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    • The National Police Chiefs' Council's policy on speeding enforcement suggest that speeds of 35mph or above in a 20mph area should be dealt with by way of court action. All forces in England & Wales usually follow those guidelines so it is more than likely your matter will be dealt with under the "Singe Justice Procedure."   Magistrates' guidelines for that speed suggest a fine of a week's net income (reduced by a third if you plead guilty) together with either a ban of up to 28 days or 4 to 6 points. Points are far more likely. That band of seriousness covers 31 to 40mph so you can expect six points or, if you're lucky, five. You will also pay £85 prosecution costs and a "Victim Surcharge" of 10% of the fine (minimum £34).   The police have six months from the date of the offence to bring proceedings and in many areas take all of that so you may not hear anything until next May. The first notification you get will be a "Singe Justice Procedure Notice". You cannot attend a Single Justice hearing but you will not have to attend court unless either you particularly want to or the Single Justice is considering disqualification (Single Justices will not disqualify you without giving you an opportunity to attend a court hearing). In either of those circumstances the matter will be adjourned and listed for a normal court hearing.
    • He's apparently closing all his pubs in Wales apart from 8 as Drakeford has banned them from selling alcohol, and some in the Chapel set want him to ban all alcohol sales ina USA style prohibition.
    • Well I have no idea whats actually happening regarding the Brexit negotiations, but I cant see any substantial meal deal occurring as Johnson is planning on not only bringing back the highly reported international agreement and law breaking legislation back next week - but also adding some more agreement trashing legislation (Taxation (Post Transition Period) Bill)   https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-legislation/britain-to-press-ahead-with-brexit-treaty-breaking-laws-next-week-idUKKBN28D1KB https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cdp-2020-0164/ https://uk.practicallaw.thomsonreuters.com/w-004-6057?contextData=(sc.Default)&transitionType=Default&firstPage=true     Its 'interesting that many companies are planning on cutting/pausing supplies to NI, not only because they have no idea whatsoever what the UK mechanisms are going to be, but most are (of course) international companies and so unlike the Johnson Government, will be loath to break international agreements.   https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/dec/03/four-in-10-uk-food-firms-to-cut-supplies-to-northern-ireland-poll-brexit     Of course, theres also the 'other side of the world' trading group - but as well as being thousands of miles away, they also have rules and wont take kindly to agreement breakers   https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/what-trans-pacific-partnership-tpp   https://www.aseanbriefing.com/news/new-rcep-free-trade-agreement-rules-of-origin-to-boost-finishing-of-products-investment-into-cambodia-laos-myanmar/   and who gains most from that 'thousands of miles away agreement? - as we already know with the UK-Japan deal .. https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2020/11/21/who-gains-from-rcep-asias-new-trade-pact    
    • Brilliant thank you. So if I pay £2000 on credit card and the remaining 18k via BACs, I'm protected for the full 36k of the invoice price (16k part ex, 2k credit card and 18k bacs) is what I'm reading ?
    • Share price in scotch egg companies doubles as Witheredspoons orders thousands of 'substantial meal' scotch eggs to serve alongside their microwave curries that don't meet the requirements ...
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RegTransfers - Private registration plates.

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Ok, so here we go, my mum and and dad, came over on bank holiday Monday and my mum was on about private registration plates for her car, that her and my dad share.


Ok. so goto reg transfers site, look and find one for her N3**B*S, ok buy it paid on my dad's visa card as the car is in his name, Ok fine, get through to the final page and it says that the reg is being done on a cert, but that they have paid for plates to be made(strange surely the site should take of cert)not done showing reciept that it is being done on cert and paltes have been paid for, ring cust service say have no record of plates being ordered and to be sent on cert and an admin of£25 for plates, say that my mum will call on Tuesday to sort out. So my mum calls on Tuesday, only to find that that plate had already been sold, but it was still avai on their site for sale, right so she is offered another plate N9**B*S, told by the manager that they would wavie the £25 and that the plates for this reg would be with them in 2-3days, now on this site you can track your plate order, by putting in plate number and email add. So on thursday she trys to track this order, still not showing, so she calls customer service yesterday, to be told once again that this plate had been sold once again. Now this plate has cost nearly £400. When she rang them yesterday she gave them 24hrs to get the money back to her visa account and of today it has still not gone back. So she will wait and she if it's gone back in on Monday, if not she is getting my dad to ring them and then going to ring visa to do a claw back, for the money and Reg transfers can and try and fight Visa for it, but I think gaining money by deception may well come into it as they don't have the sole right to sell the plate and at no point do they make clear that they have to goto DVLa and that DVLA do hav ethe right to sell the plate. My dad was going to buy this as my mum's birthday present and I feel awfull as I put them onto the site.


Now this is where it get's really funny, I found the private reg that I want on the same site, it will cost me £297.35 from private reg transfers, on a cert but from DVLA direct it will cost me £245 on a cert, I know where I will be going as I know DVLA have the right to sell and I have sorted a couple for my mum, who will prob buy one when they get back from holiday.


Are their any other avenues she should explore to hit these guys???


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My dad, yesterday went into their local HSBC which is in a local shopping centre and was open, to see if he could do anything. So he explained what had gone on and that not only 1 but 2 plates for sale on this site, which were advertised by them as for sale, were not. So the woman was very helpfull and has been in touch with HSBC visa and started either a claw back from Reg Transfers or HSBC will refund the amount back to my parents account and then HSBC visa, will go after Reg Transfers. I have now found my mum another plate, which is from a legit site and only this place can really have the right to sell them as it's DVLA's own website. So she will look at once they get back from holiday.


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