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    • which company are you dealing with?   they are definitely liable for the courier fee but to keep the problem under control and as manageable as possible, the best thing to do is to return the chair to them and then when you get your new chair you can  then sue them for the courier fee. your chances of success will be almost 100% and it will be interesting for you and you will require some transferable skills. after that you will feel sufficiently confident to go ahead and sue anybody else who tries to bully you and deprive you of your consumer rights.          
    • You wont see CIFAS on your CRA for something like this. You have to go direct to CIFAS for that. However... It is possible that they just closed your account because they werent comfortable about something but didnt trigger AMLR    
    • When I get my order confirmation  it does say guide price with a red * beside it and at the bottom of the order says the price you’ll be charged is the price on the day of delivery or collection.
    • OK.  It is highly likely that you will get your money back and the recording will have helped you.   The way that Hermes work on these cases is that they normally try to stall you and to test your resolve.   If it goes the normal way, they will file an acknowledgment of service within the 14 day limit and that will then buy them a further 14 days. Towards the end of the 14 days they will then file their  defence. At that point you will have to make a decision whether or not to pay your further fee in order to go on to have a hearing. For the value you are claiming the fee will be about £80 although you need to check the county court website to be sure.   In their defence, Hermes will have indicated that they are prepared to go to mediation. Please read up what we have to say about mediation. Hermes will treat this as an opportunity to try and beat you down and to reduce the amount that they have to pay you. as long as you stand by your guns, they will eventually back down and they will pay you your entire claim including the fees in order to avoid going to to a hearing.   It is in respect of the mediation  the recording that you have will be helpful. Let me say that Trading Standards are wrong because in terms of establishing any legal right to the money, the recording is not relevant although it might sway a judge in your favour.   The real issues here are that you entrusted Hermes with your property for a fee and they breached the contract by their negligence and damaged it.   Frankly you didn't need to insure it because customers shouldn't need to insure against the supplier's negligence - but you did get insurance and that will place extra pressure o Hermes to settle for the full amount.   The other element which concerns me is that Hermes now take it upon themselves apparently to destroy other people's property when they themselves have damaged it through their own negligence. I don't think that they have the right to do this and it is very easy for them to try and avoid liability of losing something by then saying that it was damaged and so they destroyed ir - and without presenting any evidence of the damage or of the  destroying of the item.   Hermes are disreputable and people should avoid them.   Please read up on the Hermes threads and about small claims in the County Court and about mediation. We will be happy to help you all the way but I would point out to you that you have made 17 posts and taen up a considerable amount of useful time simply trying to get you to tell us the story and to post up some important documents. It was all so unnecessary.   I have read your claim form but it has now been hidden in order to protect you as you had left your personal details on it.   I suggest that you redact documents in the future.   Feel free to ask questions as you go along.   By the way, the 14 day period runs fro the date of deemed service of the claim which is about   2 days from the date of issue.   You issued on the 27th.  So count 14 from the 30th.  Monitor the Moneyclaim site closely and apply for judgment the moment it lets you. You never know, there is a remote chance that they may nor file an AOS - very remote.   There is also a remote chance that they may pay you out in order to get you to withdraw the claim.  The recording may have helped if they do.   Keep us updated
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    • I came across this discussion recently and just wanted to give my experience of A Shade Greener that may help others regarding their boiler finance agreement.
      We had a 10yr  finance contract for a boiler fitted July 2015.
      After a summer of discontent with ASG I discovered that if you have paid HALF the agreement or more you can legally return the boiler to them at no cost to yourself. I've just returned mine the feeling is liberating.
      It all started mid summer during lockdown when they refused to service our boiler because we didn't have a loft ladder or flooring installed despite the fact AS installed the boiler. and had previosuly serviced it without issue for 4yrs. After consulting with an independent installer I was informed that if this was the case then ASG had breached building regulations,  this was duly reported to Gas Safe to investigate and even then ASG refused to accept blame and repeatedly said it was my problem. Anyway Gas Safe found them in breach of building regs and a compromise was reached.
      A month later and ASG attended to service our boiler but in the process left the boiler unusuable as it kept losing pressure not to mention they had damaged the filling loop in the process which they said was my responsibilty not theres and would charge me to repair, so generous of them! Soon after reporting the fault I got a letter stating it was time we arranged a powerflush on our heating system which they make you do after 5 years even though there's nothing in the contract that states this. Coincidence?
      After a few heated exchanges with ASG (pardon the pun) I decided to pull the plug and cancel our agreement.
      The boiler was removed and replaced by a reputable installer,  and the old boiler was returned to ASG thus ending our contract with them. What's mad is I saved in excess of £1000 in the long run and got a new boiler with a brand new 12yr warranty. 
      You only have to look at TrustPilot to get an idea of what this company is like.
      • 3 replies
    • Dazza a few months ago I discovered a good friend of mine who had ten debts with cards and catalogues which he was slavishly paying off at detriment to his own family quality of life, and I mean hardship, not just absence of second holidays or flat screen TV's.
      I wrote to all his creditors asking for supporting documents and not one could provide any material that would allow them to enforce the debt.
      As a result he stopped paying and they have been unable to do anything, one even admitted it was unenforceable.
      If circumstances have got to the point where you are finding it unmanageable you must ask yourself why you feel the need to pay.  I guarantee you that these companies have built bad debt into their business model and no one over there is losing any sleep over your debt to them!  They will see you as a victim and cash cow and they will be reluctant to discuss final offers, only ways to keep you paying with threats of court action or seizing your assets if you have any.
      They are not your friends and you owe them no loyalty or moral duty, that must remain only for yourself and your family.
      If it was me I would send them all a CCA request.   I would bet that not one will provide the correct response and you can quite legally stop paying them until such time as they do provide a response.   Even when they do you should check back here as they mostly send dodgy photo copies or generic rubbish that has no connection with your supposed debt.
      The money you are paying them should, as far as you are able, be put to a savings account for yourself and as a means of paying of one of these fleecers should they ever manage to get to to the point of a successful court judgement.  After six years they will not be able to start court action and that money will then become yours.
      They will of course pursue you for the funds and pass your file around various departments of their business and out to third parties.
      Your response is that you should treat it as a hobby.  I have numerous files of correspondence each faithfully organised showing the various letters from different DCA;s , solicitors etc with a mix of threats, inducements and offers.   It is like my stamp collection and I show it to anyone who is interested!
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Amazon Prime Member - Beware!!

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On 8th June I bought a pair of dog clippers on Amazon. They were advertised as having free delivery so I took advantage of that fact. There was nothing saying I was signing up to a "Prime" account; I completed no forms etc.,


On 16th July I had £47.97 taken from my bank account by Amazon under the Prime Membership Fee. My account is with Abbey and its difficult for me to get mini statements from machines other than Abbey so I was unaware of the fact that this had been taken out. I actually thought that Abbey had taken charges from my account when I got a balance. Amazon taking this money without my authority meant that my direct debit for my gas and electricity was bounced.


I registered for internet banking (had done this before but forgot my passwords etc.,) and found on Friday that this money had been taken from my account but I didnt recognise who it was from and Abbey thought it was fraud.


Consequently my card was blocked and a new one ordered which will take 7-10 working days to get to me.


Just by chance I googled Amazon Prime and it came up with a new system brought in by Amazon which means that members can get free P&P on purchases and other "benefits". I was classed as a member. I phoned customer services and they advised me that a lot of people had been contacting them about this. They said that they would refund me the money but that isnt the point.


I did not sign up for this and they cannot produce a document confirming this. There was nothing on the website at that point to say that I was being put forward for a 30 day trial and after that I would have to pay £47.97. I cannot check up because after the goods were delivered I deleted the confirmation emails.


This was not made clear when I ordered these dog clippers. All I wanted was a pair of dog clippers with free delivery. Its ended up costing me £47.97 in delivery, a cancelled bank card, bounced direct debit - and they can't send me the documents confirming I signed up.


Has anybody else experienced this or am I the only one? What can I do about this? They are ignoring my emails and when I phone they make out its my fault for not noticing.


I'm not stupid! I know that I didn't sign up for this. Unless by ordering the dog clippers and taking free delivery I was automatically signed up then I did not sign up. Surely they have to advise you if you have signed up to this. It's shocking!!!



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I've been aware of Amazon plugging Amazon Prime, but this is the first experience of I've heard of anyone using it.


I'll still use Amazon when I feel like it, but I'll be giving Amazon Prime a wide berth.


Wish I could offer you some proper advice, but I thank you for bringing it to people's attention!

My advice is given based on personal experience and any useful information I've picked up over the years. Always seek professional advice if there's any doubt.


<Please feel free to click on the star if you think I've been helpful

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In all fairness, it has to be said they did make it pretty plain that if you wanted 'free one day delivery' it was going to be through or using a new service called Amazon Prime. There was a large white, blue and red banner across the top of the page and around the 'cart' on the page at the time. What's more it even had a check box on the page that would have said

1) regular FREE delivery

2) 2 day delivery Next Business Day

3) Amazon Prime - 1 day delivery TRIAL (details to follow) kind of like that, but better designed lol


You would have made your purchase, ticked the 'Amazon Prime' box and it would have said 'congratulations, you've chosen to take part in Amazon Prime a whole new shopping experience' in the Red\White and Blue colour scheme.


It would then have completed your order, you would have received 2 emails

1) Confirmation of Order

2) Confirmation of Prime Participation. It would have further told you 'You've signed up for 1 MONTHS FREE Trial of Amazon Prime and at the bottom it would have said:


If you want to continue after your Free Trial, do nothing. Your membership will automatically continue and we'll charge your payment method (MasterCard/EuroCard***-xx xx xx xx) £47.99 for the next year and annually thereafter. If you prefer, you can select "do not auto upgrade" before the initial charge or "do not auto renew" before any renewal charge in Your Account and your payment method won't be charged for the next year. You can always request a refund of the most recent charge if your benefits haven't been used in the new term. If we're unable to charge the payment method above for either the first year or an annual renewal, we'll charge another payment method we have on file for you. You can manage your full membership, including payment method and renewal setting through Your Account.


I only know this of course, as I too signed up for it. Unfortunately, this year at least everytime I've tried to purchase something from Amazon, it's either been out of stock or available cheaper elsewhere.


Now had this of been last year, everything was in stock and there was postal charges galore lol.



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Hi Ajax95


But that's the thing. I didn't sign up for it!!! When I ordered the dog clippers and opted for free delivery THEY signed me up for it without my knowledge! I completed nothing to say that I was willing to sign up for it.


This must be happening to a few people because the guy told me that he had had a lot of calls. To me it sounds like a [problem] - or at least they are unwittingly getting people to sign up to something they don't want without telling them they're doing it! The fall-out for me has been horrendous. I have bills to pay and I can't pay them until I get my new card. I'm absolutely livid!!


Do you know how long this prime service has been around?




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First time I spotted it was December 06 (but I get the impression it might've been around long before)

My advice is given based on personal experience and any useful information I've picked up over the years. Always seek professional advice if there's any doubt.


<Please feel free to click on the star if you think I've been helpful

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No, Human-error that didnt happen!!! I know that I didn't sign up for it and I received nothing to say that I'd signed up for it. That is the truth!!


I'm not stupid and I know when I sign up for something. Everything you say is correct NOW, but not when I ordered the dog clippers!!! I would never sign up for something like that because I have recently lost my job and every penny is a prisoner!! They told me that the express delivery was under the Amazon Prime but not the "free delivery". I didn't opt for express delivery!!


This may have been one of the bugs in the system at that point but I'm darned sure they are not going to pass the buck to me! I know I did not sign up for it.


Also, I keep my confirmation emails only until I have received the goods and found them to be in good order. I don't always necessarily open the confirmation emails but send them to a folder. If I have problems with the order that's when I go back to the confirmation details. I'm sure that many people operate like this and I'm not the only one!! Once the goods are received the confirmation email is deleted!!


When did you sign up for this service? Was it before June 2009 or after? Just wondering if they discovered the bug later on.


I do accept that now the details are there for you to see but not when I bought these clippers. Wish I'd never bought them now!


Also, before your "trial" period ends, they should be sending you an email advising you of this fact. I think they hope that people will forget and its a way of making more money!! Even if people clicked on the "trial", they can often forget. If they received an email I'm sure they would cancel the trial before they were charged the £47.97!!




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gemspan - sorry but it's there for everyone to see and has been for at least 12 months. You took them up on the offer of free delivery when you signed up for the trial of Amazon Prime.


You missed it the first time around - sorry if you don't believe it but it was there.


As human.error points out, the Ts&Cs put the responsibility on you to cancel.

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I too got caught with this. I googled and managed to get a number for amazon. Called and told them I signed up for free postage not realising exactly what I was getting into and they refunded me the £47 no questions asked. Sorry I haven't got the number but it was no hassle at all.

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  • 1 month later...

Just so's you know all, you can go to "Your Account" then "Prime Settings", and then "Cancel Membership" (blue button). If you haven't bought anything (and hence used the free posting that Prime gives you) since the charge, they refund you automatically. Well, they say they will, but they are good people so I believe them.


I got caught in this trap too, probably my only bad experience with Amazon, ever. I know it's my fault, blah blah, I didn't read T&C, blah blah, but damnit, you don't expect a business you've never had any problem with ever to stick a hidden £50 charge in the small print, do you? :)


Still, seems they've been pretty good about refunding everyone who rang up, let's hope this automatic refund works well, then the world will be as I thought it was.

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I too have a problem with Amazon Prime. I dont consider myself a genius but neither do I consider myself an idiot. I am sitting here feeling like a naughty child at school for not understanding Amazon Prime. I was ordering something for my son last night and when I went to pay I was offered a 'FREE TRIAL' of Amazon Prime. I thought I had selected it to try it but here is where my problem differs from the rest, I apparently opted for express delivery although I did not think I had selected this option. I then, as most people do, ignored the email confirming my order. Had I checked it I would have seen that it had charged me £8.80 for p & p. Still sure that I had opted for the 'FREE TRAIL' I called Amazon to be repeatedly informed that I had selected express delivery and that I'd had every chance to change that before I confirmed my order. I am again sure my order stated £0.00 for p & p but I was assured that I was wrong- in the nicest patronising way. I have been advised to refuse to take delivery of the parcel Amazon will refund the full amount!!! This seems rather odd as it will now cost them double to have it returned. I will update you all when and if that happens. I am concerned it is not very clear what you are accepting when you opt for certain deals and I urge you to double or triple check before you confirm as I do believe the design of the option page is not as clear as it could be. Fionchaicon6.gif

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Sorry I cannot remember how I got in touch but I trawled through many pages on the website before I managed to find that option. I have had another problem as I tried to add a new Visa Debit card to my payment options it would not recognise this type of card. I contacted them and got the 'have you activated your card' and 'did you enter the number correctly' email. Of coure I did they just do not have an option for Visa debit yet!!!!!!!!. This dispute is ongiong but through email this time. I suggest you order your items elsewhere and refuse delivery of the amazon order and they will refund the whole amount. Good luck. F.

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This has just happened to me, I ordered something last year and clicked on the free delivery, not realising I was being charged £49 for the pleasure. I had no paperwork, e-mails or any other documentation that i had signed up for this, not even a T & C. I checked my bank this evening to find another £49 had gone out of my bank, with no warning or e-mail etc. I have trawled through Amazon to find out exactly what it is, and have since cancelled the subscription. Please check before you click, YOU DON'T GET FREE DELIVERY FOR NOTHING!!!!!

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You do get free delivery though. You just need to read the options carefully.

well actually you dont get free delivery as you pay £49, when i purchased my goods there was nothing to suggest i was going into a contract, i had no e-mail or written confirmation. There wasn't even anything to say i was paying £49 because if there was i certainly wouldn't have agreed to that, as i dont use amazon enough to warrant £49 going out of my bank.

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There are several delivery options. Amazon Prime is one and FREE super saver is another. As I said if you read the options it is there.


Obviously Prime is more prominent as thats the option they want you to take. But it does also allow you to click through and see what the trial entails.

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