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Distance Selling - T-Mobile

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Hello there,


could do with some advice please,


signed up with t-mobile 9days ago and unfortunatly got a LG Arena with the £35 price place 700mins,unlimited texts and internet, 18months,


so ive had this phone just over a week and its a really faulty phone ive tryed the new firmware but the operating system is pointless, lg arnt currently supporting it etc,

the Gps is very poor , i could go on and on.


So this morning i decided to give t-mobile a ring and spoke to a young female, after telling her my problems she blamed it on Lg and i could get the phone exchanged....


but i re-assured her the phone is terrible, theres a petetion knocking about telling Lg what a rip-off it is,


so i asked nicely if i could possibly exchange it for the G2thumbsup.gif

which came out on t-mobile last week, same price plan etc so i would not have nothing to pay,


she reassured me i wouldnt be able to exchange as ive gone out of the 7day period,

so i said look its false advertising ( with the gps etc)and she carried on she could do NOTHING, so i asked to speak to her supervisor


in this case she came back two minutes later and said i could exchange for phones , which were alot cheaper I.E samsung classico etc,


i mentioned that the g2 was on the same price plan etc and she said no i cant, then i asked for the g1 which is cheaper and she said again no,


so i said i would have a think and ring her back ~( which leads me to here)


But looking on my t-mobile account,


my lg arena contract is completly wrong it says ive agreed on a 12month contract with 300minutes and 200texts(webnwalk) at £30 p/m


But in my confirmation emails it never mentions this and mentions my prevoius contract,


so is there any possibility either to use this to my advantage or get out of the contract????


sorry to rantfrown.gif


P.s not a knock at Lg arena owners at allthumbsup.gif


Thanks for your time smile.gif

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In terms of your service agreement for minutes and texts each month, you'd need to contact T-Mob to query this. They might have made a human error which they need to rectify - and you need to give them to opportunity to do so. Or it might be explainable that your tariff doesn't change until your next billing date or something.


As for the separate issue of the handset: distance selling regulations give you 7 working days to decide whether you want to keep the goods, starting from the day after you received the goods (e.g. got the phone in the post wednesday, then thursday is day one). You say that you've had the phone 9 days, so you could still be covered by distance selling regulations. If you are, then call T-Mob straight away and reiterate that you will be returning the goods and ask them what the process is.

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