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Please - Advice or help with new claim, appreciated

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Hi, I'm very new to this site, but very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and experience that there is here, and your willingness to help people.

I'm in a situation where I could really use some assistance. Its a bit of an unusual one, insofar as it looks like I am going to have to sue Capital One, for damages, for restoration of my credit record, and for letters of correction to be sent to other financial institutions. They applied an annual charge to an account that was meant to be closed two years earlier (with a nil balance). They added late payment fees and interest charges. I had moved house 2 - 3 years before this. When they sent statements out, the householder at my previous address told CapOne I'd moved. They gave it to CapQuest. When I began to receive letters from CapQuest i tried calling CapOne. Calls from 'my account type' were blocked. I ignored the CapQuest letters except for writing to say, 'prove I owe this money - I don't'. They stopped eventually. Then I started being unable to get new credit cards, loans, overdrafts, etc. I couldn't consolidate my debts and have ended up living hand to mouth. Eventually I forked out to join Experian and Equifax, and discovered the horrendous entry from CapOne. Having not got any response from the 'Executive Office', despite the Financial Ombudsman writing to them too, I drafted the part 7 claim form and sent them a copy. Now I am working on the POC, and its there that I would be very, very grateful for help.


Because of the amount of past and future special damages - interest paid on other accounts instead of 0% interest deal, etc, and the cost of phone calls, letters, subscriptions to the CRAs, and some general damages for mental distress, this is likely to be a fast track case.

I am proposing to cite Negligence, and breaches of the DPA and of the CCA. Its on this site that I've learned (I think) of some of the possible breaches. I'm thinking, 'failure to notify me before instructing debt collectors' 'supplying data to third parties without sufficient cause or belief in its accuracy' etc.

Also, its hard to know how to collate the evidence of my losses. I'm thinking its going to involve SARs to get the records of interest paid, etc.


I'm sorry this is such a long post, and if you've made it to the end, thanks for looking.

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