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    • Coverage.   SMETS 1 use a mobile network   SMETS 2  use a Government network, which where not suppose to know about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣   https://www.smartme.co.uk/technical.html   As posted early on, if you have a smart meter installed make sure its SMETS 2     .....................
    • So it looks like a long trip to court is going to happen, I'm going to write out my defence, I've taken some legal advice and they said to ensure it is short and simple, with any evidence easily referenced and found for the judge.    So the basis of my defence is going to be:   Trespass and who can take me to court over it as per the comment above lack of visible signage and confusing signage about what part of the car park is owned by who, especially as it was at midnight Time taken to contact me after the offence was too long Grace period not given of 10 minutes Previous court cases of the same firm losing because of similar reasons   As the court location cannot be changed and I need to make a long travel to get there, plus all of the time wasted putting my defence together, if I am lucky enough to win, can I claim costs for the inconvenience? for example like this case: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/aug/26/parking-eye-takes-on-top-barrister-85-fine
    • I intend going back and getting photos DX, simply because I can't believe that I never saw ANY signs and even missed the machine to pay at.  Like I said I've frequented this place many times in the past few years so I think I would have noticed something different, unless I'm going senile  The times on the letter are a bit strange, the entry time was dead on x hr and xx mins but no seconds, whereas the exit was x hr, xx mins and xx seconds. I don't really want to go through the appeals process online, confirming all my details in the hope they will show the photos, just the cynic in me coming out 
    • Hi and thanks for the info.  Update: today received the SAR info - great you might think.    Just a waste of paper: screen prints, NO bills, NO data sheets from the meters, just copy letters of my complaints and their "we need more time" letters.  But wait, there is a disc. For disc you have to install Nero Secure Disk Viewer - use the password sent in separate letter - only to find recordings of misc phone calls by me over last couple of years.  Doesn't give any information to me whatsoever regarding this alleged debt.  Hopeless. Why it took so long to produce a package of worthless information I don't know.    Observations I did make was a sudden change from being Miss to Mrs on the screen prints, (not applicable) and something in the  "contact owner" heading/column, which may be a salesperson as I am not Hannah Leach, and I did not request a Hitachi product financed through BM financial in 2010.  (BG tabs for that page: Edit, Delete, or CLONE.)
    • Hi Cheshire and welcome to CAG   As the work was completed and paid for, it's down to the customer to take action against you if they remain unhappy and that could include court action.   Your only problem sounds like the failure to say in writing in your Estimate that "the colour match and finish would match as close as poss but you were working from photos so you cannot guarantee this aspect".   Learn from this and include any agreements, terms, disclaimer, etc in your written Estimate.   1. What was the approx value of the work done ?   2. What would the remedial work cost you including travel, material and labour ?   Even if you visited and redid work, who's to say the customer would then be happy after the friend got involved.
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Builder problem

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My favourite auntie is having major head ache with idiot builder.


Long story short:


Builder agreed to build extension with bed room en suite and an extra bath room.


En suite and bathroom were to have electric underfloor heating


Auntie went away for three weeks while the work was done, bathroom and en suite floors are tiled.


Auntie comes back and ask where the controls for the under floor heating are.


Builder: "What underfloor heating?"


(He forgot to fit it before the floors went down - Doh!)


Builder is now refusing to recognise his mistake and lift the tiled floors, fit the agreed electric underfloor heating and refit floors.


Builder now expects to be paid for some reason.

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I assume that you have a written quote from the builders detailing exactly what they were going to do?


or some blue prints/architectural drawings that indicate underfloor heating was going to be installed?


with these you could at least prove that the job isn't finished.

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Let common sense prevail.....why would your aunt be witholding money for any other reason ?I presume she is happy with everything else apart from the fact there is no underfloor heating ? anything in the quote ? has the underfloor heating already been purchased ? Your aunt should not have to pay to correct the mistake the builder made....i'm sure he has some indemnity insurance....maybe she should get a quote to fit the heating and put the tiles back down then submit that from the dodgy builders invoice....

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My favourite auntie has now had advice from a solicitor.


(Common sense will of course prevail, 42man) :-)


1) get a quote from another builder for removal of the floors


2) use this figure as basis for the compensation quantum


3) try not to pay for as long as possible, although of course the builder would have a case for a claim if she didnt. Just hold off for a while until we have enough info to make a small claim for compensation due to builder 1 forgetting about the under floor heating.


4) Hopefully builder 1 can be persuaded to reduce the overall bill by the amount it will cost to put right his daft mistake.

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