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BankFodder BankFodder


BankFodder BankFodder


Any help greatly appreciated! TIA

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Firstly a big thank you as without the help of CAG last year my girlfriend would have lost her house.


Unfortunately its my turn to get myself out of a mess.


Up until a couple of years ago I was working as a pro singer and living in my own house with my wife and children. My marriage had been shaky for years and ultimately things didnt work out. Around this time my voice started to fail as i had developed a hardened vocal chord. I had also bought into a company catering for large outdoor events, just as the recession started to kick in.


Things snowballed pretty quickly after i moved out. I could no longer sing properly so retired from showbiz. Worked dried up for the company and I spiralled into self pity and depression.


I let things slide with payments to credit cards and a loan taken out to buy into the company. As i had moved out and post wasn't being forwarded (my fault i know) it was a case of out of sight out of mind.


My job prior to singing was in the building industry, and try as i might (100's of job applications) I just couldnt find work.


During this time my girlfriend was paying one of my credit cards (MBNA) but the loan (Tesco/RBS) had not been paid for some time. I was contacted by Incasso but without any means to offer regular payment they sought and got a CCJ against me. I can fully understand why this was done but have big issues with the way I was dealt with, which I can go into further detail about but not tonight.


The good news is I finally started work this week. Its not a great job compared to what I have had in the past financially, but its hopefully pretty secure and means that at last I can start to redress the situation.


Although my estranged wife and i do not communicate she has made me aware that incasso sent her papers regarding an application for a charging order and the hearing is August 3rd. Having communicated with Incasso prior to the CCJ they are fully aware that i do not live at that address but i have received no correspondence since the CCJ. I am currently compiling an Income and Expenditure so as to make offers of payment to my creditors which hopefully they will accept, but would greatly appreciate any advice firstly with Incasso not contacting me at the address they know me to be at, and with dealing with my creditors in general.


Apologies in advance at how vague and meandering this post is. I am trying to understand the best course of action having browsed lots of posts and hope that giving a little background helps to indicate that it was certainly not my intention to get into this mess, but it certainly is my intention to do my best to rectify it.


Many many thanks for any help or advice, as I know you are all busy people. Best Wishes XXX

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you should be able to get the ccj set aside

a quick serach in the blue above will reveal what you need to do after reading a few threads.


as for the cc, no-one bar a court has any right to see you financial details, so if you want to send an I/0 thats up to you.


don't forget the cc's are fair game for reclaiming any charges & p'haps mis-sold ppi, this will nodoubt help in reducing the outstandings


keep us informed



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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