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Blair, Oliver and Scott tactics??

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Hi there everyone,.. I have found many threads on this DCA group and thought someone could possibly point me in the right direction?


I have debts.


.. Im currently using DMP by Gregory Pennington to pay off.

.. thats all fine and dandy..


. have been using for 6 months but apparently they have to review every few months or so..


. so they have to re-negociate with creditors and so forth..


. fair enough...



Halifax have recently sent one of my accounts to their in house team B.O.S,

they have gone the whole way so far..

. text messages asking me to call them, 08456 numbers, which are obviously halifax,


I am aware that B.O.S are just a subsidary of HBOS...


Sorry im waffling now..

my issue is with a letter i recently received...




... HFX vs.. ******me******


... formal notice is hereby given that our client instructs us to commence court proceedings against u without delay...


papers are now being PREPARED for commencment...



-that old chesnut basically



my issue is since i had their first letter last month,

they have gone straight to this sort of letter..

. and I already have re-payment arrangements in place via DMP Gregory Pennington

- so they are accepting payments...


im just a bit confuzzled,

i know not to ring them,

as regardless of what I tell them IF i actually did ring them,

they would only seek more money that I dont actually have...


Im sorry If i have waffled on too much,

but there must be someone out there who mite be in the same predicament as me??



i have arrangements already in place,

all my other creditors are continuing

and are acepting minimal payments which is great..


. AND the amazing thing, HAlifax have already accepted repayment plan for another account no problem..

.. but for some reason they have transferred this particular account (debit acount i believe) to B.O.S

where they have jumped to this letter,

even though payments are still being made.





Much appreciated to those who can respond :-)




DaveTheRave :-) xx

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If you have an arrangement with them which you have kept to then they are actiing unfairly with you. Under the new FSA Banking:Conduct of Business Regs 2009 they are obliged to act fairly.


begin a complaint and make it clear that you want the matter brought to the FOS under the new FSA regs.


Secondly, have you any charges which need to be reclaimed? Now could be the time

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Hi guys,


I have sent of a SAR request to Halifax for ALL my accounts with them.


I sent this out on the 4th Dec along with a postal order as per the usual methods.


SO they have until the 13th Jan? as per the 40 calendar days to comply.


For my Credit Card account, which up until November was looked after by the lovely Robinson Way...


I now have a letter from Wescot saying they have now been instructed to act on behalf of Halifax.


Do I send Wescot a letter saying I am awaiting a SAR request from Halifax

or simply offer them the same payment of £1 I was making to Robinson Way?


My reason for SAR primarily is due to the charges I know I have incurred over the years on both my credit card and loan.


With the hope I can try and reduce the balances on both my loan and credit card so they become more manageable,

and generally allow me to sleep a little easier at night.


I had previously sent a telephone harassment letter to Robinson Way regarding the Credit Card account, to which they complied...


however now Wescott have taken over,

they are ringing me multiple times daily.


I feel I should send them the same letter I did to Robinson Way regarding the need for written communication only also...


Any thoughts?


My apologies if all seems a bit muddled up :(


davetherave87 x

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go careful of westcot as they are particularly nasty foden


let them know in a letter what you are currently in the process of doing,

and state that you are awaiting halifax's reply.


avoid telephone conversations with them as they have a knack of getting people to agree to things that they wouldn't of normally

and then as if by magic losing the recording of the call.


so that you can't dispute anything that happened with the phone call.


tread carefully as these guys dont pull the punches they land them in the gut.

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wetcloths don't own the debt I bet


so can be ignored


did you get out of that fee paying DMP?



an SAr does not place the account into dispute


have you ever sent these people a CCA request?



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Hi DX, thanks for the reply.


Halifax still own the credit card account, this reflects in my credit file which i obtained early November..

. however at that time I was being contacted by Robinson Way for it..

. now I have Wescot asking for it - halifax still own the debt.


I had been with Gregory Pennington for 4+ years out of choice as *at the time*

i felt it was all I could do, with severe stress and anxiety.


I have now terminated the plan with Gregory Pennington and have decided to take it on myself..

as I feel so much more confident, with the help and support from here especially.


I will await my SAR response from halifax, so at least I can get reclaiming the charges on both my credit card and loan...


I have already claimed PPI on the loan,

but there were charges applied when my work life took an unexpected turn for the worse.


I have previously reclaimed all of the CC repayment cover on this account, but I have never reclaimed penalty charges.


I need Wescot to stop ringing the land line as it is not far to my parents.


So I should be able to send them a reasonable request to contact by letter only yes?


Is it worth me CCA'ing Wescot for this credit card account with Halifax along with the request to contact by letter only?

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theres a harassment letter in the library


top left green tab



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Hi guys, I have received my SAR pack in the post for all info halifax have of me and my accounts.


not sure if it needed to go here in this section or another section so feel free to move if needed.


basically what came in the post was a huge block of paperwork, each section sorted with elastic bands...


the one thing that I was expecting but cannot seem to find are statement of accounts, so i could detail and highlight charges, primarily for my credit cards and loan account I have with halifax.


There are hundreds of system screen grabs, but nothing that looks like statements or breakdowns of accounts...


I mus thave over 300 in charges applied to my current account with overdraft as i remember getting charged 3 x £35 per day a few years ago... I just wanted to see it all on paper or at least a screen grab of the statements or charges applied and i can see neither..


The statement of accounts I required the most were my loan, credit cards and current account so I could reclaim all penatly charges... I am desperate :(


After doing so much research on this site, I cant believe that 3 or years ago now, halifax were willingly applying 3 x £35 penatly charges on my CURRENT account each day!! and i just accepted it because i didnt know any better..


I know I have multiple £12 charges on my credit card account, can these be reclaimed, and if so, how?


As for my loan agreement, I have already performed a PPI reclaim, but have not attempted a penalty charge reclaim on the account yet...


I WISH there was a way to get back all those charges from my current account some 3 or 4 years ago now... my surplus income is less than 50 each month, what is classed as financial hardship and will writing a letter to halifax asking to refund those BEYOND EXTORTIONATE charges be worth it?



Also, i think i need to send a further letter to halifax requesting that they have not fulfilled my SAR request properly and I still requre breakdowns of each and every account held with them, detailing a list of transactions and charges?



is there a template for SAR non compliance...



I am so so sorry if this post sounds like a right mess...



Dave x

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Hi. Sorry you were missed.


In the library is a letter for SAR non compliance.


The £12 charges should be able to be reclaimed but I have no idea about the bank charges but I would think that £35 are way too steep

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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