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Moral dilemma

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I record just about everything, part paranoia, part because Ive been hurt and lied to before. A Dca said if I didnt pay more they would call social services to report me for being unable to run a household and take my kids away, thats the reason I do it.


Any how had major problem with council house repair, told the windows are faulty and nowt can be done with them is said to his boss by him on his phone. Told by council if fault is major they would action new windows, simples:)


However man keeps saying they are faulty and then gets on phone to boss telling him again and saying but I might be able to save you a lot of money.


I realise him working on one of the pains of glass is not going to solve the major problem of the two sets of windows letting air in, just one pain and ask him can they be sealed from the outside, to which he replies, they wouldnt pay for it. I took this to mean the council but infact he means his bosses who hold the pursestrings for the repair budget.


They go and report to thier bosses I found out later that work is needed on one window, as in the opening on and nowt else. I realise this is going to be pointless or to put it mildly and bodge job. I call the council to ask if they are all faulty, why are they not doing as promised and reporting this to them and replacing them, told they are not aware this is a problem


Now heres the bit thats troubling me, hes a nice man but not reported what he said he would. I have a tape of the conversation and made a complaint, they rang me back and told me no mention of them needing replacing was said and that I was told they could be repaired. Now he told his boss on phone that nowt could be done and then they started about cutting one pain of glass.


I am deeply troubled by this, the mans boss have told the council whilst saying they do not deny what I have said, have told them they can repair them. I just want whats best for the house and not going to leave me stressed constantly ringing to be told well its getting in because its a windy day, like last time.


The contractors are concerned I have taped everything and asked why, I told them and have asked for a copy of the tape as the man should have not told me they couldnt do anything resulting in me querying why they wernt replacing them.


I have concerns this man is going to lose his job as he keeps saying well wether they will fincance it or not, and the council say they are happy to put new windows in if needed, now the contractors are backtracking saying they can be repaired, because I believe they are trying to avoid paying for it out of their budget.


I have told the company the surveyor of the council should check the windows also and see if they can be repaired from the outside, that would do me:) but make sure its not bodged up, if you see what I mean:cool:


I have lost confindence in the contractor and will want someone representing the council to be here when the work is done, as Ive obviously dropped the man in the sh*t to say the least.


I get the opinion that the contractors are just trying to do things on the cheap, which is okay to a certain extent, but doing it properly is another. They have asked for a copy of the tape stating the man should not have said what he did and they want to reprimand him for it, can I refuse and just let the council surveyor here it him self,


Just to end the man is a former windows businessman who now works for contractor, surely if he said to me nowt can do, it means so, why then tell his bosses otherwise and say he didnt say it. Dilema is prove he said it and risk man loses job, troubling, my interest are the house, but I understand this firm maybe preassuring their people to do it cheaply.

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only 2 thngs in the running


1 you and the comfort of your home

2 the work is needed push to get it done


he should have not lied to you in the first place





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The man is heared saying that lots of repairs to the estates windows need doing and they wether his boss or the council are doing nowt.:eek: No wonder they are concerned Ive taped it. She kept asking why I was concerned to give her a copy and I believe they dont think I actually have it, another words tell the council I am mad or something and making it up, so will let surveyor listen to it. He also says that a major contractor putting the rest of the windows are so under pressure that they are being repaired by them, as repair call outs, the following day after fitting.


Surely that wastes the councils money more than my windows being repaired properly or replaced.


Thanks kiptower, I bet the council would hound me if I wasnt making sure the property is looked after.

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