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Wrong Info On Returned Licence

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i have just been to court and have had 12 points lumped on my licence via 2 camera offences, i've kept my licence due to hardship grounds as i am a truck driver and need licence to work etc etc, when i got the licence back from the courts the offence dates are wrong on the licence? the offences took place on the same day 11/11/08, but they have put down the offences happened on 30/12/08????

i am in process at going for appeal as my company insurance does not cover 12 point drivers and looks like i'll be out of work.

i never recieved a NIP through the post as post was being stolen from my area, hence i had to go to court and thats why i got 12 points ? i would have bit the bullet and taken the 6 points + £120 fine if i had recieved the NIP's and the FPNs throgh the post. the court would not except the mitigating circumstances and still gave me 12 on the day which i am now appealing against to keep my job.

any ideas out ther?? thanks.

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wrong year?
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The licence is issued by DVLA rather than the courts, so if you think the info is incorrect, give them a call and enquire why it shows 30/12/09. It's probably an error and they will be able to advise.

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def an error on their part, the courts wrote the convictions on the licence in ink, once the court returned it to me i still had to send the licence to dvla, which they have returned to me exactly the same as i sent it.

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Sorry, but more information is needed.


1) What are the offences?


2) The NIP must be served. It is assumed served if sent by first class post unless the contrary is proven. What proof did you give to the Court that your post was being stolen?


Reading between the lines in your post, I would assume that you got caught twice by cameras, but prosecuted twice for failing to supply. I am I right? If so, the date that the offence of failing to supply is committed is 28 days after service of the NIP; not the date of the original speeding offences


What was your defence?

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was caught via mobile camera van, 48mph + 52mph on A road 60mph limit, i was driving HGV which are restricted to 40mph on A roads. i did recieve NIP on 6/1/09 which i did return , i got no reply so just stayey low hoping i was one that slipped through net? a month ago i was arrested and taken to court, i had not recieved a court summons either in the post hence the arrest to appear next day, spent night in cells. the court would not listen to the mitigating circumstances as i was in court failing to attend a court + failing to supply details, they passed sentence ie 12 points + fine with option to appeal. i am waiting for court date to arrive at moment, then can put new case where mitigating circumstances can be heard.

as for the post? the post office will not release info to me about the suspensions of the postal staff involved in the missing mail.. DPA etc? we have tried finding archive reports in local papers but is needle in hay stack and the papers don't seem to keep records by item?? spent hours down library but still can't find any article on the post theft, police won't help without dates etc whiich are protected by the post office?

my word against court it looks?

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