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Hi, i'm hoping someone can help me!

I owed around £345 in council tax (this has now gone up to over £450 with charges) and my account got passed to rossendales.

A lady i thought to be very nice visited my home, and told me they could set up a payment plan blah blah blah, but to do this they needed my signature and a list with 6 of my items on. so me being naive signed it, i'm now aware this is a walking possesion order.

Anyway, they asked me to pay £20 a month (as im a student and dp is on sick atm) by the 23rd of the month. I went into the bank on the 21st, and paid the £20 on a slip they had provided, which i have proof off.

I received a letter at the start of the week stating i had paid late and to pay the full amount in 7 days or they were coming for my goods.

Dp has been on the phone no end about it all, and rossendales are washing their hands, saying it can take up to a week to clear (although we werent told this) and thus this is our own fault, and theres nothing more we can do.

The bailiff will not accept a payment plan and i really don't know what else to do!

The council will not recall the debt either!

Is there anything i can do, as we simply can't get that sort of money together, we have 2 children, and dp is shortly to undergo surgery so is out of work.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Thank you, Jemma

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Council Tax is regarded as a priority debt.


1/ As U are a student check with your College/Uni Student Union to see if they could help U out financially in the short term.


2/ If your dp (...Soz I haven't got a scooby what the initials stand for?:confused:) is out of work, U may be eligble for a Crisis Loan via the Social Security.

(...sometimes the end justifies the means + U have to be a little economical with the truth when U apply for such funding. ;))


3/ U probs have already done this, but is your dp claiming a reduced Council Tax cos a) U are a student, + b) Dp is out of work?


4/ If U have received a Student Loan/Grant to last U a term/year use this + make economies later.


5/ Swallow any pride that U may have + ask friends/family, U may be surprised.


6/ If at all possible, pay the full outstanding debt directly to the council.


The following link may be able to help U further......


Council Tax : Directgov - Home and community


Best of luck jemmalou.




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Hi there! Thanks for the reply!

I have received no funding as i'm only a college student, i don't start uni until next year.

DP = darling partner, and he does receive esa i think thus we also receive council tax and housing benefit.

I'm just more annoyed that we actually made the payment early, and yet it apparently didn't clear until 8 days later, this is the only debt we have and so we had no idea payments take this long to clear, nor were we told this.

I'm hoping my lovely bank will extend my overdraft today and i will pay the bill with this, fingers crossed!

I have had nothing but trouble with rossendales, their staff are rude and extremely unhelpful!

Thank you for your reply anyway


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I had a problem with Rossendales a around 18 months ago and there were 3 accounts (all council tax) totalling around £4,000. I like you naively let them in the house and they completed a Walking Possession Order. I panicked, tried everything - writing to the council but they refused as they said i'd made payment plans and broke them etc.


Eventually after lots of threatening letters a "bailiff" with a van from Rossendales attended my house - he was actually really nice and allowed us to set up a payment plan. We couldn't stick to it and we then months later recieved another letter from them saying they were passing it back to the council and that they would look at sending it to prison.


I then a couple of months later recieved a letter from council saying i had 14 days to contact them or they were going to apply for a commital hearing. I wrote to them explained my situation and they accepted my offer of payment - no questions asked.


Send a letter recorded delivery to Rossendales showing proof of payment and keep making your payments. I would be very, very suprised if they would levy for such a small amount.


Hope this helps x

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Hi Looby Lou, Thank you so much for your reply!

I was terrified of them coming in my house with 2 children under 4 here too!

We have borrowed the money from DP's mum and dad and are going to pay them back in instalments.

I did rather expect the bailiffs would have put us back on a payment plan, the one i spoke to on the phone this morning almost said as much, but we would both feel happier if the debt was out of their hands.

Rossendales are now refusing to give me details of their complaints department as i have told them i would like to make a formal complaint.

But, at least the bill will be paid by this afternoon!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply


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I know i feel relieved knowing that mine is with the council! I pay it every week now the same way as i pay my rent and i can slowly see it coming down.


Good luck anyway xx

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you will find your bailiffs charges have gone up as you will have a van fee added for your late payment


make a formal complaint to the council (put formal complaint at the top of your letter)


send an e-mail to rossendales asking for a screenshot of your account and a copy of there complaints procedure (follow it up with a recorded delivery letter)


any letters sent to the bailiff copy to the council

any letters to the council copy to the bailiff


get your MP involved most are going out of there way at the moment to help there constituents ( general election coming up )


what goods are on the walking possession agreement there is a list of exempt goods so its always advisable to check that no exempt goods are on the WPA

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