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Where to start?

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I lost my job about 18 months ago through redundancy,

I had debts of around £25k back then while I was working (£10k in loans, the rest on credit cards)

but it was well within my affordability as I was on a decent wage.


But since then the situation has spiralled out of control,

after being made redundant I decided to set up my own business,

all my redundancy plus extra went into start up costs and


I spent 4-5 months on the dole in getting ready to launch my new business.

During this time unemployed I had enough redundancy insurance cover to pay the Mortgage and council tax

but not to pay the debts and to have money to live on, so


I borrowed off of one credit card to pay another and the weekly shop, utility bills, petrol, etc were all also on plastic.


I eventually started my business in August last year,

it was very slow as I had chosen the worst time to start one

- right in the middle of a recession!


now the redundancy insurance cover has eneded as I am classed as in employment

so I was now borrowing even more to pay the Mortgage as well.


Good news is that work is going ok now.

I have been established 12 months and I have a fair size customer base and earning an ok wage but its all come to late.


I owe at least double what I owed before I was made redundant and I have no way of paying it back.


As the thread title says..where do I start with this as I have so many creditors?


List is below of my creditors (yes I was stupid for taking out so many)..


Natwest Mortgage - I am about 3 months behind, I am overpaying to try and get back up to date, I think I am ok with dealing with this debt now.


Santander (Van for business on HP) - Up to date and ok


Natwest Bank account - They owe me considerably more in charges than I owe them,

I already have a claim going through which was frozen a couple of years ago when the OFT test case started.

There has been loads more charges added on since.

I have switched banks cos every time I payed money in it was gobbled up in charges.


Credit Cards (Natwest, RBS, Capital One) All have defaulted.

These all have PPI on them and are also fairly old so should I make a PPI claim or CCA request?


MBNA - I fell out with these ages ago over them putting up my APR to a ridiculous 30%+ from 15%,

I have not paid them since before xmas.


I CCA'd them and the agreement seems to be ok in my opinion?

Its also taken them 6 months to reply to my SAR and give me the info I asked for but I eventually received it and need to look into it.


More Credit Cards! (Barclaycard, Mint, Tesco, Halifax) Fairly new cards (past 2- 3 years) so CCA will be upto date, I am deep in the s##t with these and don't know what to do. Both Barclaycard and Halifax are with there in house DCA's.


Loans (Halifax, Natwest, A&L) Again I am in the brown stuff here, Natwest is behind and Halifax and A&L have both defaulted and have been passed to there in house DCA's and I do not know what to do.


Business Loan - Is upto date and ok


Payday loans - I also stupidly owe a couple of these too, money shop is with a DCA, Wonga have sent me one nice letter but I expect them to get more serious :mad:


I have spoken to the Citizens advice bureau and hopefully they can help me on how to pay back what I owe. But I don't want to be paying back what I should not be paying; Charges, PPI, uneforceable debts, etc so I would like to know what I should do first on the above.


Thankyou very much for reading

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Maybe I should have also said above that for the last 3-4 months I have not been my self.


I was worried about it and went to see my doctor.


She told me it is depression and she also says I have an eating disorder which is probably linked to this also.


I am trying to get better but constant harrassment and insant demands are certainly not helping.


I am on medication and she wrote me a letter explaining to my creditors my medical state but I do not know what to do with it?



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