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Nicky Bodmin

named drive ins company error I got 6 points and £500 fine

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I put myself as named driver on my sons policy because he was out of the country for 6 months. I was put on as temp named driver.I advised them of change of address in Aril last year. Made a payment in May and asked them if I could change policy so I dont pay as much.

I contacted them in June 27 to make another payment they would talk to me because I was not the policy holder. I told them I have permission and Im the named driver as my son out of the country. they then confirmed this.i again asked to change the policy as I am the only driver of this car. And a named driver. I again had to ask them to change my address for the 4th time. They adviced me it would cost and the term of the policy was only another month. I decided to leave it.

Later that evening I got stopped and was told that Im not insured to drive this car. I was not on the policy.

I called the ins company and they told me that the temp ins I was on stoped on the 22 June. They told me it was on the policy they sent out. But this was to my old address I never recieved it. I had adviced them 3 or so times of the change of address, but it never happened untill the 28 June after my complaint.

I have been taken to court and court summonds them to attend and give evidence and to release the recordings of all conversations I had with them. I had demanded this for 9 months and got no where. On the day of the hearing in March this year They didnt attend the hearing or give the evidence the courts asked for. The judges gave me 6 points and £500 fine. I have appealed this as I now have a copy of the recordings. My solicitor has said there is nothing in them that I can use. But I dont agree. The day i was stopped I called them and told them I was a maned driver on the policy, why didnt they advice me I was removed on the 22 June. If they had I would have put myself back on cover after all why was I paying £109. a month for ins.

I am so desperate I dont no how to proceed with this. I feel they have let me down. PLease help

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need to put more info in

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temp driver cover is usually only for a periods of 30 days upto a total of 90 days in a given period of cover, when the 30 days expire you have to call and add yourself again. When you added yourself as a temp driver how long did you aksed to named on the policy? there should be a call recording available for this.


when you called in April did they confirm the change of address etc and did you receive any new documents confirming you as a temp driver?


if they hadnt changed the address as you are claiming then you would not have passed the DPA questions (usually name,address,dob etc) to add yourself on agian in May,was this queried?


if this went to court and they didnt attend who did? assume the Police officer did,if so its usually the Police who ask for call recordings and a statement from the insurance company to back up their evidence.


if you have now received the calls and the solicitor also confirms there is nothing in them,what is in them that make you think they would change the charge?

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Hello thank you for your reply.

I was added as a temp driver this ended on 22 June. I am going to listen to the recordings to find out when they where first adviced of the change of address. Im sure it was when I put myself on my son policy. I have asked at least for times to change address. They finaly did this after I was stopped. I still to this day not recieved that policy from April till June with me as anamed driver. They said it was sent to old address.

On the day in question I rang them to make a payment I gave my name and both addresses they said I was not allowed to discuss the policy because it was in my sons name. I adviced them I was the named driver gave name, they didnt say anything that I was not a named driver at this time I told them again my son not using car as he is in Spain and I was the only driver of this car. They didnt question this or advice me that my name had been removed on the 22 June. The date I called was 27 June to make a payment using my named driver as ID. I was stopped that night. I have made lots of attempts to change the address.

When the police questioned the insur company they where told that I had not had apolicy with them or even been a named driver since 2004. I have with evidence been a named driver 3 times with them.

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