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asking for o/d fees to be waived?

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Hi there,


I had an overdraft with lloyds tsb 4 years ago that stood at 2k. They put me in collections when i was a student and I've worked really hard to get it down to the £90 it was two weeks ago. They sent me a letter telling me my o/d would be taken away, and i thought that a cheque would clear and i'd be able to pay it off. However, come friday my account still wasnt in credit and i now had an unauthorised o/d. By the time i credited and attempted to close my account on tuesday morning i was told that I owed £190 in charges because of those 4 days. :-o:-o


I nearly hit the deck. I am unemployed right now and on benefits and i wanted to close the damn account and get things paid off- now i'm going to be hit with these charges in december. i can only just afford to make this payment and it leaves me very short. whats more i am due to start nursing training soon, so i shant have much money to spare in the coming months either.


The guy in my branch was very sympathetic and agreed off the record that these charges were beyond the pale and spiteful- £190 in charges for a £90 o/d? He said if it were up to him, he'd write them off, but he didnt have the power to do so. He suggested I write a letter telling them i couldn't afford to pay and to ask them to waive the charges. He told me my situation was ridiculous and to really ensure I did. he said he wasn't hopeful they would, but told me to give it a go nevertheless.


I was wondering, what do you think my chances are, and are there any such templates out there that i could base my letter on, as i have no idea how to word the letter or what tone to use. Thanks!

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I think that your chances are almost nil and that you should simply start going in hard and start claiming your charges back.


I suppose that you may as well try asking them - but don't get lead around the garden on it.


I expect that you have, maybe, thousands of pounds tied up in recoverable charges.


They owe you money - not you them. Go and get it all back

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hiya caprice1982,


firstly I really dont know where they have come up with the figure *190, because the charges go as follows a *15 flat rate fee for going into unplanned o/d & then your charged on the amount that your o/d by so *6,*15 or *20 per day depending on the amount with the max being 10 daily charges in any 1 charging period, so on the amount you were over by you would have been charged at *20....so ask them for your statement with the exact break down on it,so you can work these out yourself.


And as for the gent at the branch well what can i say,nothing is probs better but he could have done something apart from bare face tell you he couldnt believe me!!!!


However in saying in saying this if your acc is being held with the collections call them & tell them that there is no way that you can pay the amount and that the money will not be in the acc when the call for it so they have to make some kind of argeement with you, regardless what that is dont let them badger you into something thats un realistic either even if your offering them 10 a month they can accept it, they have the power to do this. so ring the collections team and be extermly firm and tell them what you can and cant do.


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Have a look through your statements since you opened the account and claim back any charges they have applied.


Like Bankfodder said, they could be due you a lot of money.








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