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Mazda - Life Threatening Defects, My Fault!? Say Mazda

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Hello Everyone, WOW where to start.


It may be easier for you all to read my post on a motoring forum:


Mazda Mazda 6 - 08 2.0D increasing & maintaining speed on its own: Motoring Technical matters forum


Basically, the update on the situation and a brief description:


I was driving my car down an 'A' road approx 65mph for around 1 hour non-stop, i was approaching a roundabout and suddenly the acceleration was going mad by it's self & was on Max revvs and i topped 100mph being 600yrds from a rounabout the only thing i could do & done was to switch the engine off and force my self over before i hit the roundabout. Upon waiting for recovery (5 hours later) they dropped it to my Mazda dealer for me to hear the next day this was my fault. (Bear in mind, no warning lights came on at all & are still not on) Apparently it was my fault because i've been driving this car in town & its only designed for long journeys i.e. motorways it made the oil go up, even though i check it every week & thats what it states in the handbook. But, in that week when it happened i must have driven way over 1,500 miles.


To cut it short, they are blaming it also on a DPF system which you can read on from the aa:


Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) : Diesel particulate filters - The AA


I am in a massive dispute with mazda at the moment & i have mentioned this car is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE to the credit company & to mazda head office, all didnt want to know & still come to say the technical side said it your fault for not putting your foot down when this DPF needs to be regenerated....How can any-one agree this car is fit for purpose if mazda are saying you shouldnt do short trips? A car should involve a mix of long & short driving, back & forward a-z.


If they say its for long distances, what would happen if i get stuck on motorway traffic it means the car will over accelerate and i will crash and kill someone? What do you lot think about this?


And what strength of case do you think i have here, as i am rejecting the car because none of my family want to drive it & its too dangerous. It will probably go to court & i am still paying for the car even though its been in dispute for around about a month now.




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Well of course it's your fault. The brochure must have said 'only to be sold to people who live in the country. :)

I've never heard so much crap. Will have a read of your link later.


The filter does give problems though but I don't think they can claim that, the judge will fall off his stool with laughter.

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According to the AA website, your driving style should have been enough to start the regenration process anyway:


It should be possible to start a complete regeneration and clear the warning light simply by driving for 10 minutes or so at speeds greater than 40mph
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Yorky & Connif, thanks for your replies.


Yorky, no warning light came on & i have never seen the DPF warning light since i had the car. Plus, it had plently of time to regen because i was going 70mph on a long stretch of road... Mazda still say they hooked it upto their computer and no errors came.


I have a picture of my dashboard when i broke down showing no warning lights. I havnt let any mazda touch the DPF or oil so if there was a DPF problem the handbook states the light should still be on, which its no & mazda have seen it. My car at the moment is on it's 3rd garage check.


They still say its my fault..... You think this car is fit for purpose? If you cant drive it locally? It says in the handbook that if the car is driven 9mph for 10 minutes or more it can cause engine malfunction because the DPF will not regenerate, ok - scenario.......


I go to take my family out to Brighton for the day, which is about 150 odd miles from my house... it obviouslt involves motorways, so im on the motorway and i notice there is traffic & on the radio it says 10 miles of it, im stuck in traffic barley moving any faster than 5mph **im sure you all know how slow traffic is** but now ive got to start worrying that this DPF will have a problem & because no warning light came on previously am i going to cause an accident if the car starts over-revving and accelerating by its self.


How can a car even be allowed to be designed like this?? & It can't be fit for purpose.... Also, it aint like mazda have posted any-where that diesels are only suitable for motorway miles and not in town.

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You do have some motorway/fast road trips, but what about those who only live in towns or cities, are they told at new purchase that the car 'must' be used on non restricted roads for part of it's life.


This really is silly and I would agree with your the car is unfit for purpose and that purpose is driving it, the reason for having it in the first place.


Did they actually warn or notify you on purchase that you would have to do some high speed motoring?

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That's what im saying, i used that as an example. The trip to brighton. I live in a town & a busy one at that.


There was no warning of it only being used to long journeys, and if the dealer said so i would have laughed and walked away....


Mazda are putting it on me saying i don't check the oil & thats the problem. But the funny thing is, i check it every week & mazda said it depends on how many miles you do.... Ok Mazda, so i check my oil on Monday & on the sunday i fancy driving 2,000 miles all through the night maybe into monday morning does that mean i should stop on a motorway to check and see if the engine oil has risen & if this DPF is working?? What a joke, the handbook dont say that.


I'm going to see my solicitor on Tuesday. Do you think this makes any sense? and you think i have a good case on my hands? - the thing is, the 2009 mazda 6 is exactly the same shape, but they have re-designed the engine not to have the DPF problem & for it to regenerate 80% quicker so now its more suitable for shorter journeys... Mazda won't comment..


Also, the reason for my oil rising is because of a massive amount of diesel inside the oil... The DPF will use a tiny bit of diesel to help burn off soot, where in this case the DPF warning light failed to come on so i never knew the difference & then more diesel came into the oil and then apparently that led to the car over accelerating and nearly killing me.


Come on, if a dealer or anyone said... Oh here is a £21,000 car & its for long distances only, would you be interested? No-one would... A car is a car, takes you from A-B no questions about it.. I should have bought a mini-metro & a robin reliant as they could get me around town & on the motorway.


Whats mazda thinking??

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You are far from alone with this problem. May i suggest you have a look at the "Honest John" web site (technical section of the Back Room) and I am sure you will find many others with this problem. I think one member is already at the going to court stage.

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Hmmmmmmmmm. Thought about this one after reading all the links and what I know about DPF.


I think possibly you are jumping the gun, as ARE the dealership and Mazda. The symptoms you have described indicate a runaway (as automotive professional engineers call it) and the fact you kill the engine with the key very much suggests a fueling issue. This is highlighted by your description of the fault, the white smoke etc.

I cannot be certain but I understand your system injects fuel after the engine into the DPF to force regenerate it which is governed by the ecu.


The threads on this subject are not succinct and are generally pointing the finger at something which is conjectory.


The manufactuers who comply with the various standards such as TS16949 have to prove and validate an FMEA on all systems so can't see a DPF causing the fault you have given the background.


Would suggest a succint letter to Mazda Japan. Experience with other Japanese manufactuers I have show they react seriously to such complaints. I would think the dealer has not fully explained the circumstances, especially the amount of fuel in the oil to head office.


Keep us posted on this one.

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Hi thanks for your reply.


With the fuel coming into the engine oil, mazda said this is a normal process for the DPF to regenerate. But fail to tell me how much diesel is normal for the DPF to regenerate, i can't find any information on the internet to help me on this. The problem is, Mazda said because apparently i have not checked the oil (which i have, gods honest truth) when the DPF regenerates as above it takes the diesel and if it gets full more diesel will keep coming into the oil...... So dont this just obviously say its not my fault? When i found that there was diesel in the oil, and to note.... i told mazda that, the oil was so diluted it was also running like water. Shows how much diesel is in there.


100% mazda are blaming the DPF and me not checking the oil.... but most fustrating is that i did check it & see nothing wrong with it.


Could you explain how mazda can say this: "We have a way to check when you last had a look at the oil, and it was months ago" Funny that, as when i broke down the RAC checked it :S lol.



That is one good idea heliosuk, do you think its better if i get my solicitor to write the letter to mazda japan or i do it my self?


Also, the honest-john forum from my link above, is that the one your talking about? Or is it someone else's i have not seen yet?



Thank You All for your replies.

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Also, to note.. The handbook says if the tachometer reaches the red line it can cause severe engine damage & engine experts have said if there is that amount of diesel in the oil everything has probably now gone wrong because of lubrication that obviously wont be lubricated because of the dilution between oil & diesel being the diesel can damage pistons etc.

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"With the fuel coming into the engine oil, mazda said this is a normal process for the DPF to regenerate".


Haven't heard rubbish like this for some time. If this was the response then Mazda or the dealer want stringing up.


Your last response is very true, diluted/contaminated engine oil can seriously damage an engine within minutes now. However I would suggest the amount by which it has been diluted has been seriously over estimated. Did someone say 2 gallons??????????

I would ask Mazda UK to investigate this and also report the incident to the VCA and VOSA cc Mazda.


Reading between the lines I would suggest the dealer and Mazda have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Mazda UK will always support the dealer. They cannot be seen to do otherwise. However, they should have a technical support section that liases with Mazda Japan on a very regular basis so a two pronged attack is well worth the time and effort.


What's dissapointing is that it seems to have been shrugged off as if this had crossed my desk alarm bells would be ringing across the world market by now. It certainly warrants further investigation just to prove if a fault exists or not.

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  • 5 months later...

Hi, been a long time since i replied on here.


Ok, legally how does this work.


My solicitor has recieved a letter from mazda saying the car came in to them from it being broken down at 11,945 and the letters goes on about what they found and didnt find ok, the twist.... When i broke down i have a picture and RAC signed the car off mileage wise on: 11,981. So how could it go into mazda being less mileage as what i tracked it as? My solicitor got this as a formal letter signed & dated but the information is wrong.


The reason this concerns me so much is because my mazda dealer drove the car 80+ miles and they told me they only drove it 2 miles. I know for a fact i never drove it but they are blaming me for doing so...Do bear in mind this is at the very beginning when i broke down, i have not been able to drive the car for 7 months now and have to fork out £3,500 + for an independant inspection because its not something AA/RAC will touch. Do you think it's worth going down the route of the inspection or just let it go straight to court? because my solicitor instructed me to stop paying mazda finance i have done so, and have been having final demands etc from them.


Any updates/help is greatly appreciated.


Thank You.

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Will have to read through your thread again later to bring me back up to speed.


Your solicitor was very silly to instruct you to stop paying. This can only go against you not him. Whatever happened or is wrong, the agreement is still in force until cancelled. You could have claimed back any premiums once you had won.

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Hi Conniff, thank you for your prompt response.


The only reasonn he told me to stop paying is because they was not taking any notice, every letters sent had a letter back saying the same thing. Once i stopped paying they were paying attention, besides - i got a car sitting there for 7 months dead and ill still be paying for it? Maybe the advantage here is that if mazda credit take me to court it gives me a chance to explain everything to the court from there? instead of waiting for mazda head office/dealer to take note of how serious it is.


Since i last posted on here, the same thing has happened to another 3 people. Of all had the same treatment from mazda, unfortunately they swallowed their principals and accepted a service. But, its going through VOSA now, which i hope is a good sign?


Thanks Again & look forward in hearing your response.

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As Heliosuk says report your story to the VCA as they are responsible for homologating all vehicles on UK roads. If driving slowly for 10 mls causes an engine malfunction then the car shouldn't be allowed on the road anyway. Is it a DPF or FAP system????

http:// www. vca.gov.uk

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I'd certainley get another poke into Mazda and VOSA at this present time.


Afterall, didn't Toyota say the runaway condition was floor mats moving:D!


And just look at the result :p


As I said before, some manufacturers want stringing up with the way they treat customer complaints, especially with something potentially as serious as this.


I say again, look at what happened to Toyota this last week.

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Hi Again Heliosuk. Thanks for your response.


I have contacted VOSA & have been appointed to personell of whom will be back in the office tomorrow and wants to personally talk before i fill any forms in (cross fingers that means he may have heard this problem before)


With Toyota, because all my family know what happened to me when they heard this on the news they have been calling, texting emailing etc telling me what happened. But it's not the same?


The big difference is that thousands of people complained then it came clear it cannot be a car mat problem. Whereas in my case, only perhaps 5-10 people have complained.


Im not even sure if i am going down the right road with my solicitor or not, he is suggesting that independant diesel expert report which will cost £3,500. Is it worth it? Because Mazda keep saying this is my fault, i never checked the oil, i never drove it as it should have been driven, the warning light must have came on. How the hell against a huge company like this can i put my words accross when i only know so much about diesel engines.


I am backed up so far into a corner, and for 7 months now i am always researching on the net, going on forums, contacting companies etc. But it never seems to go anywhere.... The only thing i am strangly looking forward too is Mazda credit taking me to court. I don't care about my credit history right now.


Thanks again for your replies.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey everyone! hope your all well on this horrible weather day!


I am thinking of starting a petition & some sort of awareness for people that have this problem with their mazda's or any other car & then take all my support to my local MP.


Do you have any suggestions where i can start? I have approx. 10 people so far who are joining me. And you think it's a good idea?




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Hi. I am stumbled across this forum having had problems with my Mazda 6 Sport 2007. It too has had problems with the DPF. First time, the car was under 1 year old and was mainly used for my daily commute 30 miles to work. Thankfully the car was under warranty, but the car was with Mazda dealer and they had to replace some very expensive parts (sure they said 3k+). Anyway, that was fixed but same thing happened about 6 months later- again the part was replaced under warranty. It was same dealer and they did show some concern about the fault appearing again. They again said it was to do with the DP filter being clogged.

Anyway, last week with no warning the DPF light started flashing (car is now 2 year 7 months and has 38k on clock). Car was collected by Mazda Assist who took it to a different Mazda dealer :?than before. They advised me yesterday that the DPF light has come on because it is due a service. They have said that the oil level is very high and they will carry out this service tommorow morning. I am pretty worried with my car's history that this is all it is.. But i will pay for the service and see what happens when we collect the car.

Incidentally, Colliers Mazda who are going to be doing the service did say that this problem was occuring because the car is only doing "town journeys". The car does however about 5 journeys a month of 100 miles plus on motorways at 70mph. Anyway, should that matter? It is a family car.

I will be happy to join your campaign as come July 2010 my warranty will be up and I am worried about where this will leave me..

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Hey Moleyjo,


I was actually shocked to see your post. I thought this was over or slowing down.


If you have a look on: Mazda 6 08+ DPF HELL. Taking mazda to court.


thats my post and it explains everything and what other people think about it. If i were you, report it to VOSA. keep in touch & give me an email on [email protected] as i am heading out the office now but am available all the time on-the-go.


Look forward in hearing from you.



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Hi Medievil, have been following your posts. serious stuff. I am having trouble with Citroen and arnold clark over a similar system (FAP). Last month i wrote my MP about these systems and he referred my letter to Lord Adonis for the Dept of Transport to investigate. I think that all drivers who have trouble with these exhaust particle filters should report to their MP's as we must get this widely publicised and into the public domain. Apart from the dangers you have shown, the servicing costs of these systems are horrific, and may only occur at higher milages, when the most financially vulnerable owners have them.

All the manufacturers who fit these systems have kept very quiet about them----WHY.

Does any reader have contacts in the world of Motoring Magazines??

Personally, I think these systems were brought out to meet Euro 5 Regs. but before the proper technology was in place to ensure safe and economic use. Same as fitting spray suspression on to HGV's.

Best of luck in your court case.

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scaniaman, hi.


I totally agree with you, these systems were forced on these car manufacturers for new emission regulations and that didn't leave the manuf. enough time to full research on these systems....It seems to be an on-going problem which is spinning out of control.


Mazda for example, they know exactly what the problem is but are extremely reluctant to do anything about it because of their costs... it's a shame that now days profits are more important than their customers lifes! they are the ones making billions, not us - so something should be done. If you bought a kitchen appliance for example and then found out you had to stick to certain regulations so that it didnt blow up... i am sure something would be done about that? am i right...it's not on.


I have read about your FAP system and it works near enough the same way that DPF does, uses an additive to burn off the soot: http://www.autodiagnos.com/fileadmin/assets/en/downloads/pdf/technical_bulletins/psa/psa_307_addgo2_fap.4.pdf


I'm sure you know how it works! :p


The Dept of transport, what an idea. I have to try and write a letter, have you had any joy from this?


Also, did you know about how to look after this system before you bought the car, i.e. did anyone tell you whether it be the dealer or private seller?


Does your Citroen have a oil high warning light?


I am starting a campaign slowly, so people don't make the same mistake as me buying a diesel without warning of how many miles i should do. I don't think it's fair that people think they are saving money when they are really not in respect of oil changes, regenerations etc.


I would have for sure gone for a petrol if i knew about diesels. But if i did know about them and this car had a "high oil" warning light i wouldnt have minded AS MUCH because i know the risk would be less in respect of the engine over-running on me.


What views do you have for me? And what exactly happened to your car?...+ what are Citroen's views.


Look forward in hearing from you.

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Right, one or two things. Firstly, I've found that any complaints to Govt. Deps. of any kind, don't get very far unless several people make similar complaints.Therefore, if you write your MP, or the OFT etc etc mention that a Citroen owner has made similar complaints about the secretive way these systems have been foisted upon an unsuspecting public. They can PM me for proof.

My case is completely different from yours, in that my main complaint is abysmal fuel returns from a new Citroen compared to my last one. (both 110bhp Picasso's). In addition, like you, had I known of the existence of FAP and it's long term service costs, i would never have bought the car.

Neither the dealer or Citroën give a damm and won't help. Trading Standards in this area are worse, as they refuse to act on a blatent breach of 2008 Consumer Protection laws.

So, I reported Citroën to the VCA, My MP and Trading Standards Slough became involved through the OFT. Citroen's reply to TS is absolute crap in that figures quoted are for a different engine varient/year.

Replies from Dept. of Transport are equally unhelpfull at present as they got the VCA to do their dirty work for them. The VCA are also in a turmoil over this engine type. They claim not to have figures for this engine which means that it is not homologated for use on UK roads????????????????/

As stated in my last post, this whole exhaust particle filter scenario has been kept from the car buying public, therefore they can't make an informed transactional decision, again another breach of CPUTR 2008 Regs.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone.


A quick legal question!


I have made a flyer.... check it out here www.mazda-campaign.co.uk and click on the link.


What's the legalities on this i.e. using their logo but modifying it & using the slogan "zoom zoom"


I understand the copyrighted laws but wanted to know would i get away with this? maybe if i change the zoom zoom to zooom zooom thats just simply spelt different.


Any help advice, would be perfect!


Thank you

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