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Halifax ongoing CCA request - please take a look at this letter

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i sent a request for my cca for a halifax credit card back in December


they fobbed me off with a word created document and said this complies with my request, i wrote back saying i assume they did not posses one as they had tried to fob me off with this and offered them a payment of 10% to settle the account, the halifax refused to accept this and have continued to harass me for payments - they even sent a man to my house to try to get me to phone them

the account was then passed to blair and scott who have now said they are preparing papers for court action so i have written this letter in response, could you please take a look and advise me if i need to make any changes





Halifax Card Services

Pitreavie Business Park



KY99 4BS


Dear Sir/Madam


Re: − Account/Reference Number XXXXXXXXXXXX



In response to your letter through Blair & Scott dated 3rd August 2009 may I remind you that this account is still in dispute as I still have still not received a true copy of the alleged agreement


While the account is in dispute you are fully aware that you should not be making charges or demands for payment but you continue to do so unlawfully.


Mine is a simple request and I have made you an offer to settle this matter which you have refused to accept so unfortunately there is nothing else I can do at the present time


You said in your letter that you are preparing paperwork to commence court action so I assume that you will be adding a true copy of the agreement to this so it would save us both time if you could forward a copy of this to me. If I do not receive this within 14 days I can only assume that you do not posses one as I can see no reason why you would not send me a copy of this to get the matter resolved, I will therefore be sending a formal SAR request to defend this matter in court.


My offer of payment still stands so if you would rather accept this then please let me know





Yours faithfully

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thanks for that, i have bookmarked it for future reference but im not at that stage yet as i have not received court papers


what would you suggest i do at the moment

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If they issue via Northampton Bulk Centre, they don't need to attach the "contract" (CCA in this case) to the claim. If they issue via another court then they should attach a copy of the "contract" upon which their claim is based.


They rarely do, especially if they don't have one that will stand up in court.


I'd keep it short and to the point, something along the lines that any legal action will be vigorously defended and as they have raised the possibility of legal action, then all communication from henceforth must be in writing only.


Think of it as a game of poker... don't show your hand too early.

The REAL Axis of evil: Banks, Credit Card Companies & Credit Reference Agencies.

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