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M&S holding onto Money and no Delivery

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Dear Guys

I needsome advice as I am getting nowehere with M&S.

My parents ordered some stuff from M&S Sale in March 2008 by their credit card ( issued in PAkistan as they live in PAkistan) to be delieverd to our house in Milton Keynes.

We got a card throug our letter box that it has been left in back garden. But there was nothing. We complained to m&S and were told that we will be refunded the money.

Initially my younger brother who is a Barristar in PAkistan tried to chase up with customer services & finance Director of M&S. As it was not getting anywhere I wrote to M&S arouns sept 2008 and then JAn 2009 .


M&S Initially declined to speak to us although delivery address was our address. I have to get my parents consent an d explained.

M&S Initailly said that money had been refunded as items were returned in a store. My parents had been inPakistan and so their credit card all this time. I am still puzzled how M&S can say that?

In pakistan the interest rates are at 14% ( BAnk RAtes) and creit card rates much higher.

We have been out of pocket for more than 12 onths and M&S is saying that they are hapy to return the money and pay £50 a gesture of goodwill for loss of interest etc.

I Am thinking this is unfair, we have spent tiem and enegry chasing up our money to which M&S Held on so long. Is their a case against M&S through CCJ or shall I shut up, and accept £50 for c ompensation and teling us that it was refunded when we physically never had goods. And how can they tell that a partuclaritem was returned and why was it not refunded onto the card from which it was bought. I am totally confused.

Please help me.

Kind regards

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If it was me I would accept the £50 compensation. There does however seem to be a strong case against them and you might possibly be able to squeeze some more wasted costs from them through the courts but that could drag on for months and there is no guarantee of success.



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