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Barclay Card have rinsed me

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After being made redundant from Nissan I missed two payments on my Barclay Card. I had been making more than the minimum payments for a long time before this and had a good history with Barclays as I had also banked with them for over six years. Having got a new job recently I joyfully skipped to the cash point to start enjoying my first wage after five months of benefits and re-training. Imagine then, to my horror, that Barclay card had entered my account and cleaned it out leaving me with a balance of zero. On contacting Barclays and Barclay card I found out that this will continue until the FULL BALANCE of the card was recovered. The balance was eleven hundred pounds and as I am being paid on a weekly basis would have happened for another two weeks. I am sure anyone would agree that, after stuggling through five months of un-employment, diligently using my redundancey to retrain and cover my rent and council tax bills, this would be a huge blow and would make a saint swear. My question are as follows......

(A) Is this legal?

(B) Does Barclay Card need all of this money back so badly?

© Can anyone help me or advise me on how to fight back as I am ready for a good scrap and will take it as far as I can!

(D) Does anyone know Martin Lewis' addresse so I can send that man a present as I think he was sent by Jesus to help the common man lol.

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Hi and welcome to CAG :)


What Barclays have used is whats called the right to off set


I would suggest that you open a new bank account immediately so that this wont happen again




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Hello and Welcome, TBOB.


(A) Yes it is legal, they call it the 'right to offset' :mad:


(B) Your guess is as good as mine :cool:


© Move your account, well, open another account not associated with

Barclays. Re-claim any charges on the account.


(D) Don't know Martins address, but there are stacks of people on this site

willing to help you out.



I'll move this thread to the appropriate Forum.






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Thanks chaps I am going to try the Halifax as I heard they were being nice to people after being bailed out by the government. As for Barclays they can put their account where the sun does not shine I just downloaded the claim your credit card charges letter and it will be in the post on monday. This site is the mutts nuts wo ho.

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This seems to be their latest tactic as they have done it to me, and several others on the forum. They claim it's their legal right, but they decline to say what legal statute they are using. Their new T&Cs http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/ombudsman-news/40/40_setoff.htm emphasise their right to do this, but they don't come into effect until October.


You may have some recourse to the FOS if (say) it's a joint account and the BC is just in your name This site has more details: banking: firms' right of 'set off'


A new account (with a bank you don't owe money to) is the only way to stop it from happening again.

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