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Off record - truly shaking, scared + ill, help gratefully appreciated

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Hi everyone,

I don't usually use forums anymore, but this seems to be the only place where i may receive some useful feedback.


I'll try to keep this accurate as possible, but it is complex.


I am a post graduate working man looking to move home.

I currently reside in a shared house privately let for £250 / month / person, bills and Council Tax included (paid within the rent).

I have resided here for just over one year and have always lived by the book, not requesting any assistance or benefit until recently when I began claiming Working Tax Credit.


My course was to last three years but became five when I was accepted for mitigating circumstances or 'writing up' in 2005.

The first three years i handed in Council Tax Exemption Forms for each of my dwellings.


Throughout the latter years, i sought guidance from piers (university workers, tutors, receptionists but not the NUS *stupid but i did not know*) whom expressed my 'full time course' would exempt me from council tax.

There was a link to print a form but one would not issue when I clicked online. again, when queried, I was told "probably a server error".


I 'based' with my grandparents, who were paying full Council Tax and continued to work toward my grade.

University was quite a distance away from my grandparents house, so I stayed most nights each week with friends, other family and colleagues nearer to the university.


In 2006 I began working part time whilst completing my degree.

working myself almost into hospital again, I graduated in 2007.

That following year, I maintained my awkward lifestyle staying between friends and family.


I have recently investigated credit checking, references and council tax so that i can move with a friend to a new home through an estate agency.

I would like to begin paying my own Council Tax on that property.

HOWEVER, upon discussing said research with my grandfather, It turns out that nobody called the Council to ever declare my residence. Furthermore, due to my grandfather never truly knowing how long i would stay with them, I was apparently not even put down on their electoral. :eek:


I am truly in fear that I may be seen to have not paid council tax for a period of THREE years. Of course, people would verify my intermittent whereabouts, but that is not exactly hard evidence.

I visited my local citizens advice bureau who told me I was 'better off not going to the council because they may not request such history, and I should only worry once something bad actually happens. You can still put down your current address in the "previous address" box.'


Now, obviously, all this should have been my responsibility. In my head, the house i stayed in most was fully paid CTax, and everyone involved genuinely believed I was panicking over nothing when I discussed it.


I owe my degree to my grandparents. They helped me out when i could not afford another student house year. So i do not want to repay them with trouble. Three years is a very long time to account myself elsewhere.


It hurts that other people i know, who were privileged to stay with family, need not ever worry about this sort of history. But I have heard that this could make my life incredibly difficult and maybe even leave me with a criminal record or smudge on my name.


Okay, I have typed far too much, but if anyone could lend any knowledge on my circumstances, please, I would very much respect your advice.

I can pay fees to fix books or a penalty for not declaring myself. Even pay said fees for each year I repeated the mistake. But to pay a full CT on an imaginary property, that is a frightening concept.

I don't know what happens next. The citizens advice cannot seem to uncover much more.


Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I think it is wonderful that this forum can exist for people.:)

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Guest Old_andrew2018


Welcome to CAG, I'm no expert so if I am wrong I expect to be corrected

If your grandparents paid full council tax without claiming any reduction, and you were residing with them full time then you would have no liability, so IMHO your grandparents house would be your previous address.



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Thanks for that Andy. Common sense says this should be my case so hopefully there shall not be any liability or cause for complaint against me.


If anyone could verify this situation I would still be very grateful. Living looking over one shoulder is never a good situation to be in.


Should I and my grandfather attempt to contact the respective council or should I wait until they request details (if they even do)?

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Guest Old_andrew2018

not sure if there is really any need for your grandfather to contact the council

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Put your grandparents address down and stop worrying.

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