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Please look at my agreement

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HI All,


This has been a very interesting few days reading. I have a loan with Welcome it was a re-loan taken out approx May 2007. Could someone please take a look at it and tell me if it is correct, this is the only paperwork i have from them it was done over the phone with the head office.


I note there is no date or signature from them on it and also I don't believe the figures are correct.


I have missed in total 2 payments over the last couple of years and I have been paying 230 per month for a while to catch up on the missed payments.


I would be very grateful for any advise.



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Hi Nick net


As this is a re-write? i would recommend that you send for a cca and dsar, until you have these items in your posession, i also recomend that you continue your payments as normal to them.


either SPML/PML/LMC/SPPL; the following are DIRECT tel#s,

of the investigating & prosecuting organisations: DONOT say you are from CAG-only directly affected or a concerned citizen.


1. Companies House: Kevin Hughes(Compliance Manager-main) @ 02920 380 633

2. CH : Lee Jenkins(prosecuting Amany Attia(MD) for SPML/PML) @ 02920 380 643

3. CH : Mark Youde(accounts compliance) @ 02920 380 955


4. Companies Investigation Branch(CIB) : Charlotte Allan @ 0207 596 6108

(part of the Insolvency Service) investigating all the Lehman lenders


5. CIB : Jeremy Pilcher('unofficial'-consumer/company lawyer) : @ 0207 637 6231


File YOUR 'Companies Investigation Branch'- CIB complaint online NOW!!!!



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yes thanks cca and dsar was my next step just thought I would post this first, though as it is only the copy they sent me before I sent it not sure if it is has any value as a legal document.


One thing I wondered about it the fact that my payments on the agreement are actually to low.

6k at 30.3% actually comes out at I think 215 per month not 204 and also 204 x 48 = 9799.20 not 9007.20.


not sure I am going to be able to pay this months (thats how I ended up on here, looking to see what would happen) its not due till the end of the month, ill leave the dd for the time being and see how it goes.


Guess I need to get the CCA from them and confirm that all matches.


Assuming the CCA that comes from them has the same figures on it then does that mean its not enforceable.


Thanks in advance

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ok for a start the difference between the 9799.20 and 9007.20 is the cash advance in box D of 792.


Box P is incorrect as it does not show the interest element as they have got this figure muddled up.


The annual interest rate of 29.08% does not = 30.03% APR.


It also states that the annual interest rate is variable and they will notifiy you within 14 days if they change it? I suppose that means that they can up it and make you pay more, which defeats the whole purpose of having fixed sum loan agreement.


will be interesting to see what the CCA brings up, if they respond to it.


Just dont tip them off yet that you think there is a problem.

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Bear in mind that if it IS May 2007, 2006 amendments kick in, and you cannot then rely on S127(3) of the CCA.

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Quick one should I use the normal letter kicking around here to request CCA or as my agreement is Post 2006 are there different rules.

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