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Insurance Company demanding full Policy Amount after Accident

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Hi, I recently was approached by my old Insurance company demanding me to pay off the full policy due to an accident I was liable for in June. I did crash into another car and accepted fault. The accident happened a week after I had insured the car. I did sign the first document which allowed me to take out the insurance with the brokers (Performance Direct) and my insurers were Markerstudy. However I did recieve another letter outlining my payments and interest and all that which i didnt sign. Im assuming the last letter i recieved was a credit agreement.


Anyway they say that it is in their terms and conditions that I have to pay off my policy even if i have accident. The car was written off by themselves and they paid out £1900. They now demand £1300 back. They have also decided to take payments of £100 a week out my bank, even though i did tell them that i will seek legal advice before I give authorisation for payments to be made.


I've never heard of any insurance companyt to act in such way. I believe I am right in not paying back the policy right?


Please Help


Kind Regards

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I'm not sure what it is you are asking. Let me see if I've got it right; You took at a motor policy with Markerstudy using an installment plan via direct debt. And you had an accident in June which you admit was your fault. The insurers have settled the claim and now you think you dont have to pay the rest of the premium? Is that correct?

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When you took out insurance on the car it was for a full year. The premium was payable on the day you took it out and in full. Most insurers allow you to pay monthly, but that doesn't mean you are buying insurance per month, it means you are spreading the cost of the premium over 12 months.


The maximum an Insurer will ever pay out is the value of the car (plus of course any third party claims etc), but once the car has been written off you have effectively used up the policy you took out and must pay the full amount, it doesnt matter whether the write off is on day 1 or day 364 of the insurance period.


The insurers are correct in what they are saying and asking for


Incidentally you have no right to with hold the instalments, and you did give authorisation to them, you did this on the day you agreed to pay by instalments.


Consider it this way, if you had paid the full premium on day 1 and then wrote your car off and got paid out the full value of the car do you think you could write in and ask them for a refund??????? (the answer to that, btw, is you could write in but you wouldn't get one nor are you entitled to one).





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its jus that I've asked around to people who have had accidents or have been in same situation, and they say that their insurance company hasnt chased them for full premium.


I do understand the whole concept of paying full premium no matter what. I guess its just confusion from what i've been hearing from others.


Thanks for the messages anyway

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