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BankFodder BankFodder

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can anyone tell me if they have had a refund of ppi from ford credit,, i have one ongoing and wondering if there is anyone that has been sucessfull, also when you sign the finance agrreement, is it all added on for the term of the loan, just not sure, if it is when you trade that car in has that ppi been fully paid or they have refunded some in way of deposit for next car, my son had a car for a year paid a ppi and then traded it in for another,just not sure what they do because they never tell you , he is going to reclaim back but just basically wondering.





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ford credit are someone in sheeps clothing.....who is it?


urm PPI on PPI thats another usual trick too!


have you got the agreements?

if so i'd post them up [remove pers details!]


then it can be worked out better



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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hi i am at this moment requesting the aggreement from ford credit. just waiting for it when i get it i will be willing to forward it any help is great.


As i have said i am reclaiming its been going on for so long now. but when it was started and the ball was in montion, they sent me a four sheet document stating all about the ppi, i thought it was a bit late to do that, i sat there and the man basically forced it on us, they gave them out like sweeties i think.


many thanks

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This is the information on a ford credit search on the fsa register.



FSA Firm Ref: Firm name: ford credit Post code: Match level: Best Currently authorised:

Matches 1 to 2 of 2 records.

Search again


--> --> Firm name Post code Previous/Trading As names Status Non-FSMA Registration FCE Bank Plc CM13 3AR Fce Bank PlcBusiness Partner, F C E, Fce Bank, Ford Credit , Ford Credit Britain , Ford Credit Europe ... Authorised

Three Bee's Credit Union Limited L43 9XW Ford And Ballantyne Credit Union Limited, Three Bee'S Credit Union Limited Authorised



The information is a bit disjointed due to the format used by the FSA.



This is the FSA register if you want to search yourself....


FSA Register


just type in the firm name and hit the submit button then anything in red will link to more expanded information.




I have no legal training and the advice I offer is a matter of support. Before you commit to any Legal action you are advised to contact a qualified legal practitioner.


Bank charge successes:

Halifax - Full settlement incl interest.

HSBC - Settlement, goodwill no admission of liability about 75% of claim.

RBS - Settlement, goodwill no admission of liability about 70% of claim.

2 ongoing claims for bank charges with HSBC with more to come. (Supreme Court ruling could have upset these claims) They did :mad:

PPI Successes

PPI 4 settlements on 9 loans. FOS involvement on 7 added on the 8 % Statutory interest another 30% to both.

2 claims settled in full with LV without FOS involvement.

2 claims settled in full with HSBC without FOS involvement


PPI Claims ongoing with:

Cap one Now with the FOS

Barclays. Paid up today 24/04/10 cheque received for over £4,500 and in the bank.

LTSB still have to decide on this as their SAR production was abysmal. Papers data mixed up documents missing etc


1 Complaint not upheld by FOS they said it was ICO issue. Complaint upheld by ICO. See this..

Post 290 from

***RBS PPI Claim Long fight but, WON***


Please do not PM me for advice as it may be sometime before I can respond.


Keep at them. Do not give way and do not accept all they tell you, they will delay and stall for as long as they can to prevent repaying you your mis-sold PPI.


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