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    • I will revert back if i get paid the £321.00 
    • so from august 2019 till june 2020, when harvey's went bang, you did nothing to chase this up? then you wrote your first letter to creation, the finance company?   sorry i must say this story is getting mighty confusing..for want of a different word.    so how did this ultimately end in benson's getting involved?
    • I called the hermes help desk to see if they had done anymore to locate my rather large parcel, this was after submitting the online claim form. He told me they there was no chance of it being found.   I asked  if i am covered, he spoke to the claims department and came back and confirmed it was covered including the shipping cost of £21.00 so £321 would be paid back.    Nothing formal from the claim team in writing so far.        
    • It was The repair team that do work for Harvey’s. They had to come out three times in the space of four months. After the last visit in august 2019 Harvey’s contacted us to say they would replace the sofas
    • If you can spend some time reading around the threads here as I've already suggested, you will understand what we have to say about the so-called insurance cover and how it is unfair and unenforceable. Please familiarise yourself with this. Have they actually agreed to pay out on the insured value? Not only should you have the value of your lost items that you should also have the cost of the delivery as well as the insurance back. They don't care about losing a lot of business. They've got a huge amount of business and although they are the most complained about courier company in the country, I expect that 98% of their deliveries are successful. Of course when you talk about the remaining 2% of millions – it still ends up with a lot of loss parcels. The really disgusting thing is how Hermes then deny liability and try to force people to accept their losses. Most people give up but people who come here normally get their money back – but in your case afraid it does depend on the correct declared value
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no you are not, but the 1000's of others dont use this site.

and are prob being fleeced right now

you're exp will provide a thread for others to follow.


keep it up.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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I tried last year when Marstons/Wonga sent out a bulk email showing 600 odd names, but nobody was interested as I seemed to be the only 'complainer'.


I've still got the evidence from last December (how nice of them, three weeks before Xmas sending 'the boys' round to 'assess your means before further action is taken'...


If either DX or TOS want help and my evidence please get in touch via a moderator, I need to know that it is the 'real you' who wants this info and not Marstons/Wonga pretending...


You could both also try contacting Bankfodder as he tried helping me last year - pity the BBC don't want to show the 'real debtor issues' and only go for 'stereotype' debtors ie the Rankines and the 'underfunctioning'.

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You cannot stop a bailiff turning up at your door, but you can decline entry and you dont have to talk to them. You have a right to ask them to leave & if they refuse then you can call police reporting a disturbance. Door remains locked shut.

The next generation Nintendo Wii - the Nintendo Puu

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You cannot stop a bailiff turning up at your door, but you can decline entry and you dont have to talk to them. You have a right to ask them to leave & if they refuse then you can call police reporting a disturbance. Door remains locked shut.


they are not acting as bailiffs though only debt collectors as there is no court jugdement and they are just using their normal letter head and making unfounded threats

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I began emailling Wonga offering a payment proposal, they emailed back as well (probably because I CC'd Trading standards & Watchdog). They said to call the Collections department to discuss an arrangement. I called, they had no record of the email and said that I will need to send in an income/expenditure. I emailed saying that the person i spoke to wasnt very helpfull and now waiting on their reply.


I emailed Marstons to let them know I am in contact with Wonga again.

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Last night I emailed Wonga giving them until 5.30 today to respond to my previous emails. They only seem to reply to those where you CC in Trading Standards. I have said If i dont get a response, I will consider the matter closed and written off!

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