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Mint - giving me the run around?

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Hi, my first post here (but have visited often) and I hope the sage's can offer some advice on my predicament.


About 6 years ago I got into some financial difficulty and managed to setup an arrangement with Mint to repay my credit card balance. I was happy with this and so it seemed were they as they continued to charge me interest on what was a significant balance.


Nowadays my financial position is a lot more comfortable but my Mint account has remained in arrangement, despite me asking them to remove this arrangement a couple of times and being told they can't.


Anyway to the present day, a couple of months ago we applied for a new mortgage and it became apparent to me that my credit record was in a dire state, and the only reason for this was the regular updates by Mint :-x


Apart from my account with them being marked as 'in arrangement' which I can 100% understand, but each month they mark my account as payments being received late regardless of whether I have paid before or after the date on the statement.


So obviously with discovering this news I have contacted Mint to try and understand why they continue to mark my credit record as they do each month.


Attached are the letters I have sent them and their responses and as you can see it seems like they are happy to avoid answering questions in the explicit nature that I have requested.


To be continued...

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So after the above letters I then received a phone call one evening from the collections department asking why I had made a payment late and that they were on the verge of instructing Triton, etc,etc at which point I told them to read the letters I had sent in and they would know why the payment was late.


There was some discussion about the letters I had sent in, and I informed the lady from Mint that another (the third one) was on its way in. However she did eventually confirm that if I cleared the arrears and continued to make the arranged payments as and when agreed that my account would no longer be marked as being paid late each month.


As you can imagine I asked for this in writing and she said that this would come from the receipient of my third letter. As you can see from the response it didn't happen, and i was pretty pi&&ed off as it looks like i'm now being given the run around.


Now hopefully at least a couple of you have made it this far and I can ask my questions of you. :D I know this agreement is probably not enforceable as its so old, and when I requested a copy of the agreement all i received was my application form, but I need to try and resolve this situation in a way which is going to repair my credit record the quickest.


If by clearing the arrears and keeping up the agreed payments my credit record will start to repair itself then fine, but obviously I need to obtain this in writing from Mint.......somehow !


I know the quickest way is probably to obtain a fixed term loan to pay my Mint balance, but looking at my current credit score I can't see that happening.


Finally, any ideas why Mint state they have to send me a NOSIA and then back track on it in the last letter.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mr A,


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