fact the very reason he was on that road was for his empoyer, apparently they say that somebody else had an accident and that he is not getting paid either so they cannot make an exception of one rule for one one for another :mad: , so pay them both!, they also told him if he had made it in that night they would have accepted that but because he did not the terms of the deal have been broken, he was obviously shaken and in no state to work that night, apparenty the car is a mess.

I personally think they should stand together and the company should be able to see that the intention was there to get to work but unforseen circumstances prevented that from happening, will they be able to turn this around? is it worth pursuing?

Thanks for your responses ;)

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If it's company policy he hasn't got a lot to argue with in my opinion. The same could be said by someone who contracted flu, or any other illness. They were not intending to be absent but were in no fit state to work.

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flu, toothache, backache, car breakdown, house flood etc etc etc are all unforseen as with most genuine absences.

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If it wasn't his fault then perhaps he should try claiming this from the third party involved?


I know I managed to claim loss of overtime payments when I was injured in an accident that wasn't my fault.

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Most relevant reply is in bold below but hey if you have time for my rambling....

Sorry, I just don't get it when common sense isn't used, he clearly had every intention of going to work that night as he was on route but I guess it's just typical company procedure seeing everything in black and white rather than acting with a little compassion and understanding, I mean you get these people that haven't had a day off in 5 years but i'm pretty sure that if they had a car crash on the way to work then they too would head home if they were twenty odd miles away, shaken and with no alternative transport, hardly inspiring for the company you have worked so hard for to tell you that you've let them down because you are actually a human being and therefore prone to accidents, at least with other ailments he could have chosen to get on with it if it had meant keeping his bonus, it may not be right but people do it!


Rambling done, wonder how many people think that it's me that was in the crash after that ramble, it's not though honest, just know how much that money meant to him and his Gf who has just started Uni.


thats a good idea Welshmam I guess if he can prove he has lost the bonus then the other driver is responsible for that, he certainly isn't but if it were me I would still be having a word with the manager along with the other guy who lost his bonus, wonder what they would think to losing two staff over the christmas period.............

In the current climate probably nothing :mad:


I actually have a situation regarding a job I have been waiting to start for over 3 months now despite having a success letter which didn't mention any delay and if it wasn't for me making contact to the agency responsible who do not answer their phones very often then I would have had no contact still, I'll post the full details in a new thread in the next couple of days as I would like to know if it's OK for a company to be so misleading where peoples lively hoods are at stake.

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