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Egg and Apex

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Hi All


I had my Egg balance forwarded onto Apex well over 18 months now. I had never defaulted on a payment with Egg and know that they sold my balance onto Apex at a rather nice reduced amount (thats how credit/debt agencies make their money).


Anyway.......My first contact with Apex was a nightmare as no matter what you offer and what expenditure you have they refuse and I found myself being bullied into paying what they wanted, even though I couldn't really afford it. Then 6 months later my mobile phone is inundated with texts and approx 7 calls a day from Apex. I finally rang them back and again applied their usual pressure techniques of trying to increase the amount and telling me "you really need to look at how you're going to repay this debt, is there a family member who can pay it for you"? They also tried to ask me if I had any cash available as we could look at a reduced settlement fee.........???? Anyway, they eventually stuck with the £50 as the guy could see i was not going to budge.


In July 2010 I was made redundant and so rang Apex to explain. They subjected me again to bullying techniques, asking if I could borrow the money from a family member, do I have a credit card I could use. I was on the phone for 1 hour 27 minutes (yes, I timed the call), explaining that I was in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance. they even asked me what had I spent my redundancy money on?? I must admit that I did lose my temper and once again they would not accept what I was able to afford. They told me I must ring them after 6 months as I would not be able to continue paying such a low amount. Over the last week I have had to put my mobile phone onto silent as they have rang me continuously (between 4 and 7 times a day), and today they finally left me a message. The message I find again to be one that is set to frighten you, as the person told me that it is imperative I ring by close of business today as there is a serious matter relating to my account.


Basically I have a direct debit set up and am paying them every month. What I want to know is how they can get away with harassing you?? I cannot bring myself to call them as they never listen and are just out to get as much as they can, nevermind that you cannot afford it. Is there anyway that I can stop them calling me as I really cannot cope with their methods over the phone?? It really stresses me out!!![/size]

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I think the answer Smokey is NEVER deal with these people on the phone. Always communicate in writing. Not only does it give you time to think logically about what you can afford to repay but it also leaves a paper trail as to what exactly was said.


In my (now limited) experience, DCA's will always push the limits when speaking to you verbally and they enter whatever they feel appropriate into their comms log.


If it helps at all, Apex have 2 of my Egg accounts and, approx 18 months on, I haven't paid them a penny.


Best of luck with this! :wink:


PS Suggest you start your own thread if you need more specific advice as to how to deal with Apex/Egg.

If you feel I've helped then by all means click my star to the left...a simple "thank you" costs nothing! ;)


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