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Is the the essence of the British Gas Con?

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Stay with me on this it's not too complictated.


1. They get you to sign up for dual fuel.


2. They set tarrifs ( 2007) tier 1 elect 125 kWh / tier 1 gas 670kWh per quarter. ( these are the higer priced ones.)


3. They they mess around with tarrifs during each quarter and bill you

for tier 1 electric 250 kWh / Tier 1 gas 1200 Kwh .


3a. This doubles price of tier 1 gas elec.


3.b. Also something very inconsitant about conversion from metre cube gas= kwh. Minimal discrepencies and not quite accurate.


4. After a year they send you a bill you can not pay. You cancel direct debit during dispute. Magically you are no longer a DD customer, and lo an behold the above is what you would have piad on the higher, double tariff.


If you Phone them up , none of them can explain why your bill is so high, but they keep sending you ever increasing bills. Futhermore these bills never have the orginal tariff tier-rate on them. ( telephone staff are very nice btw. although I guess the billing department will be gas -chimps trying to figure out how to fiddle the bills.)


The primary Gas- con is .


a) They can't fiddle the meter.

b) they cant fiddle how much you pay per unit.

But they can fiddle the tier 1 amounts by doubling the amount you pay at a higher rate,


Can they adjust the tier rate back over two years if you break your DD

agreement? Is this the primary reason for landing families with bills they can not pay, so they break their agreement and tariffs become backdated and doubled on teir one.


Bet its about a 29% clawback.

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British Gas are on a fiddle - I have a senior moment when I read my bill, but clearly they want people paying by DD to pay in advance for services.... In sep 08, I was £150 in credit, they put up the DD in Oct, despite my objections and in June 09 I am £300 in credit - when I call asking politely why my DD has not been adjusted to reflect I am in credit and to ask for my money back, I am told my money will cover the winter bill. They said they don't make any interest on it.

They haven't got a clue about gas or een what day it is and change their policies depending on who you speak to...... Report them to the ombudsman, I have - thats the only way you will get any kind of half decent response.

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