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    • First of all you should understand that there will be nobody around who will be interested in this mess which you have managed to get yourself into. Citizens advice, trading standards, the police – none of them will be able to give you any practical advice even if you can contact them and attract their attention. It's either not what they do or they don't have the resources. You say that you were "forced" to pay by credit card – but of course this is not true. They simply refuse to accept any other form payment and you went along with it because you wanted the vehicle. You could have refused and have gone elsewhere and then you wouldn't have this problem. The problem here is that although you know of a trading name – you have no idea who apparently owns the business. The only name you seem to have a somebody called Amir – which is simply an Asian first name. You have no address other than the trading address of the business and we don't know if it is a well established firm or if they have assets there. You could certainly see them simply on their trading name – and if that's what you want to do then we will help you. I have no doubt that on the basis of what you say that you will win your judgement easily. They may even not respond to the claim and you would get a default judgement. However, getting the judgement is only the first part of the problem a much bigger difficulty – especially with used car dealers – is enforcing the judgement. It's easy for them to change their name and to say that they are simply another firm, or to say that any cars on their forecourt belong to somebody else blah blah blah. At the end of it all, you have a duff car, a bill for court fees, a meaningless court judgement and a bill for enforcement. The only thing you would have gained will be a valuable lesson for the future but it's rather a hard knock and I'm very sorry about it. We are happy to help you start an action. It's no problem but I have to be very pessimistic about the eventual outcome – that you would have a successful enforcement and you will get your money back. Have you had a quote for the repair of the vehicle?
    • Thanks for replying. We rent a large plot consisting of the house and outbuilding with a fence surrounding a really large outside space front and back. There's plenty of room for many more than 4 cars, in fact, we bought a 16ft swimming pool which is at the back of the house but, as I explained, one of the cars is being returned to Motability this week and one of the cars belongs to a visitor who stays a few days each week so really there are only two cars here all the time.   It's essential, in the countryside where there is no public transport, for my daughter to have a car to get to work etc and for my son in law to get to his work. My granddaughter is 16 now and as soon as she passes her driving test, (she can take it now as she is disabled) she will have another Motability car, again essential for her independence and if she gets a job.   There was no specific mention of how many vehicles we could have when we signed the lease.
    • We purchased a Candy hob in September 2021 and it was purchased early as we were concerned about possible stock issues, it was installed on December 2nd 2021 when the new kitchen was fitted (a receipt can be provided to confirm this date) and this appliance started to give problems almost immediately but we struggled on with it until the intermittent fault got unbearable in that we did not know if it was going to work or not.   Upon contacting the customer service department at Curry’s I was automatically put through to Candy service and after 59 minutes on hold I had to disconnect the call as after this period of time my provider then charges me for the call so I have to start again and again and yet again to try and get through.   I have had email contact with Curry's ‘let us know’ but all I got was ‘it’s not our problem – it’s Candy’s problem’ so that was even more time wasted.   Meanwhile on Jan 8th 2022 we purchased another hob from Curry’s as we could no longer rely on the Candy one nor could we be without a cooking appliance, eventually I got through to Candy and an engineer called yesterday (Jan 24th) and he has to order four new circuit boards for this almost new Candy hob.   So if this appliance is repaired in say 14 plus days time what are we expected to do with it as we have already indicated that we have replaced it so that we would not be without a hob.   I do have all of the paperwork here to submit to the Small Claims Court as this appliance was not fit for purpose and the court would not expect me to be without a cooking appliance for any period of time.
    • Quick update on this. I finally received the statements from Overdales. I received the paperwork for the SAR from Three a while back.    Essentially, the debt is almost entirely an "involuntary cancellation fee" according to the invoice sheet Overdales sent through.   So now I guess I just wait for the next step...
    • Just, Arum, TDX Group and its parent company Equifax have been named as suppliers on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) recently launched debt resolution services (DRS) frameworkView the full article
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Old bank account tracing

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Does anyone know if it is at all possible to chase up a transaction from a bank account that is now closed?

This is RBS and it has been closed for 11mths.

There are no cheque stubs or statements anymore.



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If you still have your account number and know when the transaction took place you could try telephone banking, they might be able to help.

Or you could order copies of your statements going back 6yrs. There will be a charge for this I think it is still £10 for the full 6 yrs worth

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yep SAR RBS..



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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It will still be available on the live system. Closed account details remain there for 12 months. After that you need to order historic statements which cost £5 for one page, £10 for 2 or more. All you need is the sort code and account number. It could be found without these but will take a fair bit longer.

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Something that recent should be traceable anything over six or seven years (cheques ets) are usually thrown out to create space. Banks may have micro fische records of statements and will charge to discourage you.

Generally they are mean and don't even treat there Staff well (despite claims to the contary). I have a long running dispute over discrimination against me and they have provided no evidence to contradict me but stubbornly refuse to cincede (at date of writing)

Often you can get one over them by looking else where or closing accounts as they re lie on innertia It is often a small but satisfying victory. There used to be a trick with cashpoint machines but I can't tell anyone how and it might not work any more.

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There used to be a trick with cashpoint machines but I can't tell anyone how and it might not work any more.


In that case please do not pass on any details about that on the forum, you cannot be sure what others might do with the information. Also, it may place CAG in a compromising situation should the details be leaked to other forums or media.

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I think K3V1N might not be all he seems.


If he was he would know that cheques are not processed by banks (haven't been for many years) but by BACS and are scanned the day they receive them and then sent to storage agents like Iron Mountain. They cannot "throw them away to save space" because under the Cheques Act 1957 requires the paying institution to retain the "instrument of payment" for a minimum period.


So although scanned images and data from BACS are used for expediency, under the Act, the actual cheque must still be physically retained and stored securely.


As the live data systems have finite memory capacity they tend to keep a maximum of 12 months data which is updated on a monthly basis.


They must keep microfiche files to provide data after the live information has been replaced. If they didn't they would have serious issues with the authorities and regulators.


As for the ATM trick, if its the one I'm thinking of, that was sorted within a couple of months of the switch from dedicated, own bank only access to allowing customers to use any bank's machine and depended on inefficient links within the network not keeping up with previous transactions.


Obviously there was no way that the main banks could permit that situation to continue so it was resolved PDQ.


Finally I have difficulty understanding how switching banks helps you get information about a closed account?

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So you'll be able to get one of your own cheques from 10 years ago as your bank continues to horde them.


Interesting you admit to problems in the system.


As a bank spokesman isn't in your interest to discourage customers to purchase financial products elsewhere?

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