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Equita Bailiff's Removal Notice received at friends house today

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I have received a Bailiff Removal notice today from Equita delivered by hand to a friends house with whom I have stayed occasionally since having been ordered to move from my previous address due to co-habitation issues. This is in respect of unpaid Council Tax to Redbridge Council at the previous address that was shared with my then partner.


The bailiff apparently attended my friends address and has posted a Removal Notice through the door addresed to myself. It states the normal that:-


I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the Outstanding Council Tax Liability Order and any additional Enforcement Costs incurred.


PLEASE NOTE - No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now due by CLEAR FUNDS ONLY.


I will re-attend at your address with immediate effect and may REMOVE goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number below to arrange prompt payment of your debt.


No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay.

Yours sincerely



Bailiff In Charge


Firstly I have no knowledge of any previous communications from Equita or a Court in respect of this matter.


Secondly the address they have attended is my friends and they have kindly allowed me to stay there occasionally so there are no goods of mine in the house. I am not regsitered at this address.


What should I now do??

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get in touch with the council find out exactly how much the liability order is for and the dates for the council tax they are recovering

tell the council you have no assets for them to levy on and ask if you can pay x amount per week if you are on J S A ask them to take it out of your benefit

is the bailiff certificated On line search to check if a Bailiff is Certificated

if you have a car do not leave it outside the address that they are chasing you at keep it well hidden as they will levy on it this will add more bailiffs charges


if you fill out a statutory declaration this will stop the bailiff trying to remove your Friends property

Bailiffs cannot seize goods belonging to someone else, but must be provided with proof such as receipts.

Failing this documentary proof. the third party can make a statutory declaration that certain named items belong to him and may not be seized. This costs about £5 if sworn before a commissioner for oaths/solicitor who signs and stamps it.

Then you scan it, email it, fax it, post a hard copy recorded delivery. The bailiffs should then release these items from the levy.





To: (the bailiffs) (their address)







I (your name)

of (your address)

Do solemnly and sincerely declare that:

the items listed (list them) are not the property of (your friends name) and (reason why they were there) and have always been my sole property

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 and Section 5 of The Perjury Act 1911.




Declared at


On the day of two thousand and


Before me


A Commissioner for Oaths, or Notary Public/Justice of the Peace/Solicitor having the powers conferred on a Commissioner for Oaths


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Thanks Hallowitch,


Do I need to write to Equita explaining anything as I do feel it very unfair they are calling on an address that I am not registered at? Are there any standard letters I could refer to?

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how did they get the address did you give to the council as c/o

e-mail equtia tell them it is a c/o address and that you are in the process of doing a statutory declaration

tell the council this also the council are responsible for the bailiff and can stop all bailiff action

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Is there a readily available e-mail address for Equita as I have the e-mail address for the Council?

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google equita you will get it that way

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