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Quidco Problem & Virgin Trains

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I recently took up an offer on quidco regarding Virgin trains. The deal stipulated that every tick purchased would result in £5 cash being generated in your quidco account. So over the xmas period I decided to use the train instead of driving purely on the basis of this offer. Rather cheekily the cost of the tickets was £5 so infact buying them and getting the cash back would result in the tickets becoming free.

Ideal way of trying it out for the 2 weeks and a perfect incentive to see if it was worth my while doing it this way. So I bought them and they have arrived.


Now here lies the problem, Quidco did in fact credit my account for each of the tickets purchased over that period with £5 per ticket. The tickets arrived and that was that, so I thought. Upon looking @ Quidco I find them have rescinded the previous offer and nullified all the earnings from this offer. Now putting me out of pocket of £50 for the tickets.


The reason I purchased these tickets was because of the offer, now knowing the offer wasnt going to be upheld or honored I would have been reluctant to use this method of transport and feel slightly cheated into buying the tickets.


If there not honoring there end of the offer then what would be my options in regard to getting a refund as the only reason I purchased the tickets was because of the offer.

(btw on Virgins website they state that if you want a refund you have to pay a fee of £10 per ticket)


Cheers in advance

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Having watched other stories about non-payment of cashback through Quidco unfold, I am certain that there is no comeback if your cashback is not validated or declined.


The offer of cashback is not part of the 'contract' you have had (in this case) with Virgin trains. Cashback is an incentive but is never a guaranteed component of a transaction with a merchant who offers cashback through Quidco. Better put, it's a bonus that is subject to availability. They do state that they promise to give you 100% of the cashback that you earn (minus the £5 annual membership deduction) but they cannot guarantee that a retailer will pay the cashback to them (for them to pass on to you).


Have you raised a 'ticket' with Qudico regarding the declined payments? They quote that they will look in to all disputes and raise them with the vendor / merchant but again cannot guarantee to reverse / reinstate declined cashback.


I recently had £10.50 cashback due from an on-line purchase declined. I was a bit ticked off but not a lot I could do so just wrote it off. Like I put it above, it's a bonus not an entitlement. On the other hand I have just had £150 cashback from Sky validated and £50 from o2 - and would have hit the roof if these had been declined, but thankfully they're due to be paid the end of this month.


Good luck if you do decide to pursue this.


EDIT: From their website:

We will not be liable to you or anyone else, whether in contract, tort (including negligence, breach of statutory duty or other tort) or otherwise:

  1. for any loss of revenue, business, anticipated savings or profits


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I've just missed out on £30 of cashback due to six Virgin Trains transactions being declined. This feels like some form of deception to me as I would not have bought my tickets through Virgin Trains if it were not for the Quidco offer...


I can't help feeling Quidco have more liability than they would like you to believe. Would this fall under false advertising or something similar?

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Seems this is quite rife.

I took out my car insurance by clicking through Captain Cash News of the World cashback site.This was in February 2009 following an offer from More Than Insurance.The cash back was showing as pending for weeks,but was not released.I contacted NOW who asked lots of questions and said they were dealing.My concern was that the time limit for seeking the credit was approaching.

weeks followed with 5 more emails telling me they could only think that I had not clicked through their site for this (even though it was showing as pending for weeks)...

I have sent NOW a letter advising them that their website was instrumental to me choosing to go through them for the insurance after seeing the £45 cashback.

They maintain that they cannot be held responsible for a supplier/service provider not releasing payment,and cite their terms and conditions bla bla bla.

I am not leaving it at that,I am looking into it further.

We need to get some clarity on these things.:mad:

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