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Help/advice about my case.

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Dear friends,

Part 1

I am an international student who came to UK to study in the Masters degree in a certain University. During the second session of my studies all the students were supposed to complete a project part 1. The estimated time in which the students were supposed to complete the project was July and August. Now here is where the problem starts. According to the schedule of the MSc course students are supposed to be attending the classes, but the University gives vacation to its teaching staff. So what is happening is that students are paying the University so that its staff should be available to the students for Guidance, but what is being done is that the University is giving vacation to its staff members for around a month. In short students are paying for teachers to be available, but no teaching is being done as staff is enjoying vacation. Is this not cheating with all the students?

In my case I wrote an e-mail to my supposed Project Guide in July and informed him that I would be doing the project under his guidance. My Project Guide accepted me as his student and asked me to learn a certain software on my own. My Guide further informed me that he is on vacation for the whole month of July and would meet me in August. But on 1 August itself, as soon as my Project Guide came back from vacation he fell ill and was hospitalised. I was never informed about it. I kept calling him on his mobile and sending him e-mails but there was no reply for 10-15 days. Finally on 14 August I got an e-mail fom my Guide stating that he cant continue as my Project Guide and asked me to find a new Project Guide. So now the situation is such that my month of July is wasted, half of August is wasted, I have to submit a project in first week of September and I was being told to start a new project alltogether.

I informed all this to my Program Leader. A staff member of the University was ill. It was the duty of the Program leader to provide me a 'Substitute Guide'. But instead of providing me with a substitute Guide my project leader asked me to search for a new project guide on my own. He himself did nothing. My condition was similar to this example. Suppose if a pilot of an airlines falls ill then whose duty is it to find a substitute pilot? Is it a duty of a passenger(consumer) or the concerned airlines(service provider)? Similarly in my case whose duty was it to find a substitute tutor? Was it the duty of the student (consumer) or was it the duty of the University (service provider)?

Anyhow I wanted to study and so I started looking for a new project as was instructed by my Porgram leader. I sent e-mails to atleast 4-5 teachers, met 3-4 teachers personally. But most of the staff were again on a month long vacation. Hence either the staff were absent or they were not ready to become my Project Guide. I informed all this to my Program leader. Instead of providing me a substitute tutor or asking any available member to become my project Guide, my program leader did nothing. He simply wasted time and nothing was done and my project submission date was missed. I was unable to submit the project.



End of part 1

Rest of the what happened I will write shortly.

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