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Local Authority Tenant - Decorating Allowance after re-wiring?

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Hello All,


This is my first post as a newbie, and would really appreciate any advice you could offer. I also apologise in advance if a similar question has been answered, as I searched and could not find a similar problem!


My grandmother is a public sector tenant in a house owned by our Local Authority. I visited her this evening to find the house in a complete and utter state. When I asked her what had happened, she explained that the council had sent contractors round to re-wire the property. I understand that a letter had been sent to her from the Local Authority on Monday 16th Nov, informing her that contractors would be visiting the property on the Friday (20th) to begin the work. This evening I visited to find huge holes all around the property, tiles that had been ripped off in the kitchen, and large sections of wallpaper that had been damaged. The property is also covered from ceiling to floor in thick white dust from the plastering work. My father, had recently decorated the second bedroom and landing area in the property, and upon visiting today found paint has been chipped all along the stairway in large amounts, and the decorated bedroom has large sections of wallpaper missing. I have taken photo's to evidence the damage done.


I am unsure where my grandmother stands legally in terms of requesting any form of decorating grant/allowance from the Local Authority, or even whether she would be able to request they send an industrial cleaner to the property to remove the dust and general dirt that has been created?? Do the council have an obligation to put a tenant back into the same position (financially) they would have been prior to the work being carried out? It seems so unfair that she would be expected to fork out a large amount of money re-decorate and replace all the tiling that has been ripped out, and wallpaper that has been stripped away. There are also areas of the house where it would be impossible to find matching wallpaper for the sections removed as they were decorated years ago, and my father has indicated the only solution is to re-wallpaper the entire room.


My father has already said that he would not mind doing the work himself, but would begrudge spending a large sum of my grandmothers own money to do so. My grandmother is quite unwell and would rely on myself or my father to help her clean the house, which we are quite happy to do as I would be so upset to see her living like this, but I dread to think what would have happened if she lived on her own with no support from relatives and had been left in the property like that.


I happened to come across a recent article about a similar experience encountered by a lady in Hull, however, it was indicated that she was asked to sign a document to agree to the work being carried out and that there would be a large amount of dust/damage to the property whilst the work was being carried out, and that as a result of the dust she would/may need to move out temporarily if her health required. I am not aware of my grandmother being asked to do anything similar i.e. in terms of signature.


I suppose my viewpoint is from as a current private tenant, if my landlord left the property in the same state of repair, I would list the damage done and require him to rectify this, or try to invoke the legal right of offset.


In summary I am particulary unsure of:


The Local Authority's legal duty to repair any damage it/third party has inflicted on the property - do their obligations differ to private landlords?

Which regulations govern Local Authorities as landlords?

Whether my grandmother would be in her rights as a tenant to request a decoration allowance/cost of a cleaner to remove dust?


I apologise if I come across as a bit moany, I was just so upset after visiting her this evening and seeing how upset she was about how her beautiful home has had huge holes punched into it!!


Mel x

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I think you are fully justified in complaining. Is your grandmother disabled and/or vulnerable because of her age? If she is, there may be a council-linked body that will help her sort this out and liase with the council on her behalf. In my area they're called 'Help and Support'. If you don't have anything like that in your area, or they can't help, then my reply will at least bump you up to the top of the forum and hopefully someone who can help more will be along soon.


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Have they finished the work? Have they said anything about them tidying up and remedying any damage?


Contact the Housing Dept - Feedback/Complaints Team would be best and explain what has happened.


Operatives are supposed to ensure they leave the property tidy and any damage caused should be reported back to their manager so that it can be remedied, etc. However, this is not always done especially if it is external contractors that have carried out the work.

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Hi my house (LA) was refurbished 3 years ago in the letter that was sent to us before the refurb we were informed that there is a cleaning and re decoration grant to all tenants value of grant dependent on number of rooms, work to be done etc. We have a 2 bedroomed bungalow and received £282



cannot find it A to Z





Halifax :D

Paid in full £2295


MBNA:mad: 20/03/2008 settled in full out of court


Capital One:D

07/07/2007 Capital one charges paid in full £1666

19/01/2008 recovered PPI £2216 + costs


Littlewoods :-D

12/08/2007 write off £1176.10 debt.


JD Williams charges refunded in full £640

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