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    • No you don't have mitigating circumstances. They are matters which lessen the seriousness of an offence or offences. You haven't mentioned anything that suggests that. As I explained, if you are banned you might successfully argue that you will suffer "exceptional hardship". That is where your medical evidence will be of benefit. But first things first - have you responded to all five requests for driver's details?
    • Hi PJB,   Make sure you keep the email safely.   I would now send a written letter to the gym manager (or their Head Office if you know the address, Croydon ??) saying :-   Dear sir or madam,   Membership at xxxxxx gym   I refer to my membership for which I paid up front in November 2019.   In your email of xxdate, you confirm I will be refunded £74.07 to compensate for the facility being inaccessible for me due to location.    So far, you have failed to make the refund as stated, despite me contacting you several times and being given various excuses.   I now require that you refund me as agreed to my PayPal account within 7 days. The details of the account are :-   Name xxxxxxxx Sort Code xxxxxx Account No. xxxxxxxxxx   If you fail to make the refund within 7 days I will look to recover the amount via the Court system.   Yours faithfully,   Send by post and get a free Certificate of Posting at the PO Counter.
    • CAG is a self help, learn and help other's on the way soet of place, Minster baywatch will have made errors with their processes, and there will be flaws in their argument A start on the letter might be:   Dear Minster baywatch,   Your Letter Before Claim is laughable You know now that I know your case is pants, on several heads not least as the signage is invisible at the time you issued your invoices, and the driver therefore could not accept a contract he can't clearly see the signs with the T & C's clearly indicated.  In fact the signage is laughable and cannot form a contract, due to its illegibility in the dark, in the night.   Something like that if indeed the car was parked in the dark, signs unlit.  Read up on some ericsbrother letters, and adapt them to rebut the circumstances on the Invoices they issued you.  INVOICES not FINES/
    • Analysis, carried out for the banking group Investec by Andrew Hagger of MoneyComms, also found that seven of the top 50 easy access savings accounts have short-term bonuses. View the full article
    • To be blunt, the fact that you haven't read similar Minster Baywatch threads now results in you getting it all wrong and being terrified of next to nothing.   A very well known legal company?  You're having a laugh!  Well known legal companies don't waste their time on private parking companies, you're dealing with bottom barrel-scraping solicitors.   You can't compete with a standard letter of which they send out hundreds per week?  Eh?  A Letter Before Claim isn't exactly complex.  "LETTER BEFORE CLAIM  Dear So & so, you owe me money, pay me within 14 days or I'll take you to court".  Not really difficult.  You don't need to be a top barrister to knock one of these out.   What does put you in an iffy position is that you have three of these tickets which will mean Minster Baywatch will be seeing more £££ signs than usual.  You need to start putting some work in otherwise yes, they will take you to court.  We would like to help you avoid that but you need to roll your sleeves up.
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Next Directory - 'true copy' unsigned cca

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Hi, have been reading threads on Next Directory. Have just CCA'd Moorcroft (who now have the debt - I have a DMP).


Next have sent me a letter saying the true copy does not need to be exact. ''this means that it does not need to have non-statutory information which was included for the creditor's own benefit or signature boxes. Therefore Next are not required to provide you with a signed copy of the agreement and this is made clear in Section 3(2) of the Consumer credit (cancellation notices and copies of documents) regulations"

Is the absence of a signed CCA in this case make this unenforceable? As Next state - "in the absence of any evidence to suggest that you did not order and /or receive the goods delivered.. it is noted you have neither denied ordering or receiving Next goods"

I don't have any idea what charges for late payments/missed payments have been made. Should I get a subject access report?


Many thanks

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Please don't worry, you will get all the help you need right here :)


Do you recall ever signing an agreement with Next?

When was the account opened?

Did you open it online?


The answers to these questions will assist those with more knowledge on the subject.


In my experience, Next never have a fully executed agreement, meaning they cannot enforce the debt.


With regards to their comments regarding receiving/ordering goods, in the abscence of an agreement I believe these goods are seen as a gift! As extraordinary as it sounds.


There are many people on here with the same problems and someone in the know will come along shortly.



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Thankyou!! I believe I received my first next directory about 5 years ago - maybe more. Have always paid my debts but then things spiralled out of control once i had children, now am trying to sort myself out. I don't believe I ever signed for it, can't remember.

Its really nice to know that fellow caggers are around to advise. you sort of don't feel as desperate!

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You're welcome Ruby. Next have screwed up thousands of accounts by not having an enforceable agreement, or any kind of agreement for that matter!


They have been chasing me for over a year now. Its been passed around DCAs and I send them an account in dispute letter (if I can be assed) or just ignore.


I had the same letter as you from Next and its not worth the paper its written on. If they cannot provide an agreement, signed by you that includes the required prescribed terms, they have nothing!


Sit back, relax and watch them run in circles.


Its good here isn't it!


Alex x

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