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Npower debt from 2006 with rossendales - disputing what's owed to them..

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We moved into our new home in October last year.


British Gas were the suppliers for gas when we arrived.


A week after we arrived British Gas tuned up to replace the meter. we took a reading.


6 weeks after we had moved in we changed the gas supplier from them to NPower.

We asked British Gas to snd us the final Bill.

It arrived last week only 8 months and 2 weeks late but there you go.

The bill comes to £131.54 - £21.92 per week.

Our house is not a mansion it is a 3 bedroomed semi.

Is this a high price to pay for Gas, as I don't understand the breakdown.


My Gas bill from NPower which covered Chistmas, January and February works out at £15.97 a week.

I just don't get how ther can be such a price difference.


Theres no disputting the units of gas used but the price

- we had no choice but to use them and we are paying for it now.


To top it all today a letter came from BG Solicitors advising us we had 7 days to pay or else.

Yet we have only had the final bill for 7 days.

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Could be the meter readings are wrong or rates wrong - or it could just be that BG are expensive - after all, why did you switch suppliers?


Are the meter readings correct, including the new meter first reading? (ie was it zero when it was installed or did you assume that it was)


If the bill is a fresh one, are the rates correct for the time that you were using them?


Are there any late payment charges?


I would phone BG immediately, tell them that you have only just got their bill

and that you dispute the value of it. Confirm in writing. What to do after that - not sure.

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Yes I work for a utility company,

check the reads on your last bgas bill and the reads your invoices started from with npower,

chances are its a case the D86 (change of supplier read) was an estimate which will be too high

(ie too many units with bgas, not enough with npower)


In this case contact your NEW supplier as the old one has no power to amend the D86 reads.


Explain to your new supplier that because of the price difference between bgas and npower

your overall invoice is higher and that you would like the D86 reads amending.

(ensure bgas's prices on your last bill are higher however, otherwise its been billed in your favour so best leaving it)


Also be aware if the D86 was overestimated expect your npower bill to increase slightly

(but if as above, the overall amount outstanding to both companies will be less once fixed)


It may take a few weeks because npower then need to contact the local Data collectors

then them approve the new reads (they nearly always do if the reads are estimates to start with)


Your npower account will be rebilled as a result only then contact bgas and explain a new D86 has been approved they by law have to rebill your account.


Stay on Direct Debit in the meantime with bgas as they will not place a hold on their debt

because they will consider it a third partie issue until they receive a new D86.






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Check they billed you on the old rates. As you are not disputing the units used, I suspect these robbing little blighters* are billing you on their new daylight robbery tarriff.




*for blighters read b*****ds




A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

George Bernard Shaw





Go on, click me scales (if I have helped) :grin:

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We moved into our house in October 2006.


Npower were the providers of Gas & Electric when we moved in so we decided to stay with them.

After about 2 weeks of being in the house the gas board came and fitted a new meter.


We contacted them and my husband set up the direct debits and left it at that.


I don't know what made me check the banks statement this particular day but when I did I get a huge shock.


For the last 18 months Npower had set the direct debit at £40.00.

for 18 months we had only been paying £20.00 of each.

we rang them.


We asked them to up the dd to the correct amount and said we will sort out the arrears.


4 days later a bill arrived it was for £756 for the both of them.

We negotiated a monthly amount and though that would be it.


In November I lost my sight in my left eye.

I was admitted to hospital for an emergency operation.

When I came home I had to take 2 months off work.

We fell behind with the payment plan

and Npower decided that they would no longer help us

and started getting difficult.

e still made payments but they weren't what they were asking for.


In March I had to go back to hospital as the operation I had had not worked

and this time it was a much more complicated procedure and I had to take more time of work.


Npower increased their demand and we managed to up the payments to £150. per month.


Then out of nowhere came another bill.

This time it was for £2200.


We contacted Npower and were told it was due to then underestimating the gas.


We couldn't take anymore so we contacted the consumer focus group.

They seemed to take for ever to sort things out.

They told us that Npower would be in touch.


We were eventually contacted by a guy from Npower and her referred us to the first response team.


After going through our financial situation it was decided that they couldn't help.

So we went back to Npower.


They have come up with a payment plan of an additional £100 per month on top of the £150 we have to pay.

They have given us that option or a pre pay meter.


In the meantime Consumer focus contacted me yesterday and he wrote

"I have spoke to Npower and they have advised me that they will look into the payment plan again for you.

You have not made any payments for some time now and have defaulted on payment plans

previously which has only made the situation worse"




"If you are unable to agree a payment arrangement with Npower the only other option is to take your case to the ombudsman

who will make a determination on your case.


They have the ability to force suppliers to make reductions to bills,

however you will need to pay for your ongoing consumption.

At the moment you are not."


I was stunned as from Jan - March we had paid £70 per month

and then from April we have been paying £150.00.

If they are the people who are supposed to be helping us in difficult times then what chance have we got.


This letter has devastated me,

I am supposed to steer away from stress and this is how we are treated.

I am angry Npower set the direct debit to low and in 3 years we have accumulated a debt of £2200.


I turn to consumer focus and they also blame me.

I can't sleep, I can't eat.

I have a heart condition, diabetes

and the constant worry that I could loose the sight in my eye.

Don't know what to do.

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Did you receive regular statements from Npower?


Is there a reason you cannot operate a prepayment meter?


If not that may well be the least stressful way to resolve this, the repayments could also be set lower because Npower would know the debt was not going to increase any further.

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The first statement we received was 18 months after we moved in. We only got the staement because I asked for it. We had, had no communication from Npower up unitl then when we realsied thay had only been taken £40 per month for bothe gas and Electric.


I don't want a prepayment meter. I feel Npower got us into this so they should do everything possible to get us out of it.

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The lowest payment arrangement you could get would be via a prepayment meter for the reason stated above;

if you want to continue with the DD then I would press for repayment over 18 months

because this is how long they took to send you a statement.

You would have to pay for your ongoing consumption at the same time.

This would be the first criteria of any payment arrangement made with a utility company.


Be aware that if you cancel the DD the next thing you would get is a bill for the full amount

and your account would go straight into their debt follow up process.


From what you say in your original post you have defaulted on payment arrangements,

albeit for understandable reasons,

but Npower is a business and will not make endless payment arrangements with you.


I seem to say this repeatedly on this forum but if I had problems paying a utility account

I would invite them to fit a prepayment meter before it went any further.


I think clare has stated on another thread that a prepayment meter makes you very concious

of how much electricity you are using and you save more because of this.


I don't have a prepayment meter but I do have a real time monitor which shows me how much electricity I am using at any given time

and what it will cost me over a day/month if I continue that way,

(the first time I turned a kettle on ensured I will never again boil more water than I need!!)

various things that support a little red light are now turned off when not in use

and seeing how much the usage dipped when I turned off my laptop and wireless transmitter,

ensured that I now do this every night,

and at any other time they are not in use

- they used to be left on 24/7!


Sorry to go off track a bit but prepayment meters do have a positive side :)

Edited by zazen.warrior

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First of all, check out this link


you may qualify for a trust fund to clear this debt.


The problem you have here is that if you fail to keep up the arrangements then they will get a warrant to have a prepay meter installed

and the costs of this will be added to your debt, approx another £300.


Why did they not send you a statement for 18 months?

Have you ever queried this with them?

did you call them in the 18 months and request a statement?


There is a possibility that this is classed as an operational loss,

that they have caused you to get into debt by not even giving YOU the opportunity to review your account by sending you statements,

despite the fact that even they havent reviewed your account annually.

The Billing code MAY apply here.


If all else fails, there is nothing wrong with prepay meters.

Like you, I really did not want a prepay meter, but I am more than happy with mine

as I was told by my supplier how much I used ,

but I am more vigilant then when I was on quarterly billing and use less than ever.

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I will try and cut this sag with Npower down as much as I can.


It Started in Janaury 2007 when British gas fitted a new gas meter and we swapped over to Npower.


We had a final bill for December 2006 topay which was £78.00 for the last month.


We started with Npower and set up a payment plan.

We set up the same as British Gas which was dual fuel of £40 for Gas and £40 for electric.

We never thought anything more about it.


In 2008 almost a years down the line I was going through my bank statements looking at bank charges

when I realised that Npower had only been taking £20.00 each for gas and elctric.

I panicked contacted Npower.

We set up a payment plan and everything went finr.


Then I discovered that all bills were estimated and sent a revised reading.

Then we got a shock.


The electric was bearable but the gas was £1180 for a full year.

We only have central heating and with BG it worked out our average bill per month was £68-78.

Npower said this was correct.

But the seria lnumber they held for our meter didn't match


For the last 5 years we have battled with Npower to pay this back.

I have been seriously ill I have an ongoing heart problem and other complex health problems.


I have had leave my fulltime job and until I got dla I had my ssp.

We have struggled.

But Npower have ignored us until consumer focus contacted them.


They have changed things when they wanted to.

They would not accept payment plans.


We have been backwards and forwards to the consumer focus.


In June when nat west had its technical issues it affected our npower payment.

It wasn't made on time.


they withdrew the payment plan.


We have continued to pay religously every month since then but they don't want to know.


10 days ago an absoulute arrogant so and so from Npower got involved.

He has been rude, unhelpful and has withdrawn our payment plan.


I contacted the CEO from Npower a Volker Beckers and he has not even responded to me.

I am now preparing myself for the DCA and charges being applied.


Whilst the arrogant people of Npower where sending my account to the DCA I ws in hospital having a liver biopsy as my liver is failing and they don't know why.


I amalso waiting to have complex heart surgery and all of this is just becoming to much for me to handle.


Npower have chosen to ignore all of this.


My Dr even wrote to them to ask them to back of me and they have refused.

ANy ideas what I do next.

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Sounds so familiar, Npower sent me a bill for £1400 for only two months usage, it took me 2 years to get it sorted and get moved on, even had 7 bills produced in a ten day period ranging from them owing me £700 to me owing them £1400 - all within the same period.


Once you have their final response and you have exhausted their complaints procedure, contact the energy ombudsman and file a complaint with them. It took this for them to finally sort out my problem.



Hope this helps



If you feel that this site has helped you in any way please leave a donation if you can afford to do so.


If you feel that have been helpful please feel free to tip the scales.



The large print giveth, but the small print taketh away. ~Tom Waits, Small Change



Please note: i am not a qualified lawyer, any advice is offered in good faith and is based on my own and others experiences and a penchant for research and a desire to help others to empower themselves


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Despite consumer focus being involved and the ombudsman Npower have managed to get away with their apalling treatement of us>


The ombudsman has just ruled that the complaint is to old so they can't do anything about it.


Consumer focus have tried to get the debt written off but Npower have shown no compassion towards us.


The problem still lies that I believe that the gas charges are wrong and we owe around £333 less then they say we do.


I have sent letters to Mr Volker the CEO and to the complaints management and all have failed to help

except for telling me to go away and pay the debt.


They won't accept the £20 per month we have offered for payment.


We just can't pay anymore.


I don't know if there is an where else we can go for help.


Any ideas would be helpful.



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On Saturday a man turned up on my doorstep from Rossendales.


He was very forceful and frightened me to death.


I kept my wits about me used things I have read from CAG.


he put his foot inside my door and this was when my dog reacted by growling at him.


He left but said he would be back.


He took the registration number of my car which is a mobility car.


I have had an ongoing problem with Npower since we moved into this house in 2006.

The week after we moved in we had a new meter fitted.

To cut along story short the meter number they have on record is not the one we have

and in our first 3 months of moving in they said we have used £396 per month.


It is a 3 bedroom detached with just gas to cook on.

We have been to Ogem and had got nowhere they still say they are right and we are wrong.

Our bills with british gas for a quarter are £404 so some one got it wrong.


In July this year after a long battle and letters to the CEO they have agreed to half the outstanding to £681.

In tha last 3 months we have paid £300 of the outstanding.


For whatever reason we don't know but the debt was passed to Rossendales.

I contacted Rossendales by email using a templat letter from CAG asking for proof of the signed contact etc.


I had a phone call from them on wednesday and told them not to contact me by phone and to read the email.

The amount showing as owing fromRoseendales is still at £681

the £300 we have paid is not showing and I haven't got a clue where it has gone to.


Npower are refusing to talk to me and say they have given their final response.

I don't know what to do.


I am not a well person and him turning up on my doorstep has put the fear of god up me.

I am at home everyday and I am not strong enough if he pushes his way through my door.

I am recovering after major heart surgery and I just don't need this.


Any advice please.

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We have had letters and phone calls from Rossendales despite us paying Npower direct.

The letter from CAG has had no impact on then as they have sent another letter.


it says

"It is clear from your letter that you do botg believe you are liable for the outstanding debt.

Rossendales collect Ltd is acting in good faith and on instruction from our client Npower Ltd.

Your current balance is £557.51 and we are looking to collect payment on this account"


"I understand from your email that you have made a number of payments towards this debt.

Your account was passed to us in November 2013 with a balance of £582.21.

I can confirm that we have received one payment od £25 on the 20th November 2013,

All calculations and billing are done by our client and therefore if you feel the amount is incorrect

you will need to address the situation with them "


"We will proceed with recovery action until alternative instructions are received.

I am however willing to consider a payment arrangement on this account. If you want to discharge the debt in this way.

I would need financial statements detailing household income and expenditure, proof of income and your offer of payment ".


I have put a 21 day hold on your account whilst you gather this information.

Once received I will review the information and make my decision".


I don't want to send any information or deal with these people.

Npower have angered me as I have made payments direct to them.

Its as if they want rid of the debt after agreeing we have been overcharged.


I have made a total of £165 since July 2013 and the balance should be £453.50.

I have my bank statements to prove that I have made payments.


Can anyone give me advice on what I say next to Rossendales?

How can I get them to stop ringing me and sending letters.

Since the guy turned up on the doorstep I have started locking myself in the house,

I haet being at home on my own when everyone goea to work in case he turns up again.

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right lets blow rossers out the water.


they in this instance are



they are operating as a DCA


thsat means..




he cannot put his foot in the door


or do anything to you.


ignore them


deal with NPOWER directly.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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I contacted Npower and told them of Rosssendales behavior this is the response we got



"Dear Mrs******

Thank you for your email addressed to Paul Massara, Chief Executive of npower.

Your email has been passed to me to respond on Paul’s behalf to ensure that you receive a reply as quickly as possible.

It’s clear that you remain unhappy with the follow up you’re receiving from Rossendale’s,

especially as you’ve been making payments directly to npower.

After completing a review of your account, I can see that I final position letter was sent to you on 10 January 2014,

to advise that we were unable to withdraw the balance from the outside collections agency

and that all future payments would need to be sent to them directly.

I’ve enclosed a copy of this letter for your information Mrs *****

In view of the above, I can confirm that this is still the case,

which means that any payment plan will need to be agreed with Rossendale’s directly.

However, I’ve asked our internal Collections Team to contact them,

so that their balance details can be updated.

Should you remain unhappy, you do have the option of contacting the Ombudsman

and their contact details are on the attached letter.

I trust this explains our position Mrs *******

Kind regards

Executive Complaints Team "


As this has been going on since 2006 when they first cocked up they know that the ombudsman won't do anything to help us. Do I justkeep paying Npower as I just cannot bring myself to deal with Rossendales.

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redacted - dx

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so this should now be all paid if you were making direct payments and only had £300 left in jan?


or did you stop payments........



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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In January 2014 my records showed that I owe £453.50 and


since then I have paid a further £150 leaving a balance of £303.50.


However according to Rossendales I still owe £553.50.


I have paid direct to Npower and not the DCA.


I have had 3 calls to my answer phone from Rossendales and a letter saying they will be visiting my property.


I have had to keep a check on the amount as they disagree so much with what I have paid already.

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merging old threads


billing code applies I think.


have you all the old statements/bills


they MUST have billed you every quarter else they are dead in the water

re the bad debt from 2006/7

wait till I reply further



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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if npower cannot back date what you owe them because they:


did not read the meter [ their mistake]

did not send you bills for 18mts


back billing rules apply.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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