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Question about Marlin Finance.

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Hi Guys,


Long time reader, first time poster.


U guys have been helping me without even knowing it. Had a couple of missed phone calls from Buchanan, Clarke & Wells a couple of months ago telling me to phone some number and quote a reference. Hadn't heard of them before, so checked them out on google and u guys came up. Needless to say, i heeded the advice not to phone them back. Heard nothing from them since so i take it thats one bullet dodged :)


Anyway, to the matter in hand.


Several years ago got into difficulty with my Clydesdale Bank Mastercard. One thing led to another and i got a CCJ. Done the whole, reducing my life to a list of numbers, thing. We agreed a figure to pay and i have been doing so ever since. Last month i got a letter through my door saying that Marlin Finance have now bought this debt and i should be paying them instead. I have to phone them first as the payment that was agreed will have to be evaluated. I looked up Marlin and u guys came up trumps again.


Having read the previous posts about Marlin i really don't want to speak to these people and by the looks of it they seem to run a pretty dodgy ship anyway.


So. After all the waffle and background, here is my question.


Have i got the right (or do you think it would be a good idea) to stop my direct debit, send them a CCA letter and say to them that i won't have anymore dealings with them until they produce the correct documents.



As an aside the letter said that the debt had been bought in September, since then 2 payments have been paid to the original direct debit, which is a lawyers firm. Should i be chasing them for the money back as they didn't own the debt at that point?


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm looking forward to the advice.



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Moved to Debt Collection Forum.

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


Make sure you do not post anything which identifies you. Although we can remove certain things from the site unless it's done in a timely manner everything you post will appear in Google cache & we do not have any control over that.


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There is already a CCJ which superceed any attempt at a 78(6) dispute. I take it you want to make them produce all the relevent documents so that you can determine whether or not to go for a set aside on the grounds of new evidence?

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Was the payment schedule part of the judgment? Or was it negotiated after the judgment?


If it was part of the judgment then they can go hang. If they want to change the amounts they will have to go back to court.

Do nothing for the moment. They might even threaten to take you to court, at which point you can fall off your chair laughing. SRJ, bless their cotton sox ... what would life be without them.

I really do appreciate all those 'thank you' emails - I'm glad I've been able to help. Apologies if I haven't acknowledged all of them.

You can also ding my gong if you prefer. :)

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