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    • Letter from court is asking that I submit to the court and the other party no later than 14 days ahead of the hearing  a "witness statement?" I assume this will give more detail than the original defence I filed?   It states I must:   Start with name of the case and claim number Full name and adress of witness Set out witness evidence clearly in numbered paragraphs on numbered pages End with this paragraph "I beleive that the facts stated in this witness statement are true." be signed by the witness and dated    
    • Thank you. You shouldn't be claiming for the return of half the money. If you are claiming on the basis that this is an unenforceable penalty or an unenforceable unfair term, then the entire term of the contract. The void and unenforceable and there is no power in the courts to make an apportionment.  Therefore your claim must be for the entire £450. Personally I wouldn't allow them to get away with any unfairness. I'm extremely dubious about the other term which apparently allows them to take ownership of the dog if it is not collected within 14 days. They are only entitled to recover any administrative expenses caused by any breach – assuming that the breach is yours. Have you asked them to account for the £450 and to explain why this might amount to their administrative expenses? Of course it can't possibly do because as that is the full cost of keeping the dog then there must be a margin included in the £450 which represents their profit – otherwise there would be no point in them running the business. Of course, if the breach is theirs then they would have to return the £450 to you plus any other losses that they had caused you. For instance, if your daughter had been put to any loss which you had to reimburse her for then it might be reasonable for you to claim that as well. Let us know. Have you send them a letter of claim yet? If you want to be super-nice then you might offer them a small sum by way of administrative expenses as an alternative to forcing you into legal action. I would suggest no more than 70 quid – but I think first of all I would invite them to account for the £450 and explain why they say it equals their administrative expenses. I don't expect that you will get any reasonable answer and they will simply say that it is in their terms and conditions – but at least you will have something in writing from yourself – and then from them to show firstly that you have tried to be reasonable about your approaches to them and secondly that they are merely relying on terms and conditions and it has nothing to do with administrative losses  
    • Hi All,   I have recently received the  Letter Before Claim from Gladstones Solicitors,   I have previously appealled original PCN with One Parking Solution and  POPLA to no avail, despite my vehicle being recorded on the site 1-2 minute to turn around there and 3 minutes stopped at the entrance (not parked) so 5 minutes in total having pulled off the public highway momentarily. Not to park as advised to this rather nefarious company!   Would welcome the advice on what to do next please, Thanks in advance,   RATPCN  
    • I would suggest that you call UC and request mandatory reconsideration (MR) of the decision to pay the LCWRA arrears to DWP debt management towards this disputed Housing Benefit debt.   They cannot refuse the MR request.   Reasons for MR.   1) Housing Benefit debt is disputed and subject to Court Tribunal process.    2) The DWP decision makers letter to award the LCWRA does not mention any decision to pay arrears towards debts. UC are therefore making a decision, without informing of any legal rights they might have to act in this way.    When you make the MR request, ask to submit further evidence within the 30 days allowed. Then send copies of any dispute about the debt.   You could also contact the Council to see if they are happy for health related award money from DWP being paid to them. Send a complaint to Council that you are not happy with this.    
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What's happened to helping customers - Woolwich

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Hi all

sometimes these banks just go TOO far.


I have only around 16,000 GBP outstanding on my mortgage with the woolwich and because a contract ended I am at the moment not working.


I fortunately have managed to get a savings plan that I had going to pay out so I can clear some of the arrears until I start working again (hopefully soon).


I had an arrangement to pay off arrears at 400 GBP a month (been doing out of savings) due at the end of each month - current arrears is 1200 GBP. House is worth around 240,000 GBP - Mortgage has around another 4 years to run.


Guess what -- due to a heavy weekend and waiting for the money to get cleared into my bank from the savings plan I phoned up TODAY (2nd DEC - ONE DAY LATE ) to pay the 400 GBP.


I get a really HORRIBLE woman at the other end saying --You've BROKEN your agreement Unfortunately we have to go by the "rules" - so we really should be going to the solicitors now to see if we can get re-possession.


What's up with these BANKS.


I was only 1 day late, outstanding arrears is fairly small, mortgage outstanding is also fairly trivial and I offered to pay before any phone calls letters etc.


I get the feeling that the woman at the other end wasn't interested at all about solving the issue -- I'm sure a judge won't throw someone out of a house for being one day late with a payment but isn't it DREADFUL when these same institutions who have been bailed out themselves with a shed load of taxpayers money seem to have no compunction at all when it comes to people trying to actually PAY back arrears - and want to run into court at the first opportunity.


Just warning people here as to some of the measures banks are taking now --totally ignoring the governments request to do everything possible to ensure people don't lose their homes --re-possession should be a LAST resort surely.


If they do go for a re-possession order can they actually enforce this at this stage (arrears will be down to around 900 GBP after the current payment is cleared).


I seem to be unlucky with all these things --some people have HUGE arrears etc before getting into serious problems -- yet I'm only 1 day late on a fairly small arrears and getting the book thrown at me.


What do I do if they go for re-possession.




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There is no common sense allowed any more within the lending institutions. There's no way they will apply for a repo. Pure scare tactics. The call was recorded? Did she accept your payment?

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There is no common sense allowed any more within the lending institutions. There's no way they will apply for a repo. Pure scare tactics. The call was recorded? Did she accept your payment?


Hi there

Payment was accepted


These Banks shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of rubbish.



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thinking about your post, will reply later.

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I have every sympathy with you Jimbo. I paid off all my arrears with the Woolwich and they charged me interest on the arrears for 5 months after I paid them back. They have also refused to answer any of my letters asking for details of the new balances and new repaymenet figures following repaying the arrears. They have charged me with over £9,000 of "misc charges" that they will not explain.

I complained to the FOS about them in July and they have not replied to their letters either.

The problem is that they are now part of Barclays, who are the most arrogant bank on the high street. Barclays did not get a government handout so they feel that they can raise 2 fingers at the rest of us.

My next course of action will be to take them to court to recover interest that they were not entitled to take.

It would be interesting to hear if any other people are having problems with them, because they do seem to be getting above themselves, and seem to think they are above the law.

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