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    • Birmingham council are wrong.   However, you probably left yourself open to this problem by not changing the keep details.  You should do this now.   Also are there any other lurking problems which could come up and bit you?  You should make proper arrangements to redirect post or to inform creditors etc. This is the kind of scenario where you end up getting backdoor CCJs which then become difficult to deal with
    • What do I need to send on SAR? Do you have an email from them ?    I have 1 year with them .  I ve been made some international transactions because I ve been buy a car and a house I was need to send monthly money . I m a self employed, so I earn my money by myself . I didnt do nothing wrong with them . When I open my account I let them know that I m self employed and I can prove that .   I m in a desperate situation as I m not having any money for my company that I just open to can run 
    • Birmingham City Council,  told me because the car is on my name I am responsible  for it and I can't have anyone take the blame.  
    • Send them on SAR immediately. Do it today. Read up on this forum and elsewhere on the Internet about crifas. How long have you had the account? Have you been having large sums of money going in or out recently – especially paid in cash? This kind of unexplained behaviour generally relates to something that triggers a suspicion that your account is being used for money laundering or some other kind of fraud. If that's what has happened then you will find it almost impossible to get information about it and also almost impossible to find out when your account might be made available to you. If a CIFAS marker has been applied to your account, the bank takes upon itself absently Draconian powers and you will scarcely even get any assistance from the FOS who quite frankly are simply a poodle to the financial services sector
    • In addition to dealing with the individual problems that this person is creating for you, you obviously need to deal with it holistically because there is a problem of identity fraud which may well continue and will certainly affect you and your family throughout your lives. Nobody should underestimate the seriousness of this kind of thing. Although people will commonly apply the label of "identity theft", what you are actually dealing with here is "identity fraud" and it is well understood in academic circles. The police were quite wrong to say that there was nothing they could do. I'm afraid that this reflects under-resourcing coupled with poor staff development and a poor attitude. There are offences being committed here and the girl herself is committing fraud contrary to sections 1(2a), & 2 of the Fraud Act 2006  https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/35/contents   Of course the police will find it very difficult to do anything and given their resources, I suppose they have other priorities. However, you could be certain that if your family was related to the head of the local police force, they would be dealing with it PDQ. You say that this has been going on for a number of years – but you don't say how long. Maybe you had better give us a detailed account of what has happened. Please set out in a bullet pointed chronology so that we don't have too much narrative but a good structured idea of what has happened. This should include a list of the problems which have occurred and how they have been dealt with and also complaints which you have attempted to make. You definitely need to start taking this very seriously. How old is your daughter? In terms of opening mail, you should open every letter that comes to you and if you find that it is associated with this fraud, then you should photocopy it/scan it into a computer and start building up a file. I hope you have kept some of the correspondence and other documents which you might have received. Please let us know what you have. You are definitely going to have to start accumulating a robust file of evidence and I suggest that the first thing you do is you start sending SARs out to all of the organisations which have been involved and see if you can tease out of them any personal data that they might have which is apparently linked to you. Either they will provide you with a statutory disclosure – or, of course, it will be amusing if they say that they are more proof of your identity and that they won't let you have the disclosure because they are not satisfied that the data they have relates to you. I don't think you're in a position to make any serious complaint until you have put together a convincing file of evidence which shows that there is systematic identity fraud. We will help you to start to do this and help you to structure the file that you will put together and then we can begin to explore avenues to make a complaint. It also occurs to me that they could be a basis here for making a complaint under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 although this would be an unusual application of the act – but we can have a look when you put together your file.  
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no you are not, but the 1000's of others dont use this site.

and are prob being fleeced right now

you're exp will provide a thread for others to follow.


keep it up.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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I tried last year when Marstons/Wonga sent out a bulk email showing 600 odd names, but nobody was interested as I seemed to be the only 'complainer'.


I've still got the evidence from last December (how nice of them, three weeks before Xmas sending 'the boys' round to 'assess your means before further action is taken'...


If either DX or TOS want help and my evidence please get in touch via a moderator, I need to know that it is the 'real you' who wants this info and not Marstons/Wonga pretending...


You could both also try contacting Bankfodder as he tried helping me last year - pity the BBC don't want to show the 'real debtor issues' and only go for 'stereotype' debtors ie the Rankines and the 'underfunctioning'.

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You cannot stop a bailiff turning up at your door, but you can decline entry and you dont have to talk to them. You have a right to ask them to leave & if they refuse then you can call police reporting a disturbance. Door remains locked shut.

The next generation Nintendo Wii - the Nintendo Puu

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You cannot stop a bailiff turning up at your door, but you can decline entry and you dont have to talk to them. You have a right to ask them to leave & if they refuse then you can call police reporting a disturbance. Door remains locked shut.


they are not acting as bailiffs though only debt collectors as there is no court jugdement and they are just using their normal letter head and making unfounded threats

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I began emailling Wonga offering a payment proposal, they emailed back as well (probably because I CC'd Trading standards & Watchdog). They said to call the Collections department to discuss an arrangement. I called, they had no record of the email and said that I will need to send in an income/expenditure. I emailed saying that the person i spoke to wasnt very helpfull and now waiting on their reply.


I emailed Marstons to let them know I am in contact with Wonga again.

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Last night I emailed Wonga giving them until 5.30 today to respond to my previous emails. They only seem to reply to those where you CC in Trading Standards. I have said If i dont get a response, I will consider the matter closed and written off!

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