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Orange and their logic...

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Hello Everyone,


I wonder if someone could help explain something to me about Orange.


I have been a contract customer with Orange for around 15 years, I have 3 contract phones with them with an average monthly spend of around £90 for all three phones.


Have never abused the unlimited texts / call on any of the phones, have never missed a payment and always pay by standing order.


For the most part, have had a great relashonship with Orange with no real problems.


2 of my phones are now out of contract, and as such, I am allowed to upgrade my handset / tarrifs etc.


So, I had a look on the website and found banners saying "Existing customers now get the same offers and deals as new customers", couldnt see any stars or anything to point to small print etc, had a look around the site at the T&C`s and I cant see anything to say different.


So, I found the phone that I liked, and the tarrif and called orange on 150, while waiting for an operator, I heard a spoken message saying Exisiting customers now get the same deals and offers as new customers!


Gets connected and explains that I would like to upgrade my phone please. I was asked what phone did I like the look of, so I told them, and was told that I couldnt have it because it was a new connections only phone. I said, I was under the impression that Existing customers get the same offers and deals as new customers? I was then told it does not count for upgrades. I asked, well, what is a customer wanting to upgrade classed as then, A new or existing customer? she said, an upgrade, so I said well if I am upgradeing, that must mean I am a exisiting customer? at that point she cut me off.


So, I called back and got someone different, again, same thing except this man didnt cut me off, but couldnt answer my questions, in the end he just said, thank you for calling orange today, is their anything else I can help you with. I said yes, can you put me through to retentions please.


Again, they asked why did I want to leave. I explained, you promote exisiting customers get the same deals and offers as new customers but they dont. I wanted to upgrade to a deal a new customer would get, but I cant because its classed as a new customer connection, In the hope to try and keep me, they offered me a free cheap and nasty phone worth £20 on a 24 month tarrif at £40, I said no, I said I want this phone on a £35 tarrif which they said thats new connection only, then they offered me a simular phone for a fee of £120. If I had of been a new customer, I would of got any of the phones I wanted for free on the tarrifs I wanted. Instead, I am limited to the phone I can have, and even then, I have to pay a percentage of the cost of the phone.


At this point I just lost the will to live and found out all 3 of my phones are out of contract so I have requested all 3 pac codes.


Am i being really thick and missing something or has anyone else had this with orange?


Im really sorry if I have confused anyone, because I know I am :-)


Thanks for taking the time to read, be interesting to hear your responce.

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Thats there lose, i would recommend buying a phone out right, and buying a simonly deal, from say o2 or vodafone, both of them seem to be the best signal is most areas. what im going to do if i can get out of my orange contract!!

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Well, its just daft.


It does not make any sense to me. If I move all 3 phones onto PAYG, then go back to Orange, I can have pretty much any phone and any tarrif for free.


At the moment, Im limited to a number of free phones, but most will incurr a handset cost.


I have found out a little more in that they base the upgrade fee on the average monthly spend on the account, which is fine, but maybe they have to take into account, people have been on contracts for 18 months and as such, they will have old handsets that will not have the technology on their phone to try wonderfull things like mobile internet etc.


I have decided to leave Orange, Im sorry, im not working hard and throwing good money at a bunch of idiots.


I did have a missed call on my phone yesterday from Orange, no doubt it will be them trying to get me to stay, you have more chance of getting blood out of a stone!


A what point will Orange realise that thier not the only mobile phone network and as such, people will just walk.


I cant believe anyone would want to sign up for 18 and 24 months with them, or upgrade as they think very little of their loyal customers yet will bend over backwards for a new customer.


The future is bright, and its not Orange!

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You're not alone! I used to be a 'pathfinder' customer, exchanging my 'Rabbit' for the first service they offered back in 1994. A lot has changed since France Telecom took them over, and after they killed Wildfire (how cool was that) I took stock and moved on.

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Very similar arguement with Virgin about 3 months ago after I asked for their contact details so I could verify I gave the correct details to trading standards suddenly they became more compliant and I not only got my phone I wanted but a £10 a month discount for the 18 month contract.


Maybe worth a go? - otherwise there are plenty of deals out there

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Thanks for your feedback.


Well, I had another call today from rententions at Orange, a woman said she had been passed my request for my pac codes and said that Orange would be sad to see me go (as if, wouldnt of minded if it was heart felt, instead of script felt) and is their anything that she could do to make me change my mind and stay?


Again, I said, I didnt want to leave Orange, Orange is forceing me to leave. I then explained about the "Existing Customers Get the Same Deals As New Customers" and she said, yes thats correct, Exisiting customers do get the same deals and offeres as new customers.


I thought, Oh My God, I even said to her, you are sure, you are telling me that I can have the same deals and offers as a new customer and she

said yes, thats true.


I said, well based on that, im happy to select the phones I want and the tarriffs. She asked me to tell her what it was I wanted, so I told her. I said, I would like two HTC Magic phones on Doliphin 40 on 24 months and a Blackberry 8900 on 24 months on dolphin 24 months.


I heard her clicking away and she said, come back and read out what I had said, then she said, their is a handset charge of of £280!!!


I said how? I said if I go the website now, and select the phones and the tarrifs, the handsets are free, so why are you asking me to pay a handset fee!!


When you asked me why was I leaving, I told you about the Existing customers get the same deals and new customers, and your words to me where yes thats right, if at any point you had said different, I would of said im not interested thank you and I would of ended the call, It was only because you fed me a pack of lies by saying that was right, and at the last moment, dropped the bombshell of wanting a credit card to pay for the handsets. I asked her, why on earth would I want to pay £280 for handsets when I can get them for free!!!


And I hung up


Orange just went right down in my books!


Roll on my pac codes!

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