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    • Hi,   I could do with some help with this one. I was in touch with Robway by phone (I know never never do that!) to check a payment whihc was recently made.   During the call they asked if I was going to make a payment on another case which had gone to judgement.   I had no knowledge of any case going through the courts but she confirmed that a judgement had been made in the middle of 2019. The case being an old BPF Car loan that had gone quiet for the last 4 years. I had moved house and sent all the new address details to all the usual places as well as some DCA's.   Robway had the wrong address, same street but different number house and all court papers had been sent to the wrong address. The CCJ is not on my credit report and had it not been for this phone call I would have known nothing about it.   Robway have out a 30 day hold on the account as I have made a complaint about the loan being mis sold, which it actually was but whether I have enough proof or not is another thing.   What should be the next step?   My credit file is not the most important thing, avoiding the bailiffs is.  (I am hoping they haven't visited the people at the wrong address, I'm not sure on the timescale after judgement that they start to visit.)   Would it be an idea to try and get the judgement set aside and if successful fight it on the basis of ineligible paperwork? (I would need to CCA Hoist again to see what they have as it has been 4 years or so since the last one from BPF which turned up a contract that was hardly readable.)   I have a letter from Robway from a few weeks ago (Pre phone call) which proves they have my correct address on file which could sway the judge to set aside.   I still have no notification about the CCJ/judgement whatsoever apart from the phone call to Robway.   You can find a link to the old thread in post 2   Many thanks for reading through this.    
    • I wouldn’t want to live under a repressive government that had a centrally controlled economy and actively suppressed dissent. Yet such an economy could bring massive resources (financial and manpower) into play.   Coronavirus: How can China build a hospital so quickly? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51245156   It isn’t just that it is being built so quickly, but also that it is being built with infection control in mind, and means other healthcare facilities can transfer suspected cases there, retaining their capacity to treat non-respiratory illness patients.
    • I cannot see how they can issue a Court claim, if they have not issued a default notice.   You might owe a debt, but if the terms of the account require the Bank to take certain actions before they could enforce the debt in a Court, then I would suggest you study the account terms/conditions very carefully.  If you can become expert in understanding the account terms, this might come in handy, if you ever did have to defend a Court claim.
    • The key determinant to UB’s scenario is : at what point in relation to when they develop symptoms are those people infectious.   Chickenpox, for example, is infectious (by airborne droplet spread) 2 days before the rash appears. So, the patient might feel a “bit unwell / virally ill” without any specific signs, and not have sufficient symptoms / signs to allow action to be taken.   There isn’t enough data (yet!) to know when 2019-nCoV becomes infectious.   https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/transmission.html   “Best guess” is when they start having symptoms of coughing and sneezing, at least that will be peak infectivity.   If they are soon to become symptomatic, how infectious is a single cough or sneeze? Nobody yet knows. Edit: hot off the press: China coronavirus 'spreads before symptoms show' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51254523   As for “Do the Government/NHS have sufficient contingency measures in place to deal with any such crisis ?“   The Agency leading (at least for England, each of the other 3 nations of the UK has a similar body) is Public Health England. It isn’t part of the NHS per se, (but works with the NHS). It is “government”, but quasi-autonomous.  It describes itself as “We are an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care, and a distinct organisation with operational autonomy”.   PHE has issued guidance, both for primary care and secondary care, for (amongst other things): a) who gets tested, b) case management, and c) infection prevention measures.   Whilst more information specific to 2019-nCoV is being learnt, these are pretty much based on what we know from SARS and MERS, but I’d expect them to get “fine-tuned” as we know more.   So, there are plans.   2 factors spring to mind immediately, though.   A) Can the plans be fully implemented? Hospitals are already facing bed pressures. If demand for resources (such as FFP3 masks) soars: will supplies match demand? (Both for “total number of units available overall, over the total period of demand”, but equally importantly  “supplies deliverable on demand: what would be the equivalent of ‘cashflow’ for a bank“)   B) Availability of testing. With a small number of cases meeting the case definition, each can be tested. If 2019-nCoV becomes widespread, will the availability of testing match demand? What will the turnaround time for testing be?   Will testing matter if it becomes widespread? At the moment, there is widespread availability of testing for Flu and the most common respiratory viruses. This is useful so that they can prioritise the isolation of Flu A patients in hospital, and offer them treatment for FluA, and Mrs Bloggs who looks like they might have flu, but actually has picornavirus on a background of chronic bronchitis doesn’t get isolated and doesn’t get flu treatment once her results are back.   Will testing matter as much for 2019-nCoV? Not for treatment (as there is no specific antiviral at the moment). How about for decision on isolation? That’ll depend on how many cases there are (there may not be enough side rooms), and if testing supply can match demand.   (not quite “worst case” but “not great case”) scenario is : A) Hospital wards: not enough side rooms. “Cohort nursing” in bays (or even “cohort wards”), so Mrs Bloggs with her rhinovirus and chronic bronchitis gets put in the bed next door to Mrs Bull who has 2019-nCoV (or, even: next door to Mr Bull, if things get bad enough the ‘same sex’ rules get suspended). B) Split Emergency Departments. Non “?flu, ?2019-nCoV” go to one side, those with compatible respiratory symptoms go to another waiting area. All the respiratory symptom patients lumped in, waiting, together. I’d expect once people realised where they would be waiting they would only go if they really had no other choice ...... On the plus side, much was learnt from the SARS outbreak, so they are better informed than when they first faced SARS
    • You don't get a good deal from the USA, look at all the tech we gave them during and after World War II, then they tried to stop us using the tech we invented and provided to them.
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Help with wording on an accepted settlement

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Hi. Can you help me with the following:

Lloyds TSB has offered a 30% settlement discount on what i believe to be an enforceable 2007 credit card agreement.

They state that on receipt of payment they or the DCA will not pursue me any further on the account.

Is there a standard letter, which I believe I have seen somewhere on the forum stating something along the lines that the payment is in full and final settlement and no adverse credit history will be given.


Any help appreciated

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urm. lloyds ... if they are giving a 30% discount something smells.

not got PPI have you that can be reclaimed first? or unlawful charges?




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