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help needed - questions inside

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I had a barclays account a few years ago, it was closed cos it had so many cahrges. the balance at present i am being chased for by creditors is nearly £300, however most of it is charges. because the balance is still outstanding how do i challenge this?


all help is much appreciated

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Go to the library and read the step by step gude.

As long a the account was in use 6 years ago you can still get your statements and claim


Good Luck



[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]Statement request 4th May

Prelim Letter sent 24th May

LBA 7th June

Thanks but no thanks letter sent 22 June

MCOL 22nd June

Claim acknowledged 26 June

AQ sent 2nd August

17 Nov Court Date Set for 29 Jan 2007

Settled in full 12/12/06

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Thats not quite correct Spotty.


You can write under the DPA and ask for all data they hold, as long as its part of a relvant filing system they are obliged to provide it, no matter how old.


The 6 years is the time limit for claiming a breach of contract and runs from the time when you should or reasonably could have discovered the breach.


However if you believe the charges are unlawful and that the bank concelead the fact from you the 6 year limitation doesnt apply Sec 32 subseciotn something or other of the limitation act spells it out.





Kick the shAbbey Habit


Where were you? Next time please



Abbey 1st claim -Charges repaid, default removed, interest paid (8% apr) costs paid, Abbey peed off; priceless

Abbey 2nd claim, two Accs - claim issued 30-03-07

Barclaycard - Settled cheque received

Egg 2 accounts ID sent 29/07

Co-op Claim issued 30-03-07

GE Capital (Store Cards) ICO says theyve been naughty

MBNA - Settled in Full

GE Capital (1st National) Settled

Lombard Bank - SAR sent 16.02.07

MBNA are not your friends, they will settle but you need to make sure its on your terms -read here

Glenn Vs MBNA

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