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Getting Help From The Citizens Advice Bureau?

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Good evening guys.


Like most people who start threads in this forum , I am in a bit of an unfortunate dilemma regarding Payday Loans.


I have 2 outstanding Payday Loans with Quick Quid ( 343 ) and Payday Express ( 250 ).


As well as Natwest advising me that I'll be giving them 200 pounds in charges , I am also being made redundant in 6 months time.


Naturally the best thing for me to do would be to contact both party's and inform them of my decision.


I have been deferring the loans and only paying off the interest each month , which I am now not in a position to do as ideally I need to pay off the interest amounts with it being taken off of both debts till they're cleared.


I have a strong feeling that both company's will not like this decision and may refuse my application.


Has anyone had any help from CAB or any other debt help places regarding these type of loans ?


Sorry for the long read guys.


Big thanks for your time for reading this.

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Hey there,


sorry to hear your having problems!


The CAB can help you although i understand that a lot of people are calling on there services at the moment so they are very busy.


You can resolve this yourself. Contact your Payday loan companies explaining your circumstances have changed and that you wish to agree a repayment plan. Ofcourse they wont like this and might ignore you or add charges but you need to be firm and if needs be email or write to them daily.


Some things to consider..


These companies have been known to set up direct debts or collect cash off cancelled cards until they have taken everything they can money wise from you. Set up a basic bank account else where and move your money across. It is the safest way to ensure you do not get cleared out one morning before you have even got out of bed!


Inform your bank to not set up direct debt's without your permission (do this both verbally and in writing so your bank is clear of your wishes).


The companies will phone you at home, mobile and occasional might try it at work. Get a template off the CAG liabary for telephone harrasment. Do not phone them! get everything in writing (i.e Recorded letters or emails!).


Whilst others might ant agree with me, i think you should be fair in what you offer to repay. Do not agree to repay more than you can afford however, if you owe a lot, dont offer then £5 a month or you will never clear the debt and they will just laugh at your offer!


Let us know how you get on, and we'll help all we can!

Please sign this petition - Asking for the government to drop the length of time credit ref agencies can hold data on us!!





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Very sorry to hear about your circumstances, this is the right place for support and advice to work through things. Second everything Lozzy has said.



In addition:

  • Probably worth adding a letter/email revoking any authority to visit (just in case). Either seperate or merge with the telephone one
  • In making realistic offer of repayment, request they provide their bank account details so that you can set up a standing order (they have been known to empty even new accounts once they have the details!) :mad:
  • If they do not provide said details, advise them any further charges or costs will be disputed/defended as they are preventing your resonable offer of payment and thereby adding to your distress and hardship
  • Despite what they may think or try to say, this demonstrates in anything that follows that you have made clear attempt to repay monies legitimately borrowed and owed
  • If they will not meet your attempts to resolve amicably half way then dispute anything that you (legitimately) can - charges, contract etc (CCA request a start). This is not about avoidance but about making them communicate and act on a level playing field
  • Remember that although they will be the noisiest and most troublesome now if you ended up using any formal process (DMP or similar) they would be at very back of the queue - in some cases it has worked for me to remind them of this.

You will be able to sort them out, it may not seem so now but all here will do their best to assist. We have/are been here or worse ;)

MJC 007.5 :cool:


Advice or opinions offered by mjc 007.5 are personal, offered in good faith and without prejudice or liability. Your decisions and actions are your own and should you be in any doubt then please seek the opinion of a fully qualified and insured professional


:) If you think I have helped you please feel free to click on my scales :)

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Big thanks guys , you've been a big help!

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