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    • simply intended to be used against the plebs while those with chauffeurs knew it wouldn't apply to them Like Cummings trip to his parents home, which is also his second home while the plebs were told - don't or you'll be fined - and many were   As far as I am aware there are clauses in all the regs that make them advisory and open to interpretation aren't there?   If they aren't 'advisory' and interpretable,  lets see Cummings and Jenrick fined for travelling between homes during lockdown for starters
    • It'll be Dell technical not understanding consumer law most likely.   BF:  Agreed - Tech got back to me stating I could get a 12% discount on any future purchase before December (no idea why!).  Got a quote out of interest from Dell Sales live chat this morning and that same laptop comes to £3750.   I then asked the person who originally quoted me for the current one and they sent it back as £2995 so that with the 12% is £100 more than I paid for this.   I am tempted on just purchasing it and seeing what quality it has - if good, I can start pushing for them to just let me keep this and give me the £100  No skin of my shoulder and Amex are fully aware of the situation so they're fine with the constant sale/refunds showing up.   Let me see what comes out of this otherwise yes I think its direct action.  I just know the closer we get to the due date, the less time I will have for this issue   
    • Well hang on a minute. I'm just wondering what might happen if you accepted the money they got an offer and then sued for the 80 quid. Also I think that in any event, in view of the offer there making I think that it is worth addressing and the points he is making directly. I suggest that you wait a day while we work out a new form of words
    • The insurance we were offered was "GAP" insurance.. They called it Asset protection. We didn't take it out. It was not an extended warranty   I am sending a letter of claim now. Emailing it and sending by "signed for" in the morning. I'll give them 14 days as you suggested. Many thanks  
    • I don't think that there is any issue with Dell generally. I agree that exactly the same to the problems could happen with an Lenovo or an Asus or anything else. If you want a Dell then you should have a Dell and you should have it in perfect condition. I'm sure there are thousands – may be hundreds of thousands of people who have had a completely satisfactory experience. It seems to me that this is all going on too long and you need to be considering a more direct action
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    • I’m in desperate need of help
      I bought some clothes online in may through Evans and paid through PayPal
      returned them all seven days later
      I waited the 14days for my refund and no refund came
      I put in a dispute through PayPal but I didn’t get any emails to escalate the case - PayPal closed it. 
      evans said they couldn’t refund the money because PayPal have cancelled the refund because of the open dispute
      I contacted PayPal
      they said the dispute had been closed but Evans at no point had attempted a refund.
      fast forward to today
      I’ve got copies of numerous messages sent to and from twitter messages as it’s the only way I can contact them
      I’ve also contacted their customer service too
      all I get is PayPal have cancelled refund because dispute is still open.
      I have proved that the dispute is closed
      I have got an email saying that if Evans sent the refund they would accept it
      but up until the date I got the email they have not once attempted a refund .
       I have sent them a letter before court email
      I have even offered to have the full refund as a gift card just to get this sorted !
      I’m literally at the end of my tether and don’t know where to turn next !
      i suffer with mental health issues and this is affecting my health and I’d saved the money for a year to buy these clothes as I’m on a low income .
    • In desperate need of help. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/425244-in-desperate-need-of-help/&do=findComment&comment=5067040
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Car loan and personal loan question. If I have made a recent (Feb 2009) payment to my Car Loan by a BS cheque and quoted the account it should be paid into and then Welcome have taken it as payment against the PL. (this has caused car acnt to have charges against it). Can I ask for it to be reversed and paid into the correct account?


I have paid more than 1/3rd off the car (22 1/2 payments from 48). 8)Never late until Feb this year - hours cut at work by a 1/4. Requested both statements - which took over a week to come - behind by 1 1/2 mnths on car (one month caused by above Welcome mistake) and 2 on loan (more if they reverse the mistake as requested). Lots of silly bits on statement - reversed loan payments and lol - two charges for a non payments by card.....they kept my card details to use next month - details taken over the phone for one payment -but I was lucky as it was the month for my new card issue and I didnt realise they had gone to take another payment.


Working out statements into debit and credits makes it looks like the odd ammounts that my "Friend" has asked me to make from March this year have ensured that neither accnt is paid enough and charges can be made on both. Maybe done to get him commision?


When I told my "friend" at my local Welcome payment was onto wrong account he said I must get copy of my original chq to see what is quoted on it...lol... He has told me that "they" - presume someone above him - can cause problems over the car - I asked "take the car away" and he said yes - this is because I am behind my PL. I just dont know what to do for the best. I wrote to him - after looking at questions on this site and said they would have to take me to court as I had paid just under 1/2 off car. The car is a little gem and no problems to date. Also my "Friend" wont call me at work as I asked him not to but did visit me at weekend - said he would give me a call this week but I missed his phone call as I was out. He has indicated that he will not be able to deal with my account - it will go to someone else...also one call from the manager of the branch..think they are playing good cop/bad cop to make me pay.


Also I have asked for a copy of the NU insurance - taken out to cover car breakdown - never had a copy of this - nothing yet sent - also last week was the first time had a car statement. Took out gap insurance but reading my original contract because I am behind with the payments (all insurance must be made by equal payments) this is not worth the paper its written on. Didnt take PPI out but was I mis-sold the NU insurance if it was not with Norwich Union? - as seen in previous threads.


I would not pay anything this month but they insist that I make a payment for both accounts in full next weekend - get a Bankers Chq and go to the office to pay before 12 O'Clock on Saturday. I can pay car next month (just about) but am inclined not to - but can pay only a few pounds off the personal loan - its for 4K . Only taken out a year ago....3 more years to go. Have looked at my credit score and nothing is noted on there. Which loan is it best to pay some off - I am not worried about my credit score as will never borrow again - dont have mortage - as all paid off. I need the car for work and I am not very mobile and live out of town so need car.


Sorry if I have rambled on a bit - also I quoted in the letter sent to branch that I am in dispute with them over the car because have not had statements and have not had N U insurance details. Please help - cant sleep with worry over this

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just wanted to say that you should try not to worry so much over this, No amount of debt is worth losing sleep over!

I also have a car and personnel loan with:(welcome finance.And I feel so cheated by them.


Someone will correct me if im wrong, But your car loan and personnel loan are two seperate things therefore they can't repossess your car if you are behind on your personnel loan.(They might tell you that to scare you into paying)

They can repossess your car if you are behind on your car payments, but they have to do it in a certain way (I think they need a court order).


Someone with a bit more knowledge will nodoubt be along soon with advice on the best action to take.

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