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Credit Report Confusion - HELP!

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I received my credit report from Experian today.


As per previous post in the 'welcome' thread, i had been in a quandry about whether to apply for credit report for current address or from parents address - i ended up applying for a report on my current address (only cos i had a sneaky suspicion that the addresses had already been linked)


anyway - long story short, im CONFUSED about my report!


basically they have sent me 4 pages, of which the first one is just a letter. the next three pages show this:


Application details: name/dob/current address for which i applied for info


Electoral toll info: showing me at my current address from 10/2006 to present


Aliases: details of me at the same address but with just my middle name


Linked addresses: THIS IS WHERE ITS LIKE MAD! I have 12 entries showing different linkages between all my previous addresses (rented and my parents) but they've done it really wierdly, so for example, address A is linked to Address B but then another entry, Address B is linked back to Address A etc and also with variants on my name such as showing first name or middle name only or just showing my initials and surname!

*they also have an entry on there which is actually my brothers and not me, it shows as a MR but with same initial as my middle name so they have just bunged that on there too! *




does this mean:


- i have no credit showing anywhere on any of the addresses 'linked'?

- or that i have no credit at my current address and because i did not provide my previous addresses on my application form, they have not shown any of the possible credit entries at these addresses?

- but it doesnt even show things like my contract mobile phone! is that normal?


i did try calling them but unless i subscribe to their creditexpert service, i cant get a person on the phone.


what do i do now?

should i reapply for my information providing all the addresses i have lived in so far (seeing as they have been linked anyways?) and with all the different variants of my name (initial/middle/first name)?

what do i do about removing my brothers linked address from my file?


*As a bit of background info, from when i went uni (94) i have had two addresses, one being my parents (main) and the other one being wherever i was renting that year - this has meant over 9 addresses over the past 15 years. i have been at my current address since 06/2006 and show on the electoral roll as such.*



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*push* can anyone shed some light or offer some advice?

greatly appreciated!

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It means you have no credit at your current address but would need to provide the CRA with your previous addresses in order for the report to include any credit data in your name at those.


The report will only contain the information at the address(es) you submit to the CRA, plus any address links.


You need to ask the CRA to include your previous address on an updated report or re-apply, this time providing all your addresses.


As long as you give your full name, you should get all the data in any minor variations of your name (such as middle initial only or no middle name or initial).

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I'm still really confused - because I have a mobile phone account at my current address, and even that isnt coming up!


I have tried to call/contact them to see if they can shed any light, but so far, no one has got back to me.


I think I have resigned myself to reapplying for my credit report with all previously known addresses (even those over 6 years) and all different variations of my name.


this is turning out to be a long drawn out process just to get my report!

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