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What is a directions hearing?

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My partner has a claim in progress and a few weeks ago he received a letter from Barnet CC saying the case had been stayed pending the outcome of the Elliott test case. I wrote a letter back informing them the case had been settled and wished to apply for the stay to be removed.


Now he has received a slightly odd letter stating that there will be a directions hearing taking place on 30th August.


It also says at the bottom "Please note: This case may be released to another Judge, possibly at a different court".


So - what goes on at a directions hearing and why the need for this hearing?


After googling this it seems it is normally only used in custody cases. Maybe we will be discussing the custody of my money? :)

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how odd almost every country in the worlds legal pages say a directions hearing is for child custody??


could you not ring them and ask if they are on about the right thing.

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Sounds like it might be the same as the one in this thread






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Hi, just read your thread today and was interested to learn that you too had a notice of Directions.

Did you infact ring the court to find out about this hearing and did you attend and what happened.

I also have a notice of directions which is to take place on 18th October, 2006 and any information would be greatfully received.

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Well! I did phone up the court and they could not explain what a directions hearing was other than a vague "it's what the judge has ordered to decide how to proceed with the case" (that's all clear as mud then).


A few weeks before the directions hearing was to take place the solicitors firm Lloyds uses writes and offers a full settlement.


AFAIK no claim has ever come as far as a real directions hearing but I may be wrong...

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Guest The Terminator

A directions hearing is basiclly what it say's.A judge usually directs both parties to either disclose information or to reach a settlement within usually 28 days.I personally wouldn't worry too much about this and judges are not stupid if the bank is playing for time or not disclosing what they should do he/her will come down on them like a ton of bricks.Also if either party fail to follow the judges directions they can be held for contempt of court.

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