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Start of story goes i have my car registered at my parent house as over winter i use to keep them there locked up & also i'm aware for long period of time and it safer there

Got a parking fine on the 25/11/2008 put ticket in car door pocket.


Then the followed weekend my car driven my my mate got wrote off (ticket still in car)

in all the confusion of this i totally forgot about ticket car was sold and stripped by someone else + now carless:mad:


Then as always my parents leave the country after xmas and don't return until latest may/june 2009 (i don't have access to house while they are away nor does anyone else)


so in there absence a letter arrives from [email protected] county court saying pay £110 by 29/04/09 obviously this letter sit un-opened next thing i receive a letter from Jacobs may 26 2009 saying pay £122.88 within 7 days once again letter sits unopened.


My Parents arrive home early June bundle all my mail up and await for me to pick it up next time i'm home from working away


So i open my mail (beginning of june 2009) read the first 1 of Jacobs and write a reply asking them what this is about i'm not aware of any parking offence and could they please give me some more info? (not as of yet received a reply)


Then after doing so i continue to go through my mail and open the letter from [email protected] and i remember it was for the parking offence just before my car got wrote off Doh! Forgot all about that! I'll wait to see if Jacobs Reply?


so anyhow i go away again working and then while i'm away and my parents are away for 2 weeks a Bailiff from Jacobs (can name him if need be) posts a letter says (dated 17.07.09 @ 9.30)


" amount due £253.98 called today to execute a warrant issued by northampton county court contact me in next 24 hrs or else ETC ETC"


his name and mobile are on bottom of letter


So then my parents arrive back bundle my mail up like they do then last tuesday 28/07/09 Mr Bailiff (can name him if need be) comes knocking at my parents door asking for payment my dads like WTF he doesn't Live here (which i don't i have my own house which i now live in)

He demands my parents pay the money if not he is gonna sieze goods etc etc, my Dads like sod off (he is 73) this is my house nothing here is my sons.

Mr Bailiff then hands my dad another notice this time for £367.98 and that he'll re-attend premises between 7am to 6pm on the 31/07/09 and may remove good in your absence.


My Dad is like you won't re-attend and if you do you'll be trespassing and i'll call the police (they have a private road upto the house) he is then very verbal toward my dad


And if i don't call Mr Bailiff he will nearly double the charges to £650+:-x


So my Dad calls me (very angry) so i tell him to tell me everything and he does and i get pretty mad at the way Mr Bailiff spoke to my Parents (mother was there also) He gives me the Bailiffs number and says to settle it ASAP he doesn't want people knocking on his door again.


so this is where i'm upto today i've written another letter to Jacobs last nite saying


This is my 2nd response to your letter dated May 26, 2009

As I haven’t as yet received any response from my first letter sent to you dated 07/06/09 (Please find a copy of this letter included).


I contact Copeland Borough Council upon receipt of this letter and ask them to provide evidence of said offence, to which they have done so.


The reason for any delay in correspondents as stated already is that I work away for long periods of time.


Please find enclosed payment in full concerning this matter" (I enclosed payment for £122.88)


1. Right i'm not disputing the parking fine what i'm ****ed at is the fact the have added hugh amounts to the debt is this correct or is the amounts they have added illegal & fraud?


2. The Bailiffs conduct towards my father was un-acceptable


3. Having checked also he is not registered on Certificated Bailiffs Register


4. i don't mind paying the fine and obviously any bailiff visits but surely its not anywhere near the amount they sat


Am i in a position to send fill in form 4 and send it to the court or even send a letter to the bailiffs stating that his charges are a Fraud and threaten them with the action of Form 4 & informing the courts.


I'm unsure of what to do next any advise please, i obviously have to wait and see if they reply to my letter sent yesterday with the payment of £122.88 and if they accept this?


Also what should the charges actually be for 1 letter & 2 visits?

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Having checked also he is not registered on Certificated Bailiffs Register


WHAT CHARGES not certificated no charges :D

phone this number to confirm he is not a certificated bailiff

Ministry of Justice Public Register of Bailiffs on 020 3334 6355



Certificated bailiffs — enforce a variety of debts on behalf of organisations such as local authorities. They can seize and sell your goods to cover the amount of the debt you owe. They also hold a certificate, which enables them, and them alone, to levy distress for rent, road traffic debts, council tax and non-domestic rates

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Letter Fee £11.20. If letter arrives after first visit is made then £0.00

Levying Distress up to £100 (excluding bailiffs fees but including court fees) - £28

More than £100 - 28% for the first £200 then 5.5% on everything over £200.

If no levy is made then bailiffs can charge fees for a maximum of three visits.

Multiple fees cannot be charged for simultaenous unpaid ticket collections

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i will have another look round site and see if i can find how much they charge for a visit



oh right so there in no legal set amount they can charge for a visit then?


just some random figure they have made up?


still not heard back off them yet regarding the cheque i sent?

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usually about £30 for 1st visit and £39 for second visit. that's what jacobs normally charge in my experience...


those fees you've quoted definitely aren't right. write to their head office (by post and email) and ask for a breakdown of fees.


has the council cashed your cheque yet? they may reject your payment and say "its with the bailiffs". if the council has an online payments system then use that. they wont be able to reject your payment there ;)


also, when you do write to jacobs, ask them to confirm that the bailiff they sent is certificated and ask them which county court issued their certificate. a form 4 is a serious issue. in all cases, you should try and resolve the issue with the bailiff company first. only if you get no where then should you file a form 4 complaint.


just one more headsup, i know people still working at jacobs still actively read these forums...

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