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Help Needed Asap

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I will appologise in advance for the long winded post but I really need some help and advice now.



Ok my son is diagnosed ADHD ODD/conduct disorder Dyspraxia Dyslexia and possible LD. ( he cant read at all yet knows non of his letters)


He is 9 and has had statement of special needs since he was 5. He was excluded at 4, but the education authority take him back 2 hours a day one on one until they found him a special school. Should also mention that he was excluded from nursery but I was sent on parenting courses and bullied into all sorts by them, Only when that didnt work did they listen.


Ok he sat up late never crawled walked late used to bang his head bite himself and anything he came into contact with. Has never played with toy's just pulled them apart. He was potty trained for a couple of months but has always had accidents and now soils daily.


Working with CAMHS who now believe he is ASD not the mixture of above diagnosis's which kind of makes sense. When we first saw consultant he said he would diagnose him with Autism if he couldnt talk but he can, the consultant at CAMHS said a lot of them can. He has been on every ADHD medication which is prescribed in the uk and non has made a difference.


We have had a CAFF done, lots of things need working on and things are still not being resolved.


For 9 years I have washed his underpants cleaned him up hoping he would grow out of it- medical issues have been ruled out and it put down to a mental condition. For the last year I have been asking for some kind of pad to put in his clothes. The school nurse is useless. Consultant just passed me back to her assesment of about 5 questions was done- took a year to get that far now we are waiting on a decision 4 weeks later and despite phone calls still not got one.


Anyway my son goes to a special school. Despite this he still cant read write and is making very little progress. I have always had a good relationship with the school until the last few months.


Today my son soiled himself and they sent him home. (he cant go back as its too far he gets taxi in) Apparently the teacher got in his face and told him he was disgusting. He was obviously very upset.No one is willing to help him get cleaned up at school so they either make him sit in it all day and get bullied by other kids or if the smell is really bad send him home, so he isnt getting an education. Even when he gets the pads they are not willing to help him change them. Im at a loss what to do.


3 weeks ago the Taxi driver who takes him to school assaulted him, the school never informed me of this. It was only after a week or really bad behaviour and me wondering what was going on they admitted he had been attacked by the driver but that he had been suspended. why didnt they tell me?


Im not willing to let him go to school until these issue's are sorted. Starting to think maybe its the wrong school for him. But was threatened with court by LA.


Rang the department who deal with Special needs and was told to talk to the school talk about being passed pillar to post we are getting no help at all.


Desperate for respite ( been awarded direct payments but takes forveer sort it out)

he has made no progress since jan 2006



what do i do?:mad:

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Contact IPSEA




It may take a while to get through but keep trying its worth the effort.


Also contact your local Parent Partnerhip services, your councils education department will have the number. They will put you in touch with the local parent groups.


Dyslexia Action provide burseries for phonics training. Turned my child from illiterate to top set in 2 years.


Dyslexia Action - UK?s premier resource on dyslexia education, assessment and awareness raising


Finally have you tried the National Autistic Society?

The National Autistic Society - Home

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Will try them just feel like im banging my head against the wall. something not quite right here. I have a voicemail saying he had to come home as he had soiled. So I rang the LA to complain who rang the school. Head teacher then said he hadnt soiled and infact smelled of Bo and he was dirty like I hadnt given him a shower in weeks and he had obviously had the same clothes on all week. I know he had soiled as I cleaned him up, My son is 9 does not smell of BO and I wash and Iron his clothes everynight, he only had a shower and was dressed at 8.15, so how did he get in such a smelly state until 9.15. Family partnership worker brought him home my younger children was still in pj's when she arrived. The head teacher made a comment you obviously didnt have time to wash C this morning the rest of you was still not dressed. I was. The reason my other was not dressed as my younger girl had a head injury and has been in hospital and i have to keep waking her up to make sure she is ok so had been up most of night. I didnt tell family partnership worker this. I will no longer work with family partnership I feel like she has made unfair presumptions without knowing the facts and ran back telling tales which she has totally twisted. In fact I dont want to deal with the school much now. Im so angry! Thank you I will try them. He got his statement in 2004 and has not improved any at all. even the most basic of points on it he hasnt managed to get to. Im not very bright when it comes to statements. im not sure what they should and should not say. If your child couldnt read a single word knew non of his letters and could not write/spell his own name at almost 10 surely there is a possibility of learning difficulties? Ed Psych however is always busy and keeps fobbing me off.

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Thats not fair. However the school and education authority are potentially in a lot of trouble.


Instead of family partnership you can get a named person from Network 81


Network81. Helping parents of children with special needs.


these are completely independent.


Before you talk to these people write it all down.


You can change schools, the LEA does not give out information about which schools are best for special needs. The parents in the parent groups will.

Please talk to Network 81, just the threat of them has had an amazing effect on the LEA in the past, when we've had occassion to call them. Network 81 really do scare the daylights out of the LEAs. I think that there are several legal issues, specially the assault, that need addressing. From now on record everything that happens, time & date, keep copies of all corespondence with the school / LEA, record any answer phone messages etc.

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