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A year in the life of a Law Lord

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A year in the life of a Law Lord.



Been invited to the Lloyds TSB Christmas bash for all my hard work in the bank charges case, of course lots of free port and rivers of gravy. Maybe I have one of those big fat cuban cigars Lord Lloyds gave me and talk about MMM possibly financing oh I don't know a big duck house in the family estates 5 mile wide lake. I think I'll pay for it with the mysterious pile of cash that appeared in the post this morning just said “Thank You Thank You Thank You” on the envelope.



The new year ah trouble OFT preparing new case, no matter our decision will be made for us by our friends in the banking sector. There's still enough rich people out there to affirm what we already know that poor people make rich people rich. Ah must remember must get expences form need to build a goose house next to duck house on newly enlarged 10 mile lake ready for Easter. I think I will name it “The Lloyds Lake” after my good friend.



Ah summer time told OFT where to go in court, going to Lloyds TSB summer ball tonight not as good as Christmas ball to many poor people serving the drinks. However Patrick Kielty is the guest comedian he always does great poor people gags should make me chuckle.



Autumn MMM getting a bit cold better throw another wad of Lord Lloyds cash on the fire, don't worry there's plenty more where that came from another case, a class action my word brought to us by the bloody poor people this time. No matter I've been told what to do, it was only this morning I opened a letter from Lord Lloyd saying the shares I was given will go through the roof if I throw this one out.



Winter ah poor people hah class action “Jog on” that's the end of that got enough money now to retire ten times over going to get out of this supreme court thing now to many poor people whingeing, and can't stand the smell. Let young Ginger take over he's in need of a bit more cash and cash there is. It's almost as rewarding as being a banker.


Is this more true of fact than fiction you decide!!!!

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