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Welcome Finance - Where and How do I start?


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Tonight I was sitting watching some TV and minding my own business when it was rather abruptly interrupted by someone with a really bad phone line asking for someone else at my house, he goes onto explain that because I said "Hello, yes" after him he has deemed me to be this person and that I owe them £4500 on behalf of Welcome Finance.


I would not mind but


1) I am not that person

2) The guy was downright rude and abrupt to me

3) The guy would NOT take no for an answer


I have since contacted HFO Services and I am awaiting a call back from a manager after I said I would like to make a complaint.


Anything else I can do?

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This doesn't surprise me the complete and utter [email protected]!

I do owe money to Morgan Stanley and they have apparently BOUGHT the debt. They don't know what the Data Protection Act is - the swines.


I would love to get a petition to get them put out of business - can we????

Get a life - you only get ONE!







BSC No 60

12.12.2007 - 9.54am

**Discharged Friday 12th December 2008**

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  • 8 months later...

hi all

i posted this earlier

hi all

i have been dealing with HFO for many months, i actually enjoy winding them up on the phone, i stated to them that i had sent a CCA and would not speak to them on the phone untill this was fourth-coming, and wait for it, you will laugh, the 'gentleman' at the other end said he had full legal right to phone me everyday and do not deal or are affiliated to CCA, and therefore did not have to abide by 'thier rules'. i asked him if he was familiar with the company CCA and he replied yes i have heard of them but they carry no weight with us, he hung up after about 4 minutes of me continuously laughing at him down the phone.

i also requested thier address and offered to have a face to face where he could show me the CCA , however he would only give a po box, so i continued the rest of the conversation only saying the word 'arse', when he became irrate and started to shout i just said arse louder.

they also use a dialler, best way to deal with this is to answer wait to be connected to a weesel at the other end then hang up.


probably not the best advice you can get here but i have turned an annoying situation into my enjoyment.

all this after i have reported them to surrey police twice and they are now in breach of the administration of justice act and the communications act


don't let the bastards grind you down.


To my thinking these thugs need dealing with, i understand that their managing director is a bit dodgy to say the least, being the center a few investigations and made bankrupt, count me in with any action and if i can help in any way let me know, i have two seperate crime numbers for two seperate crime reports made against them with surry police.

please keep me posted as to any petition or action.



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hi all

so i continued the rest of the conversation only saying the word 'arse', when he became irrate and started to shout i just said arse louder.Rob


Best laugh I have had all day !!!

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Myself and my parents have been harassed for a while by HFO, even though I have told HFO I don't live with my parents and haven't for several years and have provided them with my current phone number.


I don't owe HFO anything, it seems they have crossed wires, but will they listen?? No! I have proof of payment for a totally different amount and paid to a different debt collector, I think HFO have added some crazy charges and fairy dust to make up their claim. I invited HFO to take me to Court but stop calling me. They called all the more. They even took down my work phone number (without my permission from caller ID) and started ringing that, which is another form of harassment, although I shouldn't have used works phone!!


Since I put everything in writing and email, its gone very quiet.


I told HFO I had taken advice from my boss (I work at a solicitors) and "Sunny from Delhi" at HFO said I was breaking the law by lying about where I worked and saying I worked for a solicitors when I don't (but I really do, really!!):???:


Anyway, I've written to them asking for proof of the debt and told them I won't speak to them on the phone as they're harassing me, I listed the legislation blah blah... still waiting for a response. However, as the debt is in relation to 3G Hutchinson, I thought I'd send 3G a copy of my complaint. Apparently, as they've instructed HFO on their behalf, they're just as responsible for the professional conduct of HFO (that's according to Consumer Credit Counselling Services - who were very helpful). I've told 3G that I will go to the press next if I don't get any satisfaction. I'll keep you updated of any progress.


The thing is, a company will only keep going as long as it has clients and it seems that the owner/MD of HFO is dodgy as hell. So threatening him and his minions with legislation and law probably won't dent his confidence much. The best thing to do is starve him of his clients. How? By bugging them so much that they use an alternative firm. So if you have a complaint about HFO and its in relation to 3G, then send your complaints to 3G as well as OFCOM etc. Make sure 3G are sick to the back teeth of hearing about HFO, and do the same for any other companies who employ HFO as their bully boys. Even tell the press. Record the calls and send them to the press. I'm ready with my tape recorder!


I've been threatened with £1,000 fines, Court, prison (eh!?), them taking my mum and dad's house away (not sure how that one would work!!), them sending an earthquake (well maybe I'm exaggerating now), but you get my drift. Problem is, these people use a lot of legal terminology in the wrong context, but if you're not aware, you'll fall for it and be terrified by them. Be strong and firm and get as much info as possible so you know your rights.


oh and I love the ever increasingly loud "Arse" response... I think I may employ that for a while!:grin:

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I haven't heard a word from HFO since writing to them (no phone calls, nothing!!). I'm not complaining though. However, I did get a response from 3G Hutchinson, see below:

I would like to confirm that the Executive Office is currently investigating the issues you have raised and you will be contacted within 5 working days to discuss the results of their findings.

In this interim period, should you wish to comment further on the issues raised, please call the Executive Office on 08707 330 295, between 9am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Once again, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for your continued patience, during our ongoing investigations.

Yours sincerely

Keri Simmons

Executive Office Administrator

Executive Office, 3

DIRECT LINE (+44) 08707 330 295

Details there for anyone else who would like to contact 3G with regard to HFO. Hit them where it hurts I say!

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Hi all

well done slinky malinky , it amazes me that there are such strong feelings not to mention evidence that HFO are lawless thugs with no regard for privicy or fact, however the authourities do nothing.

you are right the MD is the head villian and thug and i have made it a personal goal to see that this man becomes potless and ensure he and his merry band of thugs are exposed. even though they now only call every week or two i have endured almost a year of their crap, and being the rescourcefull soldier i am i am in the proccess of publically exposing them.

it will be their own stupidity and greed that will do most of the work for me, i only need to direct their attention and that of others. he he he

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Well, its been a couple of months now since my email/letters to 3G Hutchinson about the HFO Horror-Bags! Listen.... nothing! Not a sound, letter, phone call, nothing. Now either they have gone away to re-group and try another attack method, or they've decided to leave me alone. Either way, the silence is unnerving, but hopefully, I've won!?

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I've been having the same problem with them, this started a week today. Apparently 3g have sold thier debt on to them. A contract was taken out in my name 5 years ago on behalf of my ex, who was paying it im guessing until a certain point. I was not aware he had stopped due to the fact i have not had any correspondence until last week!!


Since then, they have threatend to come to my house, have it black listed etc. They have even been asking for my mother and saying that she is liable to pay!! Bastards. I'm with a debt consolodation agency which I have informed them of this. Due to the fact I had lost my rag with them last week, I rung up my debt people and asked them if there was anything they could do to stop these phone calls, I also told them they had been asking for my mother. Anyway, we rung them up on a conference call, and HBO broke so many laws and regulations on the phone it was unreal!! It was amusing listening to my guy (who knew what he was on about) talking to these low lifes who obvisouly had no idea what to say!!!


Anyway, I did have one more call off HFO last night in which I put the phone down on them. How can i stop them calling? My debt consolidation people have told me until we start making monthly payments (which will start in December) they may still call. In the mean time is there anything I can do to stop them?


As you can imagine, my family is getting a little fed up with these calls too! I am getting alot of grief from them aswell as HFO, not fun!!

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Hi smilerlot

i have Posted on here a few time about our freinds HFO , they have been chasing me for a debt that does not exist for two years, i have been begging them to take me to court, i have sent cca letters and telephone harrassment letters, on the phone i have started my own fun and games for instance, conducting the entire call as King Arther, blowing a rescue whistle down the phone whenever they spoke and responding to every question with the word arse.


i suggest you send then a cca letter and keep everything above board, the people on here will give you fantastic advice.

i would not however recomend you send a letter like the one i have sent , i know i have no debt with them and know they cannot take any action at all, these people are thick and and i am now treating them as such.here is my latest letter to them recorded delivery.



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Dear Sir/Madam


I write in reference to telephone numbers. 077******** and 077********.

Firstly may I congratulate you on having the thickest, rudest and most moronic staff possible,

As you are aware from your ‘’telephone recordings’’ I have requested on numerous occasions that you stop calling until you yourself have complied with the law and responded to both CCA requests which have been sent to you, not only have you ignored these requests but you are now breaking the law under the consumer credit act, both requests were recorded delivery and signed for (I have proof).

On top of this I have acquired no less than two police crime numbers for harassment and administration of justice act, along with this I have made complaints to the OFT and FSA, also reported the fact that the advertised address for your company is not where you work from.


I have endured abuse, ignorance, rudeness and threats from your scripted chimps so I am now formerly requesting it stops or you take me to court, where I will enjoy presenting your non compliance, and recordings of your staff shouting and screaming down the phone at me, also the classic recording of a female staff member asking when I will be out so the ‘men’ can call on my wife. After all this has been highlighted to the court I will then ask for your solicitor to provide the court with the signed original credit agreement you are enforcing, which will be interesting as we both know it doesn’t exist, I will then request the case is dismissed and you pay me costs for wasting my time, I don’t think I can make it any simpler for your tiny minds to understand.


Actually I can… if calls to the two numbers do not stop immediately I will make a further complaint to the police, only this time directing them to your managing directors at their home address, which is easy for them to follow up as they all live at the same address.


I am in possession of their names, address and even what cars they drive.

I am now on a mission, if calls do not stop I will expose you and your dealings in national press and media, naming and shaming all, not just the company name, I will also submit my call recordings to be aired on Watchdog. So the nation can hear your wild hysterical operators.


No matter how much you shout, scream or threaten you will never scare me, your staff can only do this over a telephone, (cowards), they would not even finish their sentence if they were to talk to me like that in person, (its still a possibility I may come to Croyden and ask for my CCA in person, lets see which one of you are big enough to threaten me then).


On a personal note, may I take this opportunity to say I despise every part of HFO; this includes the ‘dodgy’ managing directors, the tactics they employ right down to the imbeciles on the phones. And while you continue to contact me I will continue to treat your staff on the other end of the phone with utter contempt and it will be my objective to keep them on the phone and waste their time in the hope that it may just spare one vunerable person from the complete rubbish you spout.


Finally rest assured I will never surrender any information or money to you over the phone, ever, however I do recognise that you are too stupid to realise this as I have told you this on the phone and after 2 years you still call for this reason, I will continue to refuse on the phone and will continue to waste your time if you still insist on calling, and will do this until I have exposed you and submitted all address details to the police , you are wasting your time and resources in chasing this non existent debt, ( Barclay card have furnished me with documentation to prove this).


As you obviously have a tiny attention span let me reiterate why I am writing to you,








If you do not understand this request or any of its contents then I suggest you seek real legal advice from a real solicitor (I would not recommend Turnbull as their reputation and professionalism is non existent). A dictionary should also help you with the larger words.


Disgusted and ready to take action


Rob ******

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I am turning the tables on these [edited], they do not intimidate or scare me , when their staff shout it shows desperation on their part and i wind them up more, this is one person they will not break.



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Hi Rob


Thanks for the advice! I love the letter, but think I will keep mine a little more formal for the time being anyway, ha ha!


I have never dealt with any company so irratating and stupid!! It really is frustrating. I've also said to them "Go on then, take me to court." But the sods still keep calling. Why do they not just leave it that and go through the next lot of proceedures?


At the moment, I've blocked the one number through BT, but I'm going to see what other options I have with them. I think there is something you can put on there to avoid all nuisance calls now for a small charge. It will be worth it just for the bit of peace and quiet!!

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to stop the HFO numpties, and I mean you Mr. Atkinson and your employess from harrassing you, just change your number. I changed my number and haven't had any more calls from them. Neither have they sent anything in the post to me, apart from that stupid First Logistics card.


With regards to making complaints to the HFO Directors, then don't; the Director who I complained to, yes you Mr. Atkinson, was patronising and completely and utterly obnoxious. If anyone posting on the forum lives in West Yorkshire and they have a complaint to make about HFO Services, don't pin your hopes on West Yorkshire Trading Standards, they're about as much use as a tricycle towing a caravan!!


By the way, Mr. Atkinson, or whoever from HFO is reading this post, the copy of the CCA I received from Barclaycard is illegible, therefore, any debt that I am supposed to owe won't be paid!!!:D

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Well said Leedsangel


our mr atkinson, or barrington to his friends is in fact non existant, as far as my research has found out barrington atkinson is an escape plan for the real board of hfo


i have the names and address of all hfo and turnbull directors, he isn't one of them. the initials B A ,

Believed Absent, or

Board Alias


HFO thought they were persistant, they have not reckoned on ME,


ironic really, thats what they said to me once, oh how things change, mooohahaha

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  • 11 months later...

A few years ago I took out a loan for £1500 with Welcome to do some additional training, and paid that regularly (missed a couple of payments but the £127 a month was an OK amount to pay).


My wife and I decided to move down south this year and we topped up the loan from Welcome (OK an idiot I know) but its come to the crunch now that we cant afford the £272 per month - it was only £2000 we topped up by - my loan still appears to be some monstrous amounts, they are hounding me night and day and I am losing the will to answer the phone anymore.


What can I do?

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For starters John. Welcome do not have the right to make your life a nightmare and bully you so address that straight away. Tell them you are having financial difficulties and that is not a crime regardless of what threats they make. Offer to pay a smaller amount and if they refuse pay anyway as it shows a sign of good faith by you.

Do you have copies of contracts etc to post up ??

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Sorry that I havent been back in touch - I have told Welcome that I am having financial difficulties and offered them 10% for the short term (which I can ill afford), but they still want 100% or want me to go to a Debt Management Service so that then they will start talkign to me about it.


I dont want to go down the DMS route but they are forcing me to do so. I dont have any copies of contracts, etc - how and where do I get them?



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As a start I would suggest doing a CCA request and a SAR (Subject access Request) this will cost you £1 and £10 respectively and will (or should) provide you with a copy of the agreements along with everything they hold on you.


There are templates within this forum so have a read though other people threads to get a feel of the action to be taken. Within the threads are the template letters and the address at Ruddington to send them too. whatever you do, do not sign the letters, just print your name. Also there is a telephone harrassment letter template which will tell them to only contact you in writing.


If they dont reply to the CCA request within 14 days you can put the account into dispute and not pay them a thing until it is fullfilled.


in the mean time hang tight as someone with more experience and knowledge should be along to give you better advice.

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